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No you're not. No it didn't. No you don't. I can't handle that. I can't deal with you right now. You are ten years old. I'm sure you're just exaggerating, she's not that mean.
                                                  It is wonderful that you unilaterally
We must love our own First We must fight for our own First
Parfois, oui parfois, c’est bon d’oublier C’est bon d’ignorer hier et le passé Pour aller vaillamment de l’avant Pour continuer vachement avec le vent.
Sotto il ponte a Del Rio sono fermi, bloccati, appostati, accerchiati Ammucchiati migliaia di migranti Haitiani, non Ucraini
                                           Sous le pont De Del Rio sont arrêtés, coincés, entassés Amassés des milliers d'Haïtiens migrants, pas d'Ukrainiens
Sob a ponte Del Rio eles estão parados, presos, estacionados Milhares de imigrantes Haitianos, não Ucranianos Francamente, se fossem os últimos, não seriam penalizados
Bajo el puente Del Río están parados, atascados, estacionados Miles de inmigrantes Haitianos, no Ucranianos Francamente, si fueran estos últimos, no serían sancionados
Never, never tell a good Poet what to write Or what to say. The Poet always tries to be right To be on the good and the best side of history
I'm sure you noticed The day you turned 63 You received birthday wishes from several But you did not receive one from me   It was intentional And I have no regrets
                                     Mistletoe and Christmas go hand in hand The mistletoe and its beautiful cherries
Blaming the white men Is the idea, the insane ideas That many of you have in your eyes
                                    Violence against women is simply unacceptable.
Ho ingoiato Il tuo giudizio Me ne sto andando La casa
                                                    Mais do que você me despreza Mais do que você me diz bobagem Mais do que você me abusa
                                            Failing is hurtful,
We stumble, we fall and we get upWe don't beg, don't kneel and we stand upFailure will never be an optionLife is about struggling and taking actionWe are living in a world full of hypocrisy
                                            If you were born in the month of August Be cool, be calm, be wise and be robust
Nous tombons parfois amoureux de la bonne personne De la parfaite, de l'immaculée ou de la plus mauvaise poltronne
Você não é ninguém Como eu não sou ninguém Você é alguém Como eu sou alguém Há uma humanidade
Non sei nessuno Dato che non sono nessuno Sei qualcuno Come io sono qualcuno C'è una sola umanità
You are nobody As I am nobody You are somebody As I am somebody There’s one humanity Let’s thank God and Jesse
El eterno silencio Es la muerte A menudo decimos bajo este cielo Donde los enemigos están en todas partes Incluso entre matones y tontos
L'eterno silenzio È la morte Diciamo spesso sotto questo cielo Dove i nemici sono ovunque Anche tra teppisti e sciocchi
Death is The eternal silence We often say under this sky Where the enemies are ubiquitous
They swore and they lied Women’s rights are tied To our weak democracy
                                Only God is Supreme Humans can never be supreme Don’t believe in Supreme Court
Des enfants déjà grandis Des baisers déjà oubliés Des plantes déjà fleuries
Sometimes I don’t want to think I don’t want to blink I don’t want to imagine I don’t want to be seen
A kiss on the forehead Is a gesture of betrayal It's not a kiss of love Filled with joy and humor.  
Un baiser sur le front Est un geste de trahison Ce n’est pas un bisou d’amour Empourpré de joie et d’humour.  
The croaking toad The spitting toad Is ill Time and wind pass Like poor cowards.  
  Still tears in our eyes for our Brave Haiti Still tears in our eyes for our incredible Country
North and South are fighting againWasting lives, money, future and funWar is hell; there, everybody is on the runNonsense is their common sin.
It is Good Friday Remember, remember When, for Jesus, everything was nasty and sour
Love those who love you Appreciate those who appreciate you A dog never bites its owner
Democracy is about freedom of speechAnarchy is, without a doubt, the oppositeOf democracy, liberty and freedom to wishTo hope, to dream and to confront defeat.
L’amoureux brindezingue dit non avec la tète Le cerveau fort agité amèrement s’embête Pendant qu’il dit oui avec le cœur enflammé
Wir kommen Wir wandern Und wir gehen Das ist alles was wir wissen.   Wir kommen auf die Erde
Nou vini Nou flannen Epi nou pati Se tout sa nou konnen.   Sou latè nou vini
No mustard bombs are droppedNo audible or silent shots are firedNo planes are necessarily blown or hiredNo flags are deliberately flown or flappedNo soldiers crossed the borders
We do not want only a piece We aspire and want Peace A mammoth piece of Freedom For the north, south, west and east
These are not events that took place very far in the past These are obviously ongoing racial gaffes and contrasts Where human beings are bombarded and mistreated
Instead of bombing, shelling and trashing our neighbors Let’s all do the highly popular fun ‘Jeru’ dance
Liberty has been taken hostage, abducted in many parts Of the world Freedom is often smothered, suffocated in many hearts In this world
(Dedicated to you, my Brothers and Sisters)
Lethal Thermobaric Bombs Also known as vacuum bombs Sucking the oxygen out of the air For many miles. Nuclear and cluster bombs
                                           And after all, all these, my love I adore you and will always love you, my dove After so much hubbub and confusion
                                     WarIs where Nobody wins And everybody sins At the unbeautiful bar War is hell on earth
  Violence against women is simply unholy and unacceptable.
“Are you going to eat me”, the koi asked the cormorant?   “No, I don’t have any plans to eat you”, said the cormorant.  
            Haiti (Ayiti, Bohio, Quisqueya, Saint-Domingue) Is a long ago Kidnapped country Before the parturition of the harmful bayonets
“Don’t stop.” “You deserve this” “You should just do it” That’s what kept replaying in her head over and over. As she was reopening old cuts.
I believe he can’t fly I believe he can no longer lie I believe he’ll die in jail I believe he should have known better
You would have to see or witness this to believe it These horses were smarter than the border patrol agents Because the smart animals avoided charging these poor migrants
There’s some days when I still wonder about youHow your life isWhat you are up toWho you hang withBut what I really ponder on is if you ever think about me.And if it’s still like before...negatively.I’m not even sure what happened in the past, why
they spend their days bullying but I am not happy then wonder why people take their own lives to be freed it affects others, or it doesn’t, but it’s clear to see if you’re saying all this stuff, you clearly don’t like me
                               I don’t understand                                                                                          
Have you ever thought? The girl you called fat today in the hallway She is starving herself  Even though her ribs show and she can see the bones in her arms  She starves herself  
Aiming for my confidence they shot the gun, hitting me with that, “you’re so dumb so ugly so…” I’m so numb, that’s what I’ve become. I bit the bullets of words hitting me,
Been called a fag 
  "I have already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be."  ~ Joan Dideon  
When I was born I had a good life But then it all started When I was young I was bullied  And I felt disregarded   My sister used to make fun of me
He hit me I went to hit back But he hit me I went to escape And he hit me    ** ** ** ** ** I moved in with him when I was sixteen We were so happy together Or so it would seem
This is the story of a young boy And the bullies who fought agaist him They kicked, punched, broke his toys Until one of them met a bitter end   He was walking to his school the long way
Stop making people feeling ashamed of themselves just because thier life didn't turn out as they expected ... Don't let people feel bad for wearing what they can afford, let them wear thier fake stuff in peace
When writing this poem/song, I took inspiration from the greatest rapper of our time (in my opinion), Tupac Amaru Shakur/also known by his stage alias, “2PAC” while listening to arguably his most popular diss song called “Hit
Hating on my soul Judging eyes stare me down now Trying to change me  
It's hard to pretend to be someone you're notYou don't have to choose your spotYou're not a mistakeYou are a piece of artIt isn't your faultYou are not a mistakeIt wasn't your bullet to take
I suffered in silence but humor was my way If everyone else forgot about it...couldn't I? I was okay with you laughing with me  because it was mine to joke about  but when it wasn't humor 
I wrote the words in white paint, proudly as I could have written them. I wrote those words for him, when he was gone before. Now he is gone again. They shout at me. “DON’T BELIEVE IN BROKEN MIRRORS.”
  I said 'No' that evening. I told you not to do that. Not to touch my breasts. But you didn't listen that night, did you? You asked me to 'calm down'. You told me everyone did it anyway,
Hey you, come join our squad You’ll be so great, the audience most definitely will applaud…   ...For us. We’re a team You better believe we’ll shine bright and gleam  
A little girl looks in the mirror one day And wishes her reflection would just go away  Echoes of torment resound in her ears As her eyes fill to the brim with tears  
Dear Bullies Why do you have to push me around to make yourself feel better? Dear Bullies Why does pushing me around make you feel better? Dear Bullies Why do you have to look at me with disgust
Today I am wearing a hoodieI hear the laughs in the backgroundOf my peers laughing because my clothes aren't top brandMy hoodie is a shield from your hateful words
She cried herself to bed, Hoping, the tears would soften their hearts, It didn't stop the words to be said, Aimed towards her like a dart.   In the corner was where she sat,
I felt their eyes, piercing through me with gazes as sharp as knives.Drip.I listened to their sweet lies, releasing the bitter poison that they implanted into the depths of my throat.Drop.I saw the sudden bursts of raw emotion, introducing me to t
An endless cacophony of meaningless noise. As seen in every answer she writes, Ink puddling on the page margins.
Walking down the hallway, Looking at the people I see on this day, There's the Jocks, the Scenes, the Gays, The Cheerleaders, the Nerds, and the Emos saying "I'm okay", The Mean Kids, the Tomboys, the Girly-Girls,
A hammer shatters the mirror and blood pools in the places punctured by the mirror's shards. Maybe the blood loss will make her lighter.  140 to 135 to 104 still counting. 
In the United States, 105 people die every minute, out of those 105, 32 committed suicide. It starts small the names you call them bitch, slut, hoe..
Let Me Tell You Something ... !!! My Nerves Are Near .... .... COMBUSTION .... !!!!! Cos' These Days People .... Seem To Think it's Cool ... To PUSH My Buttons ... ?!?
Behind closed doors she hides herself and what she has become,  the cuts, the bruises,  the angry words said - that should never be undone. But luckily she lives and so forgives "Him" 
This ... Disrespect Thing ... IS ... OUT OF CONTROL ... !!! From Work To Street Corners ... To ... Most Peoples' Homes ... !!! My Poetry Roams ............................. Just Like Mobile Phones ...
We believe if we were to confess what we believe Everything we ever knew and loved... we would be free Arm in arm, carefree as can be Reminiscing about our life before and what we would do
  They say ”sticks and stones, May break my bones, But words will never hurt me” But what about all the words,  That took the lives of many,
In a snap, the mind can have an intense internal battle The one you could see if only you looked hard enough You stand by as others aim to push and rattle
They believed that if they looked in the mirror, their reflection would shatter the glass Only, because society made them think that way
You fucked up You know that you did We'll ruin you for it Shit, we already did We want nothing to do with you Nothing, we're through with you
That beautiful girl Under the blossom tree Reading her books She never acknowledged me. And in my mind I knew she never would And even though I wanted to, I knew I never could.
I mourn the tides of the sea, siren’s calls that once reached my ears fall deaf, lost in a roaring mob. I reach out  to the ocean, to the blue, to love.
There once was girl  Oh, so bright Who used to smile each day She’d smile in laughter Smile in joy And even smile when grey   For smiling was her safety blanket  A cover for the pain
with the intelligence of a god, for whom intelligence is the base, it would hardly seem odd, if she got red in the face, when with the click of some keys, at a relatively quick pace,
Dedicated to all victims of bullying, which include girls & boys of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds.  (That includes me too.)  "You can beat a bully without using your fists!"
The killer, the executioner, the hunter, the slayer Ostime, the one who was kicked around by many For no reason that the child could comprehend Ostime, the one who tried to be kind to everyone
     Athens high school was home to some of the best and most talented gods and goddesses in all of Greece. This high class school was home of Zeus, Poseidon, and Aphrodite.
Stop. you heard me stop. Yes Iḿ talking to you, all of you. Stop what you’re doing and listen to me. Stop thinking about how weird this is, Stop it my hairstyle shouldn't matter to you.
Stop. you heard me stop. Yes Iḿ talking to you, all of you. Stop what you’re doing and listen to me. Stop thinking about how weird this is, Stop it my hairstyle shouldn't matter to you.
 Teacher: I am teacher. Student: I am student. Teacher: Good morning students I am your teacher. Student: You were my teacher. I was meant to trust you. Both: But you are less than what I thought of you.
Friends are important. They may be the only reason why I’m still here today; they've brought meaning back into life.
throwing a plate like a frisbee into a concrete wall
Listen to the shouts and jeers Words that are used like spears At home you let out the tears These are your darkest fears   They mocked you until you cried   Wouldn’t care if you died
Nobody listened “Nobody” heard Nobody ever said a single word. Nobody asks Nobody feels Nobody tries to help me heal
Sitting around  a new day in town. Start a new year all my friends are here. The look at me  and all they see is my cut up hair. "It was my choice!" I strain my voice
The Creative arts, They reach out to her They tell her she’s not alone. The Empty spaces, They reach out to her
It's been years now but, the words still hurt like it was yesterday.  I am grown now but, why do I still feel this childish hurt everday. I say im happy but, I still find myself in the back of the room or comfortable only in the shadows.
Was always scared to talkHardly ever showed my emotionsHated being called on duringclass in fear of being wrong
Was always scared to talkHardly ever showed my emotionsHated being called on duringclass in fear of being wrong
I was sitting in my private school, around age 8 The religion teacher said everyone sit in a circle Don’t speak Close your eyes
They say stand up for yourself when someone makes you feel small. But, then they tell you "Chill out". All of a sudden speaking up shouldn't be an option.
silent   wont talk she just nods scared to speak up she wants to be heard but knows nobodys ever truly listening she tries to trust  but shes struggling
before you judge  before you point and laugh  before you mock someone think about this what do you really know about them  that boy with the bruises on his legs he gets abused at home
Hey, you there, sitting alone in the dark, why don't you get some sunlight, take a stroll in the park? I know this world can be cruel and I know that even your parents, can sometimes be fools.
She wonders why she feels this way; Living in the shadows of her pain. Why do they ignore her daily? Is this a sign her efforts are failing? Surely someone has answers for her;
Those voices I hear in the hallways, Somehow always used to torment me. Cruel words escaped their lips. Poison vowels and sounds, Yet I was taught they were good. I was born this way...
When you look at me, what do you see? I'm a girl who's full of Humanity. I'm someone who fights for what's right, And does no harm so I can sleep at night.   Do you see who I am? Do you really see,
"I pity the deaf girl" they say: Her mind is off in a land far away. She can, she can't, she might, she might not; In a big ole trap she is caught. They doubt her, they decieve her;
Why do they keep doing this to me? Don't they know I'm F'ed up on several meds? That I'm emotionally unstable?
She tries to be perfect within society standards, Everything she does is so precise. She doesn’t speak her mind,
It was only grade school, when I had my first friend. Stuck together like white on rice She always treated me so nice Then one day, Another girl came along And we couldn’t bare to get along
Reach the sky, trust the sun  and crave its kindness. Rely on the orchestra of rain to quench your thirst. Depend on the lavish ground to stand tall.   When Winter dethrones warmth,
In daylight around my peers My stature and character becomes sharp as if it were a spear. But everyday has a night This is where my anxiety begins creating this dirty little sprite.
My Features are Mild My Body is Part Curvy But Strong to strong for a women so they say They laugh as i past By with hopes that i grow to hate myself Because of there insults.
I can almost hear the whispers in the back of my head, Those taunting sounds that I despise the most, Cheeks reddened, eyes shut, fighting away the tears, Desperately trying to find my breath,
“Why do you sound like that?” “Shut up and fix that.” “Your accent can’t be that?”   “You can’t give a speech”
 facing my fear, was the last thing on my mind,  heart beating everytime I see my bully, I was running out of time,  skinny kid like me ,  standing up for myself,  I was deep in my thoughts, 
  You not her Don’t change A thing Not for her Or for him Be yourself Don’t be afraid
10 years old is for cars  for tire swings, spelling bees, and candybars  10 years old is not for hospital lobbies not for scans of imperfect bodies  you’re different, but that’s fine, they said
you're four and pocahontas is your world. mommy and daddy don't understand, 'you want to marry the princess? you can't.' (they don't know why you're confused.)
You should know, bullying hurts.It starts with one word, one word you blurt.Fat, ugly, worthless. These are the words they hear.Did you know you're their biggest fear?
When you hurt There is a malevolent force  One feeling you can feel Which is all great remorse.   It was only once Wait it became twice The feeling was so good It became thrice.  
I was thirteen my family packed into a van "Wham bam thank you pam" to the land where I began Fuck my school, fuck my friends, fuck my plan knocked off my feet and now I really can't stand damn
                                                                                               Over the course of my lifetime I've never understood societies ways
Mommy I’m scared, am I going to have wrinkles like that lady when I grow up,  she shushes me and apologizes to the old woman, no darling she says as she pushes me out the door.
I am not defined by the color of my hair or the size of my hips You can’t make me believe that all I am worth is what you tell me I am not worthless, because I’ve made a world of differences to the ones who know me best
The way you speak to me only shows the way you speak to yourself. -so please stop hurting the both of us 
I whistle a tune  unbeknownst to all subjugating aerodynamics take flight in the V, they quack no? I chose the letter G   I hum a melody that pricks the ears of Grays shall they
A pack of bulls charge Toward a big red curtain. They fall from a cliff.
I slept hard as a bear That eats so much food in a dark cave, What no one notices all the time, My ears can hear, but I have weary tears; Beyond the walls, there is so much fear,
I know what you're thinking- Not the echidna. I see them- massive structures of meat and bone clenched intent on destruction
it’s not about being sensitive it’s not about being a social justice warrior it’s not about being PC and no i’m not triggered   it’s about feeling safe it’s about feeling comfortable
My friend waves a phone in my face and huffs. It's a brand new girl everyday. My friend points and judges this girl with anger. She finds flaws in each and every way.  
You just saw the girl walking in the hallway with tears. You don't know who is in her home, You don't know if she feels alone. You just saw the girl walking in the hallway wiping her tears.
They always say If you having nothing nice to say then say nothing at all For why the scars are there My tears are the words that never left my mouth My scars scream for me
Bullying Others The two sides  
Your words cut like knives  You attack, Always from different angles, Always with the same artillery.   You aim to destroy, To take my life, And turn it to pieces. You watch me fall,
“It gets better” A phrase i heard a lot From people who didn’t know what else to say Or who haven’t the experience for advice. A phrase that felt like an excuse
I come from blurry images that look back at me from the mirror I say I'm beautiful but harsh words from the past hit me like a pair of Anvils weighing down on me Bulying hurts and lays skin deep
BalloonBy: Kailin MitchellBa-ba-balloon. I still hear it. It’s been seven years, yet I still hear it.  You thought you were funny. I thought it cruel.  But you didn’t see The speech practices. The frantic ums and uhs. All making me quieter.  Quiet
I’ve never imagined myself growing up and getting old My depression has taken over so much of my mind It doesn't allow me to see anything past tomorrow
No one gets you   You can't see why  
There's a turmoil deep inside   Far from the eyes of outsiders
Keep your hair and clothes looking orderly. 
To whom it concerns: To everyone who has taunted and teased me: For the color of my skin. For the texture of my hair.
The things you said were more than words: Those evil barbs you fired my way Were meant to hurt, to crush my pride So stunned, I had no words to say - I took one on the chin and once
From the first day of stepping in the school, I felt like my life was no longer important. I didn't know anybody and most of the students ignored me. A few months went by and I lost all of my tools.
  Thank you for always being by my side, When all the others would trudge all over me Thank you for crying with me, When all the others would just chuckle,
Thank you, little girl. For hiding your shaking hands and nervous breaths And faking a façade of Smooth stability. For smiling during the storms
Without poetry I would be dead Because I kept hearing voices inside my head No one cared about the pain I carried Everyone would tell me to keep my feelings buried
Pain   I trip and fall. I feel pain.   A crush tells me that he does not like me the same. I feel pain.   I get bullied and ostracized on the bus. I feel pain.  
I miss those mornings where everyone is called out for breakfast I miss those noons, where you're exhausted from school, work And you're forced to take a nap I miss those evenings where the power is on
Poetry has taught me    That love comes       But that love also leaves Poetry has taught me    To get excited about words       But that words do nothing to ease your loneliness Poetry has taught me
Whisper here, Whisper there, I heard you whisper in his ear, Told him the gossiper's word, With the forbidden glare.   The hallway, a lounge, The lockers, full of the smoky words of cold hounds.
"Stay calm maybe tomorrow will be better," Maybe the girls won't make your life more of a living hell Maybe they'll stop trying to make others hate you, Stop them from being your friend.
Seeing the beauty of life is only attainable by freeing yourself of negative energy:   Golden gates of bridges divine cross your thoughts and opinions, Full of dominions telling you to dominate your own fears,
I'm choking,Sputtering,I can't fucking breathe. My throat is gone,My lungs deflated,Is there anything left of me?
Do you know what it feels like when you are a child and growing
First week of freshman year; the hallways were bright before the bullies mapped their routes and made it nearly impossible to get to    the good vending machines. An occasional shove into a locker wasn't the worst
You think no one tells me, You think I'll never see, You think I don't have a silent plea,
You sit and stare out at the fieldYou shut your eyes and form a shield.Where did you go wrong?The words and insults form a song.You’re such a fake friend!
Handfuls of hair tugged tight,Kids crying out in fright,Do they know this is why people cry at night?People thinking they are always in the right,
I hate you, and I can't stand up to you You represent everything that I hate about this world You are the epitome of evil You are the living proof of why no one wins by playing fair Everyone loves the tough guy
The new girl wore sherbert pink capris and  a matching polo shirt (despite hating girly things). The desks were arranged into a U in the 5th grade class. Strange plants in tiny pots lined the windowsill.
My heart has been ripped apart by your words your seething lies I denied because my love for you made me blind. Where is the light? You laugh at me as your darkness chokes me smothers the light that I wish would come back.
Put that gun down Young one. You may be feeling red, But you’ll be seeing red. If you use that there gun.   It won’t solve Nothing. But cause a whole lot of Dread, 
Controlled  Going along, separation Spurred by deception Validate   It worked until the ocean called.   It’s siren rang out How could it not catch your leavings  
Twelve years old with a huge fabric binder, a new pair of shoes, and the exact same wardrobe as the year before. The shoes were maroon and grey and "only cost fifteen dollars!" my mom said.
It's been a year.A year since you broke me.   It's been a year since you cut into my fleshBefore I even got the chance toAfter telling me how horrible it is.  
I hate the way some like to say, "Man high school was some bullshit!" Like, "I never learned anything useful!"
They hated me for being someone else they hated me for being me. They told lies about me to the whole wide world, so a hoe is all that they see.
Here we are Once again Just you, me, And Twitter And look here Someone retweeted by pic Let me us send a quick thx, Oh wait This person used it negatively They posted this
There was this boy that I use to know,He was proud of the big heart he use to showSadly for him he learned that others hearts were full of fools gold.Oh it hurt him and it turned him to stone,
the Student who became a statistic   the Victim that took it’s life   she didn’t want to cut he didn’t want to overdose
all of the days when you wanted to hide all of the times when you made mistakes all of the moments when you hated what lived inside all of the nights when your heart finally breaks
I forgot I’m forgetting I’m forgotten Since I got away from you for solid years, Built up confidence like a Berlin wall that separated my mind from people like you.
 As a child,  your first friend,  who promises to be there 'till the very end.   That day in 3rd grade, when she finds someone new. Tells you that you were never quite good enough,
A shiny, new, bustling city.Full of people.Each with ideas.Each with thoughts.Each with emotions.  But then It starts. 
Tick Tock goes the time bomb in my head, what'd ya say...I'm better off dead... Nothing to live for here comes the sun, day after day, the hauntings just begun... Every day, every hour, every minute, every second...
I meant no disrespect I never did, but I am not to be held accountable for what you think I meant. If I say we are allowing ourselves to be victimized it is not as bad as you think,
Every day people pass me by Like I'm not even there I want to be noticed I want to be seen I want to go about my routine Without having to worry about everyone else Or being anxious
I wish the existence of pain was non-existential and the person in pain could get better just with words. Maybe it's merely impossible but it's a goal that can be halfway accomplished.
Loneliness is similar to a jail cell,  except the bars are invisible and the guard is your worst fear. Loneliness is similar to poison ivy, once you try to get rid of it on your own- it only gets worse.
Holding my words above my head. Words stemmed from rumors that bring out the worst. I, the kindest soul... have grown the meanest exterior. All because of the words... held above my head.
Am I pretty now? You told me I need makeup, You can hardly tell it is me anymore, Am I pretty now? You said I needed to lose some weight, Well i have, now I'm anorexic, Am I pretty now?
This is for the girls who believe the number on the scale, determines whether they are beautiful or not. This is for the men who don’t fit in the role of “tough man,” that media portrays them to be.
   words are powerful  this a fact that should never be doubted they can hurt or they can help they can make you cry or they can make you smile they can make you angry or they can make you laugh 
scars,pain, that all i feel, freedom that i want to gain, to set me free from the pain, threat ,that all i get, depression is return, for my freedom, burn, my peace is all i want,
What if life were a glowing light that shown through death and cut the night? Where then would it go if I were to die would it flicker out or maybe hide?  
I look at myself in the mirror and only see a monster. I see the fat that sticks off of my stomach; what am I? Pregnant?! I see the stretch marks that line my legs, I must be fat.
Dear past oppressors, I don't forgive your malice. I don't know if I ever will. The damage done is certain, all your taunts, they haunt me still. My self-image has been shattered.
Hey little me,   I know that nothing has been okay, and I know that you're afraid. I know that you're alone. I know that all of the scrapes and bruises they are nothing compared to what can't be seen.
Dear Nathan, I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye or even say hello I wish I could’ve stopped you And showed you that you weren’t alone Or if I couldn’t do that
A rare species So hard to find Someone to stick up for themselves and others ones with courage have gone
   im trying  my hardest to keep my head up    but ive been pushing through as best i can        no matter how hard i  try  i cant seem to    make friends    it seems as though i'll never be able to communicate  
1/30/18 A boy at the highschool down the street from mine killed himself.  It's sad, I know.  But I'm not sad, I'm livid. 
Dear Her, I saw Her wrists.  I saw the scars. I have not forgiven myself for failing to save Her. I do not know how to refrain from losing Her again.
It's okay to be different.  It's okay to be plain.  It's not okay to keep thoughts trapped in your brain.  If you're struggling with something  Make sure you tell someone.  Life should be the battle
No matter my size, I've got this power of voice, So you can disregard the opinion, Or absorb the knowledge, your choice, But its ripe, Its moist like fresh brownies from the oven,
Dear Antagonist, In a regular story, the villain is plainly, obviously, evil. There was no doubt. However, while reading my own story, you had me for a fool.
To the cause of this madness,
I used to resent you.  There used to be a time when I would wake up dreading the day. I dreaded having to hear your voice, or see your face.  And you knew that.  EVERYONE knew that.   
To me, " Emo" is just another stereotypical name that society gives people who dress in darker clothing. So what? i wear darker clothes. But, society also attached other characteristics to the stereotype. Like " suicidal" "self harm" 
Dear My High School Peers,   Filled halls... head down Breathe... breathe Only four more years Three more years
Don't pretend to sympathize when we can see the greed in your eyes. You say one thing, turn around and say another. All you speak is lies. A child constantly arguing who is right he's never wrong.
When I was a child I wanted to be so famous that I would be able to touch the star. Trust me if I could meet him again I would ask what makes him dream so far?
To my high school bullies,   Hi. I think Being dead Is no relief Running through this eternal emptiness,
Power Dynamics are strange. We would like to think that everyone is equal to everyone, But in reality We are all bouncing from one power dynamic to the other Never truly finding equality between partners
To All Free Thinkers,   You wish to speak your mind? Watch your step, beware, And don’t you even dare
           Alone AgaIn Hello         Darkness, My Old FrieNd       Second, Mintutes, Hours To Days    As TimE PassEs, Wishing My Body Could Decay
  im sorry Yall probably wont ever see this but this needs said im sorryI know at times it appears otherwise but i love you all truly i always have
What really makes a Monster? Is it their actions that make them so dangerous? Is it their intent? Or is it just who they are? It must be just who they are That's the only way They keep staring
My dear future daughter, You got to be a bit stronger. Times will get tough. And life will get rough. People will talk,  People will judge. You got to make it out, You cannot pout. 
My dear future daughter, You got to be a bit stronger. Times will get tough. And life will get rough. People will talk,  People will judge. You got to make it out, You cannot pout. 
She stood on the railing of 
To the high school girls I know, And the ones I do not, You are so much more than you think, In case you have forgot.   You are more than the boy who broke your heart,
To people who deny the correlation between the Internet and teen suicide,   You walk into your room. On a beaten wooden table sits your phone, cool and motionless. It is off.
  Students are not reaching their full capacity, Some think it's because they have the audacity, To sit and watch their life spiral down.
Dear future lover, I am not easy to love. I am unworthy. I will shower you in affection and yet feel as though I do not deserve yours
Who am I? Am I someone who's good at art, music? Or even dance? Sporty? Good at writing? Who am I? Am I supposed to smile all day? Am I supposed to follow the rules?
I’m from a small town, lonely and lost, my dysfunctional family, with a lost hope in humanity, growing up with so little, so little to love,
Hello! I am the narrator, and this, is my story. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Her name was May.
Dear whom ever you might be, I am the offspring of nature and the sun My parents call me their son/sunflower. My parents are exotic, foreign,
Death is knocking at my door  again tonight I’m trying so hard to slam the door in his face But each day it gets a little harder He’s been persistent comin round every night
My nerves shatter does it really matter Everything's a blur It's too bright my stomach turns Closing my eyes i put my head in my heads and sounds you can't hear are driving me batty
Nothing seems to be going as planned No matter how hard I try it's never good enough Though i'm surrounded by people  it often feels as though i'm alone
Everyone at school were assholes to him, in a general sense. The worst were the meathead jock types. The pricks who'd  call him a FUCKING FREAK   and then copy his chemistry homework.  
Unheard, Unseen Blind, naked and uncontrollable trembling. Drowning me, Suffocating me. Are you okay? Whats wrong? Why cant you say? You're a fake Just afraid. You're not pretty, 
See Look i'm not the best at poems but im sitting here trying to fight my problems  while i'm wiriting. im the type of rapper or singer i make my own songs but i'm not tryin to become them....my songs are sad and tell
We let these kids just sit and wait In school and not participate  they step they stumble they trip the fall Kids laugh and keep walking down the hall Teachers don't try to intervene
The actions you do, The words you say, Slowly eating away.   You don't see the psychopath, Who lives inside of me, Leading me down the wrong path.   I want to shout,
To my future child,   I know your mind is somewhere dark as the whole world can be a twisted place where people seemingly enter your life just to knock you down
Dear bully Is there something wrong with me?I beg you please stop bullying me Telling me that i am fat Does it make you non-fat?
Dear Bully, We haven't spoken much since middle school,  I'm sure you've noticed. Or perhaps you haven't noticed. The only thing that I am truly sure of is you used to notice me every day.
My nerves shatter does it really matter Everything's a blur It's too bright my stomach turns Closing my eyes i put my head in my heads and sounds you can't hear are driving me batty
    autism is a spectrum disorder not a curable disease I overthink the simplest things often blowing them out of proportion
You don't need more food... You should probably get a small... You should go for a walk... You should cover your stomach... Why aren't you speaking to me? Why do you always sleep?
Her pale arm isn’t raised up high,  I’ve concluded she texting on her phone underneath the table.  Much to my suspicion the teacher calls on her to answer a question.
A herd of zebras was grazing on the African plain They were a blur of black and white and from far looked the same Each zebra was individual, but who could tell?
I’ve been here before Way too many times. I’ve spent countless nights in terror Letting out frantic cries. I’ve plotted my death Again, again, and again. I’m willing to give up this fight, After all, it seems to have no end To you, to him, to her 
I would do anything for you. I loved you...as much as my stupid hormonal 15 year old brain could. All I ever wanted from you was for you to care and at least tell me that you love me.
A day passes by, They hurt me for who I am, "I will get stronger"
Nerd That’s what people see when they meet me They notice my glasses, my tucked-in shirt, and my messy hair No sense of fashion they whisper Nerd, they snigger mercilessly  
Afraid of being alone, but you always feel alone. So are you always afraid? You create a bubble to bury yourself inside. You can't keep calm during class. You drag yourself down all day. Even while you're encircled, you feel emotional empty.
Dear Beautiful, You. Yes, you. You are loved. You are perfect. You are beautiful. In our society People are so quick to judge Based on what's seen on the outside
Hey mister boy with the bad hair straw blonde and frayed like old bandaids, thin pencil lines of shaking flaking lips,   And your bleached farmer pants and fratboy tee- shirts, 
I fell like a water drop from the skies tears as it cried for its lost love, the earth moved silently and without the moon the waves were pulled by storms of jealously as winds howled for their
The children walk alone with nowhere to go on the very dangerous road that the darkness controls some walk others run but there still alone forever on the dark and scary road.
The Internet is the Wild West and it should be monitored, And users do not need to waste time and energy.   One day, I joined a chatroom discussion and encountered Trolls to get me riled up.  
I feel as though I walk with a target on my forehead, A sign saying "Please mess with me, it's fun", My pleas to leave me be are left ignored, And I consider my escape, a gun, I want to look into their minds,
You are the moon and I am the stars. So close, yet so very far. They seem to have met a million times. yet somehow, it's still not mine. the moon and the stars still haven't met.
What a whore? What a slut? Oh my God, did she give it up? Drink some bleach Get a rope Didn’t cut deep enough? Next time try your throat  Ew it smells like rotten fish
Education, it seems, Is nearly as mediocre as social media, Except it is more restrictive. Things like cyberbullying, harassment, and fallacies are allowed in school,
The clocks were pointing at twelve.   Lunch Period. Nobody knew about the kid crying in the bathroom stall. He pressed a revolver to his temple, waiting for the courage to sieze him.
I am nothing. I am someone  That people have forgotten. That is my life. And now, I watch it go, Fade away.
Everyday girls stand on the scales, and cry. They look in the mirror and cry. They look at themselves, see themselves as fat when they are fading away to skin and bone.  
Yeah, I guess I'm a disappointmentDoing everything I can, I don't wanna make you disappointedIt's annoyingI just wanna make you feel like everything I ever did wasn't ever tryna make an issue for youBut I guess the more youThought about everything
             Ive been treated with fake love since day 1 the just loved the baby side of me  I was born with short term memory and they didn't want to tell me knowing that could've helped  instead they lied to me 
Several things you do not know about me. People make the assumption that because I have brown hair and dark eyes, that I am basic.Indeed, I am.I collect keys and snow globes, but I hide them when my friends come around.I wear my heart on my sleeve
To have a friend Is all you need To talk to others In order to succeed   I never had that choice To be loved by my peer Simply cause of my voice Others were filled with fear  
I was broken, battered and beaten.
I lean against the locker, Hard and cold on my back Breathing in and out, Keeping it in track.   She's coming for me.   My fingers have gone brittle and I bite them to the bone.
She's been trying That's what they say She won't make it Not today she's a failure It's no surprise  With all these looks of demonize   But no she's a civil fighter
Skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood,if only they could know you've been dragged through mud. Skin representing your depression,never happy enough to make a first impression.Lips representing the thoughts inside your head,thinking of things
Everyone can bully and that's the truth some families joke  but mine don't. everyone van bully and that's the truth some friends joke but mine don't. bullys , bullys, bullys,
“It’s a girl.” The doctor said Holding the squirming babe up to show her to her father. Immediately, he tries, and fails, to hide the blue balloons.   “She’s a girl.” Her cousins state,
Fairytales. They don't come in true colors. Some come in blue. Some come in romantic red, But some come, In Backless Black.   In the depths of darkness,
The cut is cleanly made, When one uses the correct blade.  But if the sword is misused, Then chaos may then ensue.    The blow is full of force, When the blade follows its course.
Ever since I wore a size 3 in shoes i've always wanted to fly  Like the sprakling BlueJay  Maybe like the sneaky Red Robin I could learn to stand out more, like a hawk 
[(I was 15 at the time I wrote this.)]   Because I'm not like you, you fear me, you hate me, you torture me. I refuse to be like you. I fear you, I hate you, I run from you.
I'm standing on the  Scale.  It shows I'm 80 pounds. Am I good for you? Want me to be straight? Left the girl I really loved Am I good for you? People called me fat. Marks left on my wrist.
A Civil War,No, not of ,GunsSwordsAnd Cannons.But of Words,SpitAnd tearsA harsh ink splatteredOnEveryPageOfwhat was calledA holy place.
Cinderella mops the floors. Cinderella has more chores To pamper, aid, and then protect The evil sisters that make her a wreck. Smiling through a crowd of tears, She hands them dresses as they cheer.
Her voice is ear pinching, Her movements are bold, Her statements are out of the ordinary. She walks up to you with excitement, Screaming in your ear.   Your instinct is to walk away,
Growing up as a young girl with yellow-toned skin, It was hard for me to find role models I could relate to. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon Bruce Lee.
She is perfect; slim, beautiful, and more. She’s not perfect; large, ugly, even less. She is perfect; rude but never a bore. She’s not perfect; depressed; nothing I guess.
Where have the days gone The ones seen in those old movies when sticks and stones were the tools of torture The ones where pain could be seen by others Where the scars were physical
Late at night I lie awake Pray the lord my soul to take And if I fall asleep tonight  Don't let me see the morning light. 
The echoing halls are ringing with the forgotten cries comming from a raw throat. Nobody will turn to look at her as she cries for help, dying on the inside. Nobody will hear her
There is a vast ocean of things I don’t understand, Instead of taking the time; to explain these things, You would laugh at me, you would shun me. All because I didn’t understand.  
i'm sorry i was the disappointment i'm sorry i could never figure my shit outi'm sorry i was such an embarrassment i'm sorry i can't fix myselfi'm sorry i'm the reason for your paini'm sorry i thought i matter i'm sorry i thought i could do someth
The pounding of your fist at the door of my chest Can no longer withstand what you tell it to No matter the number of times you use your sultry words to beckon it to life
There were empty spaces between us And I couldn't tolerate them anymore 
Stuck in the muck, I am a slut There is nothing I can do but sit and sulk. I can't control minds, I can't control your vibeI can't control your life, but you controlled mine.
It never seems to stop. The ticking of the clock, The mocking whispers in the backdrop And shadows of the giggles, aiming to stalk.   It never seems to stop. Walking quickly with the head bowed,
Today. Today I question myself Who is in my life? Who cares? and Who holds me back? The answer awaits     You see, for me to ask that I would need to understand myself What do I want?
America the beautiful, the broken   The late night party, he takes advantage When she wakes up, she feels the damage There are no repercussions for his evil deed
Land of the free. Land of poverty. In this country you’re judged on sexuality, and ethnicity. In actuality, we shouldn’t be a theocracy. We got legality that we can believe,
As I’m walking out, I see a different world.I stay looking at the news, telling myself this isn’t real.I feel like I’m always gonna be asking myself why. Why does the world have to be so racist.Why does the world have to have so much hatred. Why d
It’s funny how much I’ve changed.  I’m 14 years old, sitting in my room, now surrounded by white. White sheets pinned to the walls, white carpet, white dresser. They were blue once, but that has been drained away.
They say they help us to acheive, This is what they make us believe. But, can't you see the darkness creeping down the hall, As they take the last bit of innocence left for us, as they take our confidence to stand tall.
I am sad but never mad no one knows why I dont get how people can smile when they see people cry
Temples, chapels, shrines and mosques  All homes of Almighty Gods    Whoever the hell has more might    She prays to, for a life of love.She's tired of demons and the ghosts    That possess her heart and soul
At 6 I never had a friend So when someone came up to me and said “Bare your soul and I'll give you the lint from my pocket,” I told her, “You can pay me by being a friend.”
She wore the smile, she played the part. She hid her feelings deep within her heart. She put on a show, faked her smile. Her feelings and actions are becoming idle. No one knew, and no one cared.
I know what she's going through. I know who's aiming at who. I understand this world is pretty bad, I understand better than her dad. I know it hurts, hurts to be picked apart and thrown together...
You Can't see the Noose   Coming 10, Had some friends Had to learn No bad ends   Coming 12, Hello World Oh so broken Little Girl   Fourteen,
Words hurt worse than most things Words hurt worse than anything Words hurt worse than stick and stones Words hurt worse than broken bones Words hurt worse spoken by a lover Words hurt worse spoken by a brother
We each live in our own little world Without  a soul, to open a new door.   We try and try to fly so high When we never even see the sky.   If we look around, we will see.
I remember The stones They way they pelted.   I remember The girls The way they laughed.   I remember The fear The I fought not to tremble.   I remember
As I slowly scroll I read poem after poem about an aching deep with in the soul   They tell how they were effected by the pain that was inflected.   It’s too much of a norm
Those who have always stood by,Have never stood up.Head down.Arms crossed.Stay safe,Stay alive.When they heard the cries they stepped aside.“It’s not my place”This is how they justified.Head down. Arms crossed.Stay safe,Stay alive.When they saw th
Look around, this place should be a place to learn. Not a place that unacceptance is the thing that you will earn. Not a place for you to feel that people have no concern.
Welcome to the carnival of life Where brilliance shines, flashing lights Where memories are our currencies Where affection is shared like cotton candy Where strength is measured in courage
Welcome to the carnival of life Where brilliance shines, flashing lights Where memories are our currencies Where affection is shared like cotton candy Where strength is measured in courage
A life shadowed in blackWhere nothing good ever seems to lastWhere the darkness always seems to find youTormentors assult youThey try to convince you their poisonous words are trueThey fill you with hate
Bullying seems only to me to be The single thing that’s keeping me from you, but not you from me You laugh at me, you push and shove, I run home crying, to pray to the man above Ask him to help, in any way he could
As crafted neatly within a metal box, My minds and feelings are meant to be left alone. Won't they understand I need to be closed off to see the true light of day. They worry for things they should hear
"I'm surrounded by isolation" well did you take your medication?  no, not really. you see:  this is a dream  and your nothing but a thing  looking for  a place  just a figure in my dream 
Open. I see my window and the light shining through, I smell the toast in the kitchen, I feel the sheets on my bed, I taste the damp air, I hear the singing birds.   
I’m laughing, smiling, Dancing like I own the world at age seven. Stars handpicked like strawberries for only my eyes to eat Nothing could tear me down.  
All because of a slip A fall A simple miscalucation of my feet and my world came tumbling down As I lay there on the ground Once again I became That Girl   The same girl from all those years ago
There  once  was  a  little  bird Who    just    wanted    to    fly “Spread your wings and leap,” The   other   birds   told    her,
All my life has been torture bending backwards from the swing of words hanging off the edge of mountain’s wishing someone would stop and pull me
Stay Gold You never know what the future holds, with our stories yet untold, our beautiful mind can't be sold, our words will be forever spoken forget the background noise, focus you are not broken. Show them you are strong,
The lonesome tree bentunderneath the cruel cold wind,but it didn't fall.  
Tiana, Why do you fail to see yourself when your reflection is right in front of you? Why is it that you don't realize your self worth? You need to STOP letting the opinions of others change your view,
Dear world, I wanted you to know That I wasn’t the same like 5 years ago I was a nerd that everyone bullied on There was no one there to tell me to be strong One day I decided to be everyone else
So that girl is an idiot that girl is a slut that guy is a jerk to everyone’s eyes for speaking his mind did you know that we are not made up of one thing
The sun had risenThe sun shines inAnd I’m forced to awakenTo this world of sin. The clock is tickingAs I lay in bedTime drags onAs I fantasize about being dead. I tell myself to “get a grip”People have had worseEveryone has told me thatBut it does
Faces of those around me, Each has a different story, A beginning, middle, and end, And a perfectly integrated plot. Yet, I am declared Faceless.   They don't see a story, They don't see a face,
Scuff, slap- rubber soles of the damned. Dance is, to the young man, a means of freedom and expression. Seven years of heavy footfalls, krump was the language and rhythm was the canvas.
My wonderful wife. Why do you not see your beauty? Maybe if you looked in the mirror a little while longer you could see what I see. Someone who is so beautiful no matter what they all said.
She sits in the chaos wondering when her misery will end They laugh and stare as she walks down the hall She ask for relief but they can't fathom the thought of making an amend
Who was it that hurt you  I wish I could make you ok Who made you feel you couldn't be    I wish you would shine like early may I wis these words wouldn't make you break Who was it that hurt you
January, February were the months of good packing snow, packing snow on my crippled carcass in cumbersome coats. I lay there and let your bitter cover me.
I sit alone by my locker, A bully just teased me. I want revenge on him, So I can cleanse my palate.  But I want to be friends, So I won't be alone. What should I do?
If I could go back and do it all again who would I be? Would I still be me?   Would I have stood up for that kid, or would I have just hid?   He needed me
September 19. A friendship began. October 31. An unbreakable clan. December 25. Gift exchanges and cheers February 14. A new atmosphere. March 18. Eyes on the prize. April 20. Not so wise.
I expose my soul To the world To the people To my friends To my enemies.   I tell what I feel To whom I feel for. I speak my mind. I share a hug every time
I signed my soul away with a 21st century John Hancock, To get rid of stubborn, ages old writer’s block. And now these trembling hands they do mock, At my crooked fingers and smudged fingerprints they gawk.  
Here I am, an inferno in my heart A passion made of stone, A love made so exquisite. Humanity is not the same,  Yet I can not see myself inside An envelope of development. There be spirals of letters,
As a child I was the odd one out Wanting to be smart and learn non-stop and people criticized and looked at me with such disgust and saw me as a threat.
 Sitting at lunch among my group of friends All of them, laughing until their hearts content Their smiles so bright it seems they never witnessed hardship
The boy who always yell, He bullies, He fights, He cries.   At home, Abused, Alone, Frieghtened.   No friends, No love, No one listening, No one.
Expression: showing emotions through colour -- Music -- words -- creation. You give other people insight Into your feelings, because Humans Are Social Creatures. When you're healthy and young,
The wind is blowing cuts like knives throuw my soul This pain in my heart hurts more than the world will know   Voices in my head whisper light as a feather It'll take a little time
Your reason to wake up may be different from mine but does that make you any less? You open our eyes, right at nine and that in itself means you're instantly blessed.
Today is the day, the day to rise. Rise above all that has been lost, all that has been done. I have been told that hope is lost. I believed that all hope was lost in this imperceptible darkness
Words are imporant, Flashy or dull, However the meaning changes, With the way the person behaves, Without an ear to listen, They are only sound in a world of many, Without a mind to comprehend,
Because they didn’t like me, I would walk into class in my clothing that is different from what everyone else is wearing, terrified that someone would point me out and laugh. My makeup is heavier and darker than everyone else’s.
One with rainbow hair and one with golden eyes. A high school project turned sweet
Though I awake And my first thought is of the sounds of pain That I mill make   I remember her smille The look from her as I take her hand And we walk the deserted mile  
Verb-Bully  Please stop all the taunting. Wanting To see me flip my lid.
Black, yellow, white, and Brown, does it really matter where im from. We all live togather in this world, side by side, toe to toe, 
She gets up."The world is brigher at night,"she would remark with a laugh,but it meant more than whather smile hid.
On Monday, she’s weary, teary, and unsure. She is sure that she’ll be able to fake a smile, but unsure if her friends and family will know it’s fake.
Have you ever met someone, And thought that it was for real, And that the friendship would last forever?   Have you ever had that person stab you in the back? Or lie straight to your face?
Tick-Tock, Goes the clock.   Tick-Tock, It doesn't stop.   Tick-Tock, Time is running out.   Tick-Tock, The little girl cries.   Tick-tock,
Parents. I no longer view this word this way P4r3nT5. Now this is much better A mess of stuff that is put together to make it look, decent.  
Alone. Naturally alone, walked upon by everyone and no way to make it stop.  Agony, suffering, sadness.
Awake choking, Bathe crying, Walk limping, Become deserted, And you'd understand why suicide is prevalent, It's just another way out of this claustrophobic world, Some times fate takes too long,
It didn't matter where we were,
Sometime I realize there's nothing left to say When someone that you love says it's time to walk away and Sometimes I know that there's nothing left to do But pray these words come the way they always used to do
It's too bad I'm not a mas-o-chisttie me down like i asked-for-this   I'm screamingI'm strandedAbdicatedAbandoned   No. Free. Will.  
They speak in broken English and they lie with silver tongues, They swallow down old whiskey and they smoke away their lungs. They cursed me for my difference, they hated words I sung.
YOU laugh as YOU push her down insulting her size, pointing out all her flaws while she lies on the grown This is a daily thing for YOU and YOU don't even know her name, everyday you wait for her after school to tease her as if she's the blame, Sh
This agonizing silence, This terrifying darkness, The ignorance, the pain they give me, The way they show their emotions to me, The hate and disgust on their faces, Take this pain away,
They don't matter. This is said in multitudes falling from lips of loved ones as easy as breathing... But my lungs don't take in oxygen well. They don't matter, stated as if scientific law.
Sometimes I feel like dying inside,  other times I feel as if the world is my oyster and I am simply creating a line in some gigantic storybook where I am a minor character.
Forgive me,  but I have such a hard time believing that you're being sincere. I feel my fingers rattling— tapping other bones, nervously checking my phone,
Pushed over the edge I fight just to keepmy own sanity always pointed out what I do wrong or what I haven't done I try hard but maybe not hard enough Why isn't she proud? Why am I not good enough?
Hah. You think you're funny? you think you're great? Just because I'm stuck on the bottomAnd you're on top, you call it fate?
Just because you cannot see the scars does not mean that they are not there. It does not mean that the thought did not cross my mind like the blade crosses your skin.
Born into a sheltered home, no worry met my gaze. From divorce to death, so many a time, and yet my smile stayed. I understood what others said, from every time they teased.  Yet still I smiled a crooked smile, letting the worst befall on me.
They call me names They spit on me They glare in disgust They say I am nothing But aren't I something I am a surface That can be spat upon Something they can see  And choose to hate
Smokey room filled with chills, Empty bottles, and pills. Today's fears are tomorrows tears.  She feels Euronymous creep in, As he shatters every seam. Today she is seen but tomorrow dreamed.   
I can’t breathe I can’t see Feeling so lost No light to guide me I have fallen Fallen deeper into the grave I can’t escape From this pain You can take my wings
I have an illness. I have an illness you cannot see. I have an illness you cannot see that is terminal. I forgive.   I forgive you when you warn me. I should have been more grateful.
My dismantled figure stands beaten and wounded, for you have no sense of sympathy as you change into a metamorphisis My anger, frustration, and humiliation suddenly turns into banter for the crowd as they pull their cellphones out
Emotion so strong I have to show it, thoughts so deep they must be seen. I know they are staring I can feel their stares on my back. They laugh at my openness
Sneers.  Leers. Glareing faces and hurtful jeers. A shove. A push. A punch, made from the fist. Cries and pleas, hisses and scowls. Whatever you do simply doesn't matter.
Poetry isn’t just writing to me It allows me to feel oh so free   My teacher made me read it I felt a connection that wouldn’t quit   I was thinking I would share my first
Poetry was a way to escape The cruel harshness of the world With people who were more like rabid animals Than people. I could write it out in ways In a language That made sense to me.
Can someone please tell me why this world is so full of words I can't understand Why I can't comprehend please lend me a hand so I can understand how to be your friend
don't flatter yourself darling they never loved you they never even loved the idea of you   they loved the fact that you're both easy and a challenge you're just running
Young boy walks home from school, It’s been a long day, The other kids can be so mean, He just wants to feel okay,   Young boy is so tired inside, So he puts on a mask to hide,
There she sat, drowsy and slouched, Thinking, "Why does it have to be this way?" For a person with depression, even when you give every ounce, It never seems to be enough. Nothing seems to be enough.
“It’s not about the taste It’s not to be cool It’s not about trying To make myself look like a fool   It’s about drowning
I hear the screams I hear the cries But when I try to stop them The voices reply, "Darling dear….” “You've been talking back!"
Only so many times a heart can tear So why did it? None of you were there   Hard to think that You'd believe all their lies It left me tongue tied So I cried   
What is left after we go our separate ways? Never to see each other again, When once we saw each other everyday. after all the words are spoken, The things that they said that left me broken.
It's okay little girl it'll be alright,One day those bullies won't make you cry.It's okay little girl it'll be alright,One day those rumors won't fly in the sky.It's okay little girl it'll be alright,Your mom'll always be there to hold you tight.I
Who will care when the world ends? Will it be you or any of your friends? What if the world ended today? Would you be happy with how it ends?
We cannot even describe the way We look at you every single day.   You, the tormentors, the ignorant, the sinners, Yet also the popular, the loved, and the winners.
"You're fat" "I hate you" "You'll never fit in" Words have a mighty power over me Whether it's a joke or serious I am to be handled with care and caution Most days I am sad and I do not know why
Yes, I know. You and I, we have suffered through so many speeches, Dusty, crumbling words about bullying, discrimination, how kids can be so cruel. But we know, you and I, that we would never commit such acts;
I’m not just a coach. I know I’m always right But I’m not a massive douche. I wish I was taller, I make up for it with my truck; My truck wishes she was taller too. My wife wears my pants
I was just twelve. Twelve years of age when the words hit my ears like a blood curling scream. Pinned up against a wall clutching my heart as the words pierced me like sharpened daggers.
Back when the two pillars of freedom collapsed A people, galvanized, suited up and axed The chance to make peace by going to war Without ever asking; What are we fighting for?
Dear Diary, Can you tell me what's a friend?Is it someone special or who will stay to the very end?Is it something that can only go to those who are trueOr is it just a glimpse of hope waiting there for you?
     Cold     Frosted     Bitter Meaningless to you, no? Because you're so     Perfect     Golden     Saintly But I'm a     Monster     Villain     Outcast
We never think twice about labels because at one point we forget that we are one. But you know the things they call you they’re just labels they don’t define you. When I was 11 years old I was first called ‘fat’
We like to pretend that we're the three wise monkeys, We pretend to be blind, We turn a blind eye to evil, We pretend that we're blind and that it never happened,
The Jock. By Jenna Williams Varsity jackets and nike crew socks. All you do is sit with friends and mock. Strutting around, thinking you own the place Do you think you can walk a slower pace? You are practiced at handling balls Ap
  Their words a bullet their mouth a gun I am a victim like many people under the sun
Ever since I was a child the world looked so bright It seemed like all the darkness was pushed away by light But my young mind couldn't comprehend all the truth After all I was in the starting of my youth
Their words like swords replay While plays the Bohemian Rhapsody A heart with nothing to lose Listens with much intent What seems a sorry plight Gains a beautiful disposition
To those ready to leave, your coats are being washed It seems something's spilled on them and now you have to stay At least until I'm finished saying what I need to say
It's difficult to walk away from sunflowers,With their adoration and life spreadSo neatly across their features.But you do. Because, that adoration isn't for you.
as the odds stand against me as i walk the glass covered roads, lost The savage beasts sink their teeth into my feet   and dark blankets cover my eyes. My blood must taste awfully good
they dont know that i stay up at night  dreaming of who i could be what i could do what i could make and own they dont know that i try to picture my mother the small details i can remember
Throughout my life I have been the clown, In the classroom and in life. I made jokes for other people to laugh to, Yet it wasn’t my jokes they used to laugh at.   My head, my shoes, my scrawny legs,
I hate how the word hopeimpersonates a pleasant state of being How it whispers wishful whimpers  Soft promises to keep my heart beating As if I need to hold on
Onslaught of cruelty bullying leading suicide I need my music
I wasn't prepared. I guess I was blissfully unaware of everything you never said. "Mommy, I don't want to live", the shot to my chest, and then the awful words  upon that little IPod screen.
That girl, in the back of the class...  The one looking lost, Daydreaming,  of things only she can understand. Things such as peace.  Not just in the world but in people.  In our selves.
If you couldn't feel the pain  from my body then you will never understand the reasons I cry The tears that drew from my eyes because of you I couldn't stop I just couldnt it was  my only type of relief .That was six years ago on this very day I s
You broke me Threw me to the Floor Let me Shatter Glass everywhere
That cruel winter day, she knew, would be filled with hate, That one, single day would determine her fate, If they smiled, or stared, How much she wishes they cared, As they laugh and call her names, 
Starting now, She shifts in disconsolate fear. Days passing one after another, It seemed time encumbered her thoughts. Faces tell her she is alone. She forgets faces.   Years now,
With two fingers down my throat I taste only shame as I imagine myself with a negative 2 inch waist and a gap between my legs that could've gone on for a mile and I envision the boned creature that dances in the darkest corners of my mind parading
Cursin' like a sailorIt's okay, right, avail herCommanding the ship so stronglyyou thought you finally had it off mebullets keep bouncing off me like a trampoline, except this one isn't so fun, you see?  
They tell us at a young age that beauty is in the eye of the beholder;
I am here, where are you?  Do you remember the times of fear? Do you look back into our years?  When the torment brought me to tears? Can you still feel the pain you caused me, 
I come home with these afflicting wounds They’re everywhere down my arms on my back, my face I try to heal I find a different route home
No matter how much it hurts, You have to keep a smile on your face, And keep your head help high. You have to pretend it doesn't bother you, Because nobody can know how much you're hurting inside.
Dear You,   You cannot cry, For crying shows weakness. But I will never let you be happy, Because what's the fun in that?   Sincerly, Life 
    I dread the days that never end, they are hard and the life I live is not meant for me For you should have just let me be
For a very long time, I was alone; not because I wanted to be, but rather because of the way that I would stare at the sky and be amazed by the clouds that would float like tiny castles in the sky.
I wish I told my 11-years old self, that you are perfect the way you are. That I didn’t have to be someone else in order to be accepted,
I could tell you of my longings, but first you need details. Asperger's Syndrome is within me, a disorder from which I ail. I loathe it not, take my word, though water I do bail.
LISTEN, who told you that God could not be a woman?I am almost 6 feet under my own fearsand I have no holy power to turn tothat is a reflection of me.Who shoved their generationally skewed
Ya know that quiet boy That gets bullied every day Then you say you’re not at fault, Because you had nothing to say When a guy who’s got it made
Hide the scars draw a heart on your armtake a pictureadd a filterkiss her scars "stay strong, love"  
doesn't play sports well more comfortable with Barbie punch him in the throat
A heart can be corrupted, Suffocating under the malicious hand of darkness, Its armor chipped away piece by piece By the thoughts that torment our souls,
Can somebody take me away, To a better place,  Where your skin doesn't bleed, And your eyes don't cry, And happiness lasts, More than a fleeting moment? Or does that place only exist,
I traversed the halls waiting Waiting for something that should have been there Waiting for something that wasn't there Waiting for something that was gone   The bell rings and I head to class
Friday—a day that every kid looks forward to because it is the beginning of the weekend Most kids are excited because it means they can do whatever they want
  We say there are only seven deadly sins. We are wrong. There is an eighth sin. A silent one. One we don’t recognize.
Walking in to my class it seems like a nice day until my teacher decides she has something to say. She pulls me aside and slowly I die. No matter how hard I try to be good,
Money, power, accessories. I would banish all these luxuries, All costly clothing, all fancy bling, For the sake of something Greater.
Every phrase to secure a uncomfortable situation, "It's okay." There's a limit to what you can say. And that limit is not to lie to your friends when your emotionally hurt, "It's okay." Or to your family, "How's school?"
Till this day,they think I am a dorknothing less than a jokeI cant denythose words ruined my lifeTill this day, I still think about them at nightI close my eyes
Childish Immature All of it   Harassment Tears Violence Cutting   Aforementioned Is Pathetic  
It's so foolish How we're forced to walk around In disguise In a world so clueless
Your words hurt All of the time Simply asking someone to not be mean Could make a person feel so small Pity them, please.   Forget the kids in he factories
What is beauty? The answer has alluded us for years, The question creeps into every little girl's fears. "Am I good enough?" they think, teetering on the brink.
Once upon a time, In a kingdom far away. There was a mistreated maiden And to her dismay they teased bout her shoes and her hair everyday. I'll let you in on a secret So tell everyone else
If I am not beautiful, Will you care to see What lies far inside of me? If my skin is not tan, Will you care for my mind? Speak up young student! Are you creatively blind?
I'm the ugly sweater, I'm just there so you may laugh I'm the ugly sweater, I'm here on your behalf I'm the ugly sweater, I've always been the same I'm still the ugly sweater,
How about we play a game I made it up just for you We'll all run away And you'll be the big scary monster We'll ignore you, avoid you
Sticks and stonesmay break my bonesbut words will tear my skin apart. Sticks and stonesmay bruise my skinbut a bladeis what almost killed me.
There are no words to describe the pain she felt in her heart they laughed at her in ignorance her world falling apart her family in pieces no one to help her she needed a friend
We don't know why we're here So confused, we may want to leave All these trans folks gettin' killed here almost daily We're just trying to fit in, but instead become a pet peeve
He arrives at his living hell,School.Tortured and taunted by bullies,Like buzzards skipping and flapping around.One bully, the Dark One’s true name.The rotten bastard and his posse,
Shame me Break me Blame me Hate me Hurt me Stay silent, I tell myself While you tell me I'm not worth it I don't call out for help Because I don't deserve it but you don't realize
The Abyss so dark and cold sucks my heart in and almost has my soul. The Abyss traps me inside and people pass by without a word of hope. Some push me in deeper into the Abyss
In your life, the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” Is something you’ll hear a lot  
One look could cause an uproar   One smile could turn things upside down   One picture could haunt you for the rest of your life  
A lost soul, looking for the light, trapped in mental slavery, trapped in the darkness, trapped in this state of depression and suicidal thoughts, losing the one closest to me… I never thought that losing you would be a reality call, I never thoug
The light illuminates her face. The words on the screen bring on tears. All she did was post a selfie, One she thought she looked stunning in. And now she's headed to the bathroom,
Is it you? The one that talks to me the way you do No? So is it you? I don’t know how to feel towards you Those repulsive, stomach turning, vomitous
People will ask you: "Why are you so sad all the time?" People will stare at your wrists and wonder how you did that. How did you get those cuts? "The cat," you will say, "the cat did it."
Heard it in the hallway, None knew it floated my way. They seem to stage whisper, In tones that are crisper. What they say is quite alarming And very much disarming.    Why keep pretending?
Fly on the Wall by Christian Betancourt   The fly on the wall Sits silently in the room And says nothing at all  
Just because a person is different Just because they are fat by your standards, Or skinny by others Or a mom at 16 Just because they don’t have your level of self esteem  Just because they are perfect
Tainted Flower, thou visage dangerously beautiful.
Day in and day out you abuse me, beat me, tear into me, I do all I can to defend myself, thus I am helpless. Some days it is just you, other days it is your friends, Kicking me in my ribs, busting my lip,
The best time of our lives becoming the worst Lies plague the hearts of others Laughter becomes a sign of persecution Bystanders cheer on as lives are ruined Love of life is quickly fading
i'm the new kid on the block the new kid on the street trying to get along trying to make end's meet sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, yeah right.  
You're kicking me, you're punching me, I'm begging you get off of me, you have on my knees to the floor slammed me on the locker door. I'm bleeding and looking around I see you laughing watching me frown.
Anything you can do, I can do betterI'm sick of you telling me I'm dumb WorthlessNothing. I'm sick of you telling me I'm a nagUseless.
Your mockery blasts through the air, An explosion that decimates the ground under my feet. As I fall into the void of misery, Spiraling evermore downward,
What color am I? The color of my skin is supposed to define  My color is my barrier  What color do I have to be to be intellegent? What color do I have to be to be beautiful?
why?? i walk these halls everyday. why?? why am i not good enough? i see everything.. That girl that ya'll thought was ignorant.. why?? That girl.... is my reflection. why??
"Bloody... Hell..." I whisper and whimper. My white bath tub- Slaughtered by my blood. Tears freeze at the corner of my eyes, And three jagged lines, Slowly pouring my life away.
Plastic Shadows Fake lies Screams that slowly die, But where do I come into play? Oh, I remember now - The blood rolling down my sleeve... Flashbacks of being shoved -like a ragdoll.
After the NAMI meeting organized by my family, AKA the GSA club, We, My friends, Stood in a circle behind the refreshment table—
Together we stand as oneGetting believers is shooting for the long runTired of people giving up and saying they're doneWe should all feel we have won
They threw rocks at me today.   They smirk and snicker as I   walk among streets and alleys home.   do they not know what they  
He moved here in the fifth grade, Immediately we were friends. Or at least i thought we were...but i guess it all depends.  The years ticked past,and the bullies came at me stronger. He was there every second, without him or his brother i doubt i
Once long ago there was a good young boy he loved to play and laugh his name was Roy Roy was a loving but mischievous boy one day in his daddy's closet he found dads toy
She's afraid to come to school because she's treated so cruel Nothing ever seems right when she's there how can all of this be fair? She won't take her life because of them instead she'll fight for her life
Smile, sit up straight, and quite down Do as I say, but don't forget to smile Actually don't smile, because your nose is crooked Your fat, ugly, and a waste of space
Life is... 
Cruelty, laughter, misunderstood, Maybe they'd just go away if they could. Teasing, taunting, going too far, Your humor tends to leave a scar. Trying to be cool by humiliating others, You look like a fool, and you've yet to discover, That there's
This is a curse not a gift So what is my mission this is a skin condition   Not one of my ambitionSo now here's your time to listen   When people look at meand ask me what is on your arm   I change the subject they should find some respect Not try
All of my unrealistic expectations were created by that explorer.  
What even is a world without hate?I wouldn't know, this one sure ain't.We live in a society teaching us nobody cares,that nobody wants you,and nobody's there.Society teaches us to not like what we are,
Roses are red. Violets are blue. The sugar is sweet. Just like you. Now, The roses are wilted, the violets are too. The sugar is gone, and so are you. So,
I am nothing to myself,
I am nothing to myself,
  She forever hoped that she would find her way, Spending her nights only drifting away. Her eyes fluttered opened, and attempted to shut,
Sometimes being big just means you have to have heart
I am unloved and unwanted I wonder if I will ever be accepted  I hear the voices in my head  I see them laughing at me I want to be accepted I am unloved and unwanted  
They broke my heart They made me cry They called me fat I don’t know why   They pushed me down They pulled my hair They ripped my clothes It’s just not fair  
They were my names written in ink  my labels that were burned into me for years. Children would run in a panic 
people with depression aren't lazy people with anxiety aren't rude people with mental illness aren't crazy people with suicidal thoughts are boo'd it's like i can't get through with a fucker like you!
Sitting there, looking around, I didn't make a sound. The torrent of words was enough for me for there it hit me, slow and true, a Truth I've always known somewhere inside yet never quite understood.
Body To Nobody 
Did I deserve to be taken? Did I deserve to be silenced? Did I deserve to be beaten and... Do I deserve to be in pain? Will it always be this dark of a world?
      Do you know what i'm about to do? As I bend over and tie my shoe.
Broke my arm  after he stomped on me, then I went home  And was called a freak.   I faked a smile   Around my friends.  Then cried alone  waiting for it all to end. 
Strangled by the showerhead She answers but she doesn't speak She's too busy staring at the wall Making sure it doesn't leak.   She sways and sinks, continues to think
Sometimes you ask me why Why did I ruin it? That lovely skin that you never cared to mention Was lovely. You never cared to ask me why I felt like the tears felt like they were running down my soul
“Faggot.” “Lesbo.” I am scared of these hallways. These white walls haunt me and I dread entering them. Let me loose. Gay rights? They don’t exist here. “Welcome to Hell” the sign should say.
I am Lucas. Yet people insist that I am someone named "Hannah", Someone that is no longer me. I am male. Yet people insist that I am female
I can’t remember when she last said “I love you” And I can’t remember when “Good night” turned into “You’re late again.” And I can’t remember the last time There was a smile on her face
I have tripped over luck and stumbled upon tragedy. I find myself stuck in an elevated, praised, honoured institution, full of the most vile and wretched creatures to fill this earth.
They said that I'm ugly. That my parents didnt care. They said that I was fat, And laughed when my brothers were no longer there. They said that I smelled, They laughed because the lies stayed the same.
So, I poem about me? Well, Me isn't the me you see. At least on the outside,that is.   Have you ever looked into the mirror and seen something you're not?
Haven't done this in awhile, guess i've been going through alot.
I wasn’t fortunate with the good work ethic genes 
I will tell you what I am not. I am not someone to be pushed around, or someone who likes their emotions to be played with. I AM a human being, I am someone with feelings inside of me, and a beating heart.
crystal clear tears gather in my stinging eyes
Sticky, pale fingers Black hair a mess Limbs of no descernable length  Tangled around a fence Mirthful laughter Reddened cheeks Sneaking the fruits Behind the shed
For who I was, I was not loved. For who I was, I was hated. I was picked on, because I was me.   I would cry due to the sorrow. No one cared for my fare.  
I used to get bullied for being fat.
To be a bastard is to be fatherless To be a bastard is to have a father in Heaven To be a bastard is to be without the Father in Heaven
Curvy, skinny, thin, or fat. What should I wear, should I eat that? Should I talk slower, should I walk faster Am I too talkative? Should I shut up?
Tears in her eyes, Time seemed to stop by. Blade on her hand, Blood will soon shed. She was done with life, so much bad stuff, she wasn't tough, everyone said. She did it, 
I am whatever I want to be, at least that's what my parents tell me. But yet I walk down these hallowed halls, people laughing, staring judging
You pushed me, kicked me, you didn't care cause I was unknown, I've heard you thought school was your zone. I watched with tears in my eyes, as the sky darkened, everyone seemed to cheer you on,
I'm afraid I hide my body I don't talk I don't cry I don't laugh. I'm afraid I don't show myself I hate myself I hate everyone I want to die But I'm afraid.
I felt so hurt inside I didn't know whether to live or  die never smiled because all I did was cry As I let your abusive words eat into my soul I thought how can a person be so cold ?
I felt so hurt inside didn't know whether to live or die never smiled because all I did was cry as I let your abusive words eat into my soul I thought how can a person be so cold?
Mirror, spotted with age and time. Rust begins to spread, but you see yourself just fine.
I look upon the moving crowd Slowly sighing, looking down Hurting, fallen, angry, shy Now I cannot just seem to fly   I hear the Rumors in the halls Now I get unwanted calls
When I saw the scars on her wrist, I didn't see an attention whore, I saw an angel counting her days,
Come hither, see me whither, in the wind like dust blowing away. I falter and fallow, as my tears run down my face so sallow, I'm alone and afraid, what should I do?
I sit in class i'm always choosed last I spend my time in the restrooms I waste my tears on useless tissues I eat by myself during lunch which feels like a darkroom 
Stand up and fight, Shy little girl, Meek as a rabbit – Taunted, tortured, and tormented By their words.   Stand up and fight, Glass doll, Pile of shattered shards with
A split in the ice,
I dream a never ending story. The message is still not clear on this very morning. I am soaring over the valley safe from harm. I defy gravity, wind beneath each arm. Steady in flight I continue to soar.
He was nine. Hadnt experienced a thing Expect for being tortured, harassed And the horrible things that words can bring   Words hurt They hurt more than sticks and stones
I admire a lot of people. I admire Ed Sheeran, Gandhi, ... and him. My classmate so poetic his words can be lethal. The way he talks is also so prim. Well-mannered and nice
I know what it is to be burned at an early age
into an eternal abyss that no one even knows how far will it take me? how far will i go?
the lies go on, never once ceasing hitting my heart as it continues bleeding   like a river of hate your speech spills out why do you do this? i just want to drown  
This one goes out to all my kids, my teens, my peers All of you who've found yourselves bruised, abused, misused, unable to choose The life you deserve to live; all the while you give, forgive, just try to live
“From dust you came and to dust you now return.” A mound of earth sifts through the preacher’s hand Small rocks break free, hitting the coffin’s lid With pops like tiny bullets
My vision may be dark But here's a spark To light the flame on a candle of a heart That's long gone for me now   Once torn asunder Pain is released from the soul down under
Being hurt doesn't matter Being controlled constantly is the norm People don't notice how you shatter   Overhearing the other girls cruel chatter In your mind their whispers brew a strom
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Spit and cuss I’ll make no fuss cause words, they’ll  never hurt me. Ha. I try to convince myself to this defense to my soul, heart AND myself…
  Highschool had to start,  I wasn't pretty. The teachers thought I was a sweetheart,  but my peers thought I had too much acne.  He gave me a kiss, he told a lie.
I refuse I refuse to let you define me Simply because there is no defintion I am who I am I refuse to let you attack me You may not accept me but I do I do not need your approval
The kid sitting alone at lunch  Looks shamefully down at his lap He doesn't want to see everyone talking 
It mocks It hates It's unsure It follows allong It doesn't want to be left out or excluded It doesn't care
With nothing left to do or say, I turn around and walk away. I feel their eyes as they glare at me, they must not get my misery. They've never wanted to be my friend, so what would make them try and pretend?
Violence would have saved me. A thought I struggle to comprehend. It were the words that degraded me, broke me down, they wrapped around my neck. "Piece of shit" "worthless" "a mistake"
I'm no good with poetry as it's an art that is felt rather than seen.   I'm not one for feeling.  I'd rather stare at my ceiling and not feel much at all.  
I once was a princess. Sweet, clean, and neat Like a Victorian castle, so was life. I was Winged. Too quickly those years evaporated.
Life should be goo
You slap my books You slap my faith You slap my apperance You slap my family You slap my life and you slap me You slap me around and I can't handle it any more. Stop STOP. STOP!
It causes fights it starts jealousy it tears up friends it cuts down dreams it makes you sad it makes you mad it makes you embarrassed   If ego were no more we'd start to build each other up.
I am alone in this.
I feel the sylables Nesting within my breast Effectively avoiding spillage  Emptied from my clenched lips Destroying the illusion  Held of prefection Enclosing the unspoken
In my universe, My whole life is a curse, A curse I must live. In my universe, My mind is very fragile, My chin must face up. In my universe, All I ever feel is pain. And I have grown numb.
I look at people and see,  see the truth and power they carry. I want that within me, why can't this be?   Words cause pain, you may not know it, but I look at my eyes and all I see is rain,
These ups and downs don't mean a thing
I know it might seem like the world is crashing down Trust me I know what it's to feel like that It feels like you're standing in the rain without an umbrella Stuck in an eternal darkness
Haikus   In the dark forests, beams of light pass through the leaves 
Being invisible is considered a super power,
With my, life on bypass, I drive by my life's past,
Problems at home, problems at school She didn't know where she belonged She thought she could take this much pain Well guess what, little girl think again Naaaa i ent saying that shes blame
Problems at home, problems at school She didn't know where she belonged She thought she could take this much pain Well guess what, little girl think again Naaaa i ent saying that shes blame
No one can begin to fathom my life today, Running, rushing to get to that place someday
Fellow Children,
Ode to ignorance By Ally Benson
In front of the mirror she stands,The shaking is eminent upon her hands,
Depression seeps into my skin like lotion.
You all
If words are just words.
When asked, "What is your name?" My response is also a question Why am I unsure--of the one title I've possessed since birth, How do I claim to know myself. If I still don't know what I'm called?
They laugh. I cry. They joke. I sigh. Their words of hate. flowing out of their mouths, funneling into my ears, breaking my heart. I may be autistic but that doesn't mean
To this day.
Talking to me why bother? I’ve gotten this far without my father Hurt, Pain, Sorrow, and Agony Not much more can really sadden me Those people are only saying rude jokes but,
I Got My Flowers Today
She didn't act like that until they called her fat then they called her ugly Her best friend noticed what she was hiding she saw the scars on her wrist I guess she cut But why?
Broken and brutally beat
In a world where people are periodically posting pics and sending selfies to fellow citizens, there is a surprising amount of self hate surrounding the subject.
Words hurt People pretend that they didn't see them Ignore them
When you look at the world What do you see? Do you view your food and friends in Mayfair and Valencia? Your wasting your time deciding which accent makes your skin look tan
Words really do hurt. They leave scars in places The heart only feels. -bcr
The others, they'd laugh, they'd snicker. Choosing teams, they'd say, "Don't pick her." Turning red, embarrassed, I stood. I envied them and that's not good.
Without a care in the world I stare at the lens in front of me,what has become me Behind the lens you will find the real me, not the one I appear to be It's inside out, without a twist of doubt whats becoming of me, you see
Dear victims,  Dear that kid in the corner , who is afraid to raise a hand  Dear that girl in the locker room, who is afraid to dress again  Dear that boy getting punched from a so-called " friend " 
My old high school is haunted That what everyone says Not to me that would be absurd Still, it's what I've heard   I wander through these halls alone for now a pale kid known for his hand-me-downs.
The Blood Story  
Maybe I'm crazy and insane. Maybe we are not the same. But now I know what I see. Every time you look at me. It's innocence, That light. A light that shines through any dark night. And tho you are far away. These words I still have to say.
Why me? What did I ever to to you? No, it's why YOU! Why would you attack me? Why me? What did I do to deserve this? No, it's why YOU! Why do you think you can do this.
My name is Jada I am not your video slave I am a young girl   Boys raped me on tape Sadly the tape went viral   Now everyone knows   I chose to stand tall I was a victim it’s true
Close your
I'm just me.   The guy who makes a joke and at fun I always poke.   I'm just me.   The guy who makes you feel uneasy and the one who says you look cheesy.   I'm just me.
People who judge others harshly do so     
Adults always tell us that they know best They have more experience, and time, they'll attest They feed those words Into our brains Inject that message into our infant veins
When I take a picture   I smile and stare at my relfection.   My mind wonders if they will like it   if they will see me the way  I see me.  
You see a world of black and white I see a world full of color Where you see a river too wide to cross I find the bridge to go over But we both have eyes to see And ears to hear
It had to be an Easy button  
You laughed at the girl who sat alone, Insults thrown at her like rocks, her name unknown. She was the girl who sat in the dark, Her once-happy heart, torn apart.   You laughed at the girl who sat silent,
Broken by the words they said I 
I was taught that being differ
She comes home crying everyday because of thing's that people say, people do.
People often realize  they can endure more than they thought they could when enduring becomes the only option.  But sometimes- when people can't endure- they break. break a little, 
I demand change. In these twisted, damaging days. Where women are afraid to leave for work for fear of merciless rape Where people of color  cannot receive a fair wage
Dependency Conflicted What should've been restricted Honeysuckle violet roses Come to me When I'm at my lowest  Opiate sinsemilla Desolate feelings are too familiar Waft Inhale
Misread and verbally beated Unloved and mistreated Alone and unneeded No one knows the way their river flows Always ignored, the pain grows
I am a woman who can do it all Even though I am so small I have so much potential  because I know most of the essentials
In and from this world what do we really want?
Bully Beatdown       I was doomed from the start   …Born   Torn apart   A dart through my heart   Self-hating Bogart   Some called me sweetheart
You look.
I was not beautiful. I am not beautiful. I will never be beautiful. But I could be thin. It began as a whisper It grew louder, it spoke to me Until every day it was a Screaming in my ear,
Blood as red as a rose They said death was something that you just chose Truthfully it chose you
Perfect this.
I went to school again today
I feel numb inside…empty & lost. I find myself trying to rekindle my soul, while keeping my eyes open for the lost pieces of myself; they were sold, but at what cost?
Nobody knows.
Creep into the day  aware with an unforgiving glance on your face deepend with hate and anger spit out the foul words that were once used against you and then bleed the picture on canvas.
I'm losing myself
Gravity seems compelled to affect my tears alone. I'm suspended above the crowd that will always judge me. They see me as falling,but I'm stuck in the air--
Bee Beep Bop Buttons and keys Pop Sounds Don’t Stop Like or Not Walk little or Lot The ears you got Show the sounds don’t stop   Each tells another story
i wake in the morning, having no warning, of how i would be looked at like i have on a funny hat.   i walk through the halls with no fear at all knowing that who i am
Once a sudden whisper of hate.
The Different Kid was colorful His voice was loud His eyes were bright Sunny hair and a wide, white smile They say that if you brushed against him, You’d walk away with a rainbow on your shoulder
When I was 13 years old, I was sent to a public school. My mom told me to stay strong. To be a tree. With no one to know and no one to know me, I stood alone in the forest society calls middle school.
The world is like a parasite,
There once was a girl Who held her head high  But you’ve stolen her confidence And you’ve made her cry  
 in third grade i was the weird girl with glasses freckled face  head hung low whispers of "she's weird" "why is she so quiet" i didn't know what self-hate was back then
When I was five You would pull my hair Call me a doody head I wouldn't care That was okay You made fun of me I didn't comprehend   When I was eleven You would whisper
I wake up, put on my clothes, wash my face, fix my hair and look in the mirror with disgust. Yes, I'll do it.   I go to school and walk to class, I can hear them behind me, laughing,
I hate this moment I dread condolence There is no hiding This time today   My knees are weak My mind is bleak I cant conceive a way to believe That I am strong  
Yo to all you bullies out there
Perpetual darkness was all I seeked It was all I knew Ugly hurt shaped my heart And sadness filled my core My insides so full of pain
I am who I am  Only I can do me like I can do me You can't teach self confidence It comes with taking what others say about you And making it irrelevant
Skies dull where they once where full of life, light had shown through those clouds just months ago.
What once was a flaw, that everyone could see, stuck out like a sore thumb to anyone but me, Bottled up inside of me, trying to thrash its way out, this monster grew stronger 'til my control it did oust.
You may think that it's funny, Puts some laughter in your tummy.
I wear a mask of stoicism. Even if the violence, The irritation, The hypocracy and hate, They get to me and cause my blood to boil. But, I can't let them get to me. My mask is what keeps me calm,
Blue eyes and auburn hair. Does anybody really care?
The world is a scary place Drugs Bullies Suicide Temptations Murder Assault
The world is a scary place Drugs Bullies Suicide Temptations Murder Assault
All around me I hear laughter, Yet I am not laughing. They did not hit me, but inside my soul is hurting. I look whole, but inside I am just a pile of broken pieces Waiting, hoping, praying
Walking down the halls Their eyes are buring into my back. No acceptance here; No turning back. The pain is surreal; The memories a blur. Trying to find myself Just didn't seem to work .
There's something you don't understand.  Maybe it's the different lives we live Maybe it was what I was wearing
In high school everybody wants to be cool well guess what, I'm not a tool. i don't care what people say, i do things my own way. i shop at the thrift store, so what if my clothes are a bore?
No, I am afraid you’re wrong. I am words And lyrics  I am “tell me that I am everything you need.”   No, I am not silence.  I am tears and laughs 
We're all suicidal telling others that suicide isn't the answers. Telling the confident to set their ego aside. We can all be good but, the good one's tend to hide.
We're together,  Till the end.  We giggle and laugh,  We are friends.  There starts to be jokes,  We can no longer take. Our unbreakable bond,  starts to break.  We no longer look, 
They tell us it will all be better some day, To deal with the pain - it will all go away. But what do they know? They haven't lived in my shoes! They don't know what it's like! They don't know what they do!
I see them down the halls  Hear their hatred along the walls. Do they not care? Their words are something I cannot bare.  Why must they pick on me? All I want is to let be. 
You push me down into dirt,You stay proud of what you blurt,Of all these words screamed out at me:
Ominous ebony smoke fills the air A mist of forsaken souls condemned to demons Alabaster arms reach out and grab the prey Frozen fingertips stain the innocent flame Nails running deeply into the skin
To all you bullies out there  
Okay soNice to meet ya but I wouldn't wanna be yaBecause being myself only gives me a spellA kind of happiness one could never tell
Today has been the first time I’ve smiled in years The first time I haven’t cried myself to sleep The first day I haven’t been forced to smile on queue I remember those days so well; my scars won’t let me forget
Take a whiff of that blunt
Sing a song from youth,  dance the beat inside. When you get to where you’re going- don’t forget to shine. Stars are night-time smiles; giving hope til’ morning rise,
You are probably wondering what I look like without a filter I have Flaws Too many to count My forehead is too big My mouth too wide My skin too dark I have black heads
They tell you Success is a number. A weight A score An amount. They trick you into Their lies. You say to yourself "I am surely nothing!" But you hold the stars in your smile
Embrace that stranger in front of you You are their brother or sister
The road to success is marked with signs and always under construction. To make something new out of what was old, there must first be destruction.
Keep moving forward people will hold you back no mader where you go people will try to bring you down
He pushes you You cry He stab you You die It could have end at the push If you knew how to punch
To Bully is to be cruel, Noreason reason to do so, Hurting people, Making many cry for no reason, They become depressed and build up anger, Many kill themselves to end the pain, And for what?
You think no one loves you, but it's untrue. I am the one for you. Open your eyes and see, see all what we could be. Close your eyes and make believe that the people who put you down do not breath.
The world has taken focus on the way people treat each other,now people are upset on how they've been treated by one another.Most people can be rude or mean without even focusing,
She showed me how to paint.
Cold, dark and miserable Was told it was part of being a criminal  But why title me that?  It's not like you know all the facts True I don't know how to act But at least I stay true to my colors 
Words cut down a mighty tree
The bell rings loud and clearIt is recess
Reality is the harshest form of rejection. So Ill tell you while I have your attention.
  There are millions of voices that are silenced
I have a special affinity for the x-ray machine,Faultlessly highlighting my bones, heart, and spleen.
You're a coward that is full of messPushing me around and hitting me in my chestYou're a coward that has no heartBeating me up dragging me apartYou're a coward I say I say with grace
All I did was love you While you snuck out and gave your love to another But all she wanted was your money And now look who's the sucker   After you made me sign that waiver
I have to hurry home and prepare dinner tonight I have to finish my cleaning or else it’s another fight I’ve still much to do: the laundry, the dishes, the dusting, washing the stains off the floor
He didn’t fit into the “in crowd”Just because he wasn’t allowed.But coming home to screams and shouts.
He didn’t fit into the “in crowd”Just because he wasn’t allowed.But coming home to screams and shouts.
NIght comes and goes im in a deep sleep dreaming about what happenes next  i wake up tired and my long day startes i have to use public transportation to get to my destination 
The perks of me, oh, beautiful me
There is silence all around to those that never spoke up. Their lives will always be silenced
Even though I'm freckled and thick Even though I'm blind and poor Even though I'm short and white Your words don't hurt me anymore   I've come to learn what it's all about
When you're a child
Bringing down others  Undermining ones own self confidence Leaving a trail of broken people. Lifless bodies strewn every where due to you I can only wonder and pray that i'm not next. 
Im running and hiding in fear. Everyone around me points and laughs at me. I run to the shadows but your there. I beg you to leave me alone but your there. 
Walking down the halls I see it everywhere In some way shape or form bullying is going on. This needs to stop.  I am but one person but my voice is heard by thousands.
I come from rice and beans The food of my people
 Bullying is for the weak  Bullying is hard to beat  you have to stay strong  To survive what's inside  You think it will disappear  If you stay hidden within,  yourself and keep it from
Why should I feel lesser because you are jealous? Why should I feel like I should jump off a moving train because I have friends? Why should my best friend belittle me for making changes in my life?  
I shake his hands, Yet my toes are beneath where he stands. He’s been stomping my toes for hours, Pacing on them as he explains why his belief, should be ours. Any longer and my toenails will fall off,
I am from cells, built together to make my mother’s uterus, If I wasn’t supposed to come out, then how did I,
Fat. Ugly. Emo. Gay we've all heard what the haters say.    they act so kind right to our face. but then they talk crap once we're replaced by yet another hater (who hasn't really seen) 
Ethnicity, an identifier to some, a misfortune to others... to her.   She hides, her true identity under a body she feels isn't her own, Mocked behind closed doors
Stared at myself in the mirror Why am I doing this to myself? I have to stay strong and find who I am Do they have to make me feel like nothing? Sometimes I sit and think to myself Am I made of glass?
Let me start off by saying I was a victim, I was beat down and taken advantage of, Three girls, those were my bullies Physically, emotionally abusive. I was told that I'm black and ugly,
She spoke loud and talks with a voice that unheard of she spoke loud and theres no face revealed
She was whole. Everyday was words From the mouths of those around her Those who she loved Words She wasn't good enough She couldn't do anything right She never met expectations
The hate of the world can beat on you The hate of the earth will make you blue Bitterness can harvest, in your heart Bitterness will make your tongue tart
I know. We all know.The world is full of hurt and hate. I want you to know I am kind enough to open the gate. I am kind and passionate.  Now stop lashing' at that kid over there. Look at his poor, innocent stare. 
Every day, she gets called a different name. No one seems to see the pain it causes. To them, it’s all just a game, Even when she cries, no one pauses  
I can still hear the crunch of the potato chips resounding in my ears like the crushing of my dreams to fit into that dress, 
A girl is hiding, hiding behind that curtain That curtain right there, I know I am certain That is her, that girl hiding behind that curtain She is shy and uncertain and bullied eveyday
Pictures posted on the mirror thinness was my goal
Sideways glancesSmirksSnickers behind binders But they don’t knowThey don’t know what she’s been throughThey wouldn’t do this if they knew
There's never a statute of limitations on an apology. Tell me what makes one think they are greater, or almighty. Behaving ridiculously. disgraced I am ashamed to be your neighbor.
How is it that I am under you?/ Why me?/ Am I really that different?/ Am I really easy prey?/ Am I really weak?/ Does it really give you the right to hurt me?/
You wonder why I wear a mask,
I want to give you a reason in life To keep on keeping on Put down that razor, you could someday be a wife Nobody wants you gone   Stop crying pretty girl, you are beautiful in every way
don't tell me things about myself that i know are lies   don't say that i am not good enough when i know the truth   don't say that i am ugly when i can see clearly  
there is something wrong in a world where we pour ourselves out to strangers on the internet but our best friends dont know our torment   and there is something wrong in a world where beauty is only skin deep
Driven through darknes she lies, looking up in the skies to fake a smile filled with nothing but lies.
I've got a club, it fits just two Consists of only me and you; I got your back, you've got mine Make sure no man is left behind. Up in a fort with winter chills,
V1: Always kept me on the shelf what a never-ending hell can I cope with all the stress? Everyday I’m so depressed   V2:
She takes her seat before the glass. The reflection she sees so far from what she feels. “Why do we show the world a mask?” She pondered.  
Don't you see what is happening? Don't you see the emptyness? Don't you see cold stare? Don't you see the pain...   Zero love to turn to, Zero understanding to retreat.
Weird, Homosexual, Creepy, Autistic, Geek These labels have never once brought me the grief of intentional bullying. The lack of them has. Give them labels to define me, or they will assign the labels themselves.
you thought this time it would go by the book again it almost always does you know the one it's my own edition maybe but its always the same story or it was supposed to be
I'm not scared of anything. I'm not scared of shadows into the night.
Darkness  Is all I can see  Death  Is all I dream  Happiness  Has long since faded away  Struggle  Each and every single day Mind  Is slowly turning to dust  Pain 
When i went to kindergharten I spoke Spanish and only spanish "What`s she saying?" "oh that`s Ariana, she`s just stupid" people like to say kids arn`t racist they arn`t  they`re just crule
Imagine this You're in a room with no doors, windows, or anyway of escape. The room is filling with smoke and its becoming harder and harder to see and breathe.
People decided to shun So he turned to the 
See that house,It's crumbling.One more kickAnd it's tumbling.Rain is poring downAll day and night.The wind so harshIt won't give up the fight.
See that house,It's crumbling.One more kickAnd it's tumbling.Rain is poring downAll day and night.The wind so harshIt won't give up the fight.
Bus seats coldChildren glance
When I came to this world I was but a blanket of snow Clean and unmarred It’s hard to keep my snow Fresh and clean When others taint me With dirty footprints That make me feel less
She sat there in disbelief, The things they had written were so malicious. She read the words on the screen: Whore, slut, bitch.
“Stranger” She sat there in disbelief, The things they had written were so malicious. She read the words on the screen:
d the ability to get a glance at the figure of the physique under the black veil I've cast upon myself, I applaud.
The empty box of tissues that lay in her wastebin.The journal of sadness, she keeps tucked under her arm. The drugs, he takes to escape, hidden in his bedside draw. The sadness in his eyes, that will never leave.
Be the Change. Stop the bullying. Instead of tearing them down bulid them up. Or say nothing at all.
It’s not a joke Yeah I called her a skank; yeah I called her a slut. But what about it? It's not like she cuts.
I stare at the mirror, Trying to understand why everyone hates me so.  The people at school whispered and laughed. The adults sneered and turned up their nose.   Surrounded by echoes,
You may not...Tease him in the hall, thenTrip and watch him fallKick him when he's down andJump him while he's on his ownBut then again...
These words are constantly asked. "I'm Fine" The most common lie. Its easier to just not explain.
I used to know a kid when I was younger. He had blonde hair and brown eyes and was a bit small but, he always put on a brave face. I used to think he was annoying until I befriended him. 
Our eyes are once again forced open by the sound of a beeping alarm. Morning has stolen our precious sleep.
You let others control your mind and wonder why you can't be free...mentally, at least. 
Let x equal me
I don’t want to not believe I don’t want her to become something other than what she sees In the mirror, is a different person?
Researchers say crying is inborn I had to learn how to cry I stifled the sight of my tears Away from the taste of salty crystals on my tongue Afar from the expression of my fears
To never be perfect for anyone.There is always one person who will.Hate.To know hate at a young age,then to petrayupon another is,inhumane.From a child to now,people glare.
i’ve been counting all the bones
I try to speak outAgainst discriminationAgainst wordsOf hatredAnd humiliationOf racismAnd against hurtI try to speak upI try to speak outAnd I AM upfront about
God Bless America. Where suburban neighborhoods flourish and every house looks like the other, like rows of mass-produced Fords. God bless America. Where the government spends money
I am nothing.I am scum. I am stupid. I am ignorant. And be sure to remind me how much you despise the fact that I walk this earth, breathing. I am a person, but be sure to ignore what is me I am kind.
at Mira's home by 14 year old Dove Seconds   in english my Name means orange brilliant, bright Strength
For several years I was stuck in a rut It was time for a change, so I trusted my gut I was doing the same thing for many years It was time to step out, time to face my fears  
So, you thought you knew her? you thought just because you knew her name,  you knew her story? Do you realize how deep your words cut her? She thinks that her mere exsistance pisses you off, i mean,
Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see. Do you see a happy girl? Or the demons that control me? Do you feel my pain? My jealousy? My guilt? Maybe now you'll understand
I am different. At times, even belligerent
You can't see it but insults are weapons, actual weapons. Everydaycitizens use these weapons we were born with to harm other people.Wake up, words hurt. We, the people, we have been trained, and, we
When I used to look in the mirror, I would see A girl who struggled, but yet was sometimes pretty. I struggled with my relationship with my family. Although they clothed, fed, housed, and spoiled me,
I know I’m unwanted, Yet I still try To find the one Whom would die For me and make me feel
I said i'm going to rise to the top of the mountain....wait wait wait... I said I'm going to rise to the top of the mountain. Stand on this stage declaring my Name,say. Because I am a king, ayee.
Parents try to raise you right And teach you it's not good to fight. Always be good they said. Don't be a bully they said. Two statements that stay in my head. Practice what you preach,
Black Lines, That’s what they see. This pen. My pen, Flowing across the page, My heart spilling, In black lines. These black lines
punch right, jump to the left run away there's no time left jump up over the rolling barrel look behind you their still there look forward they cut you off turn the corner
Living in a society filled with hate;Where People are judge by gender, ethnicity, and race.Hateful words storm through the air;As I stand in silence with a disgusted face.
A young girl just twelve years old sees a guy from a few feet over s
A message to the douche I once were How are you doing? Let me change the question How were you doing? Let me guess You were crumpling sheets of papers From the handwritten words of your classmates
The school hall where everybody is in their own corners: the sporty girls tough guys rockers brains trouble youth A and trouble youth B even the believers strolling with their folks;
You are enough You are enough You are so enough, You have no idea how enough YOU are.  You are the light in my darkness. You are the happiness behind your mom's eyes. 
  When I was a 14 
I went on a school trip
 We ate dinner at a 
 Buffett, when I
 Feeling full still
 Walked up with my 
Friend who didn’t want

people say that it was magic they say.magic as a good feeling but the word magic means power and power is magic so do you have the magic to stand up to bullying?
Little girl's tears run down a red cheek All she ever heard is "You are such a freak!" Sitting quietly with metal death in her hand With a lot of fear and nothing more to stand
The sun sets on that last, golden dayA chance to have a smile on your faceAgain comes the numbers, whirling aroundMaking everything unjust and solemnIt's a test, as everything is,
Teardrops can stain a surfaceTeardrops can destroy a work of artTeardrops can destroy makeupTeardrops are their own silent stormIf only people cared as much for teardropsAs they did for storms
I cry for the ones i love.   
Blind me
Broken Wings  
I hide behind a veil of darkness Afraid to show who I am
You hear the whispers. Your hear the rumors. Everyone is talking. Everyone is judging.
You cut. You slice. You mangle your arm.   You cry. You scream. And pretend it does no harm.   The words. The judgment. They replay in your mind.  
There she goes, pure as snow, Just trying to get by in life. Here you come, mean as a thug. So eager to dim her bright light.   I see the sneer upon your face, That devilish little grin.
Do you see the man Standing back there, Behind the Curtain
"Free information" Say it slow and enunciate Remember it like this Before your eyes precipitate
All I remember from old days, Is crying so hard, must’ve been a phase, I couldn’t see, I saw from different eyes, I was so little, why didn’t they just let me be? Them being mean wasn’t a surprise.
"SLUT!" They shout in my direction. The hallway grows hushed as they await the reaction from me, Me, the gay whore who slept with 4 guys Or was it 5?  I cant remember nowadays.
Society is slowly falling. What has the world become? All I see is hate, Where is the love?
Been there done that been hurt just like that  life sucks when it hurts to be scared They should be behind bars we are only human with flaws we all have to remember who we are were we stand and know who is the better man
Mr.Bully, your words hurt me and so does your hitting and punching Everyday you make me wish I could fade away I try to be strong but sometimes I cry  I'm so tired of saying I'm okay because that is a lie
Tweedle-Dee, tweedle-dum. She lays there likes a drum, as he's pounding into her. Treating her like no one. This goes on every night, and days when Aunty is away. He rapes her and beats her, forcing her to stay.
You think you are safe you think you are sound- A place where many are not found for what they want is not what they need- but they search on in this unfamiliar place.  
flooding with ignited thoughts ---you don't have to do this tons of pressure push you to the ground ---please don't stress is the leash that tightens its grip ---I will listen, I promise
No one notices how you cry at night. No one notices how your heart aches through the day. No one notices your depression.
They tear you apart,
People say I'm happy, that I'm never without a smile. I bet those people would be pretty surprised to find that I used to spend nights wishing to die. There is a mask that every person fakes,
Don't slam my drama books down in the hall Don't throw me into lockers or a bathroom stall My home is not the school trashcan Let Me Be Me So what if my hair is black and blonde So what if you think I'm Gay?
We are all young, We tend to push people down, and make them feel worthless. but yet, we know we are doing these things and not stopping them.
1980-The year Rodney Alcala w
Even though she looks unhappy to be here, every time the last bell rings she doesn't hustle out the door like the rest of them do.
The weight of your anger, Turned on me, a total stranger. I haven't done wrong, You just wanted to feel strong. I see through you, This isn't something you want to do. I see the hurt inside,
Her cries are never heard Nor is the pain seen on her face He voice is quiet like a bird She is the social disgrace   He is filled with pride He knows exactly who he is
i wake up in the mornings with a smile on my face that is suddenly erased the moment i step foot onto my school campus the people that surround me couldnt give a damn about me
Do you mean  What you say From behind your curtain Typing away As if you're unreachable But you aren't You're a coward And it must be hard To yearn for such Infamy  
When I'm gone they'll say they loved me They'll claim they had no hate But the reason that I'm dead Is because they came too late The ground will cover me now As they gather 'round to watch
Hide hide hide I would say Hide what you love about yourself and put it away They try and hurt you everyday so hide hide put your true self away And that way They'll never
We have a tendency to hideEveryday before leaving homeWe put on our maskAnd leave to go into the real worldThere's almost no room for authenticityHow can we "just" be ourselves?Your beliefs, my opinion,
Peolpe surround me. Pushing, Shoving, Voilence. Slamming lockers
What is the price we have paid We have all thrown away Our lives Trying to impress people we despise   But its not worth it in the end We have struggled with ourselves
I'm just another   double digit age                         with                              triple digit scars   I rolled up my sleeves and chased a dream
"You're as happy as a Christian should be." "Have you ever cursed?" "You actually know that song!" Just a few of the daily comments from my peers.
Is it ok to be gay? Because that's all I've ever known. I tell myself I can take the jokes.
I never regret it
All my cries
We see it happen  Do we do anything? Once.. twice.. thrice We see it happen
it is today i cannot stand the thought of my next birthday i cannot stand the thought of another day with excuses and hiding and so much hurt that i feel numb
           Dumb is never cute
 See thats the thing between you and her. You're getting better and she's getting worse. She ductapes her sadness with a smile and cries in silence. No one notices her bruises and cuts because theyre within.
Not really, It is my mask of meaniness  It is always on. (In school mostly)  I have it on for protection  For a reason of deep resentment If people saw a different mask on Oh! Here comes the trouble. 
What makes me happy is my ability to overcome, I thank god everyday for making me as strong of a person as I am and being able to fight through the hard times to find that ending light.
I sit here wondering why  why do i get tortured why bother to even to cry  people always seem to judge without even batting their eyes  and I am sitting here still trying to figure out why do I bother to cry
I am the girl I am the women 
Paint the wall, peel the paint
HOW would you feel if you were talked about to your face? You would feel as if they hate you and you're a mistake. WHATwould you do if you didn't fit it? Another bathroom to eat your lunch is where you'd sit in.
Happy eyes, Hidden tears. Smiling laughter, Suppressed fears. Innocent words, Knowing mind. Light chords, but deep behind. Just a joke to me there's meaning.
White lips, pale face Wants to be erased
 You would think someone with a disease would have problems in school such as socializing or generally fitting in. Growing up down south and moving to New York city was a huge change for me.
When I entered high school, I thought I had it made.
I get kicked down the halls and on the inside I scream No More I here you two scream and fight breaking things into the night my brain is drained and all its going to say is
IMAGE   Image is a strong word for girls and guys both.  It's not the word of the bird, but the sense of the matter.  It's about what you can afford,
You thought you'd beaten me But here I am You thought you'd won But here I stand I have a voice You didn't silence it forever Here I am, standing tall.
We live in shadows all by ourselves And sell our bodies on street corners Why? We smile to each other's faces and act like everything is okay When it's obviously not Why? We feel okay to tease others
When steps are heard Looks are exchanged And head bowed Tears won't help now So they'll take the hits in silence And spare a smile only for the other   When young, learn well
Why is it a chore to stay alive, Why do we laugh when we want to cry, Why do we hide behind a mask,
written February 2008  
Many people seem to forget 
People should aspire to be themselves Where did the masks get put on Where did this all start The root source will forever be unknown Why are we as humans continuing this tyranny All we have to do is 
Understand that not everyone is the same when you think about it where did people get the "standard" for criticizing people since when did not wearing brand name clothes  become the definition of
I, a young woman today , realized my flaws. I H I D E under a persona that is not me. I H I D E to protect myself from scars caused by not strangers but people I love.
Dear high school bullies, I wonder if you know what you did to me.  I wonder if you still believe the things you said. 
So you think you're a tough guy?Beating on the weakThat sting in your knuckles echoed by a life timeIs what you createAn artist of despair
Be yourself Not like that Speak your mind Using these guidelines Express yourself How we allow you to   Doublethink Before uttering a sound Rethink your idea
I remember, when I was fourteen,  I found out my friend had been raped. I didn't even know what it meant  back then. My friend, she was a drug addict. Living with the trauma.
A blow in the face And a red mark on the eye, Who said you can flee?
To be alone in this world is not as bad as feeling alone surrounded by the population; They look at me like I'm some kind of abomination; It seems that everyone has their lives in order, except this one individual;
Why you felt more confindent harassing me alone? You called us friends, because you thought it was funny to see me crumble. I only smiled because mouth had malfunction and fail to say STOP!
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil." (Psalm 23:4)
The worlds a stage and we are just mere actors, But the stage is too large, the lights to bright The audience won’t like us if we aren't just right Just the right amount of funny, pretty, smart, kind We panic under the pressure but it’s all just
I sit near the window frame Staring at my own shame Nothing is the same Am I really all to blame Or is this really just some game My emotions are set aflame This isn't some ballgame  
Snap Well, it’s broken now Does anyone really want it now? Who would want a broken arrow? Useless That’s all it is
Little by little, the table breaks
I remember trying. 
The dove flies With the light of his soul As he egerly goes And claim his goal.   Over the rainbow Through the wind To the sun Where his journey'll end   But a raven lives
To some it was easy, we ran through the maze.  For us it was easy, as we left behind the haze.    We kept up with the pack, and ran with the crowd.  We never looked back,
Have you ever felt that hollowness inside, That feeling that no one understands you? After hearing of emos and man-periods, The really not serious descriptions of depression,
You saved my life.  I was slowly killing myself. One slash at a time. But now I am on my way to recovery. You standing by my side, what could be better?
That smart girl at the back of the room Who is she?   "Just a two-dimentional nerd" As if, I'm so weird I'm four-dimentional "She is too busy studying to have a life"
  She sits alone, to be out of sight.  Unheard. She hides behind the booming voices of unorganized chatter.  Screeching people.
I am always hiding from the eyes of others in the hope that they will not notice me.   I wish not to be recognized in the fear that those who
Through the crack in the wall, a streak of light spills on the ground.
Sticks and stones may break my bones But my bones can heal Say what you need to say Say what you want to say But say not what will break me   Sticks and stones may break my bones
I hide in
A name is so pure, with no meaning behind it The people and stories are what truly define it No matter how long or confusing the spelling The name is not on which we should be dwelling  
When I was six I had a pal Some now know'im as The rainbow childW   We spent those years Playing tag Watchin' All That ANd getting laughs   But his name
There is so much that they don't see So little do they stand up and lead Many faces in the faceless crowd Only few will stand, and be proud Only few will go out of their way
No piece of artwork looks the same, because they are not meant to be, yet we still stare at the mirror 
How can you not tell when someone is crying out to you As if they don't give you any clues; When you are known for happiness but filled with sadness When you're trying to figure out this world through all this madness
You told me, that one day, I would be the Queen of my own kingdom. You said that the bullying would stop, and that I wouldn't remember all the hateful words that had been said to me.
everyday everyday is a struggle, everyday i, we act like someone else.   to fit in we use sarcasm, afraid to show eveyone who we are, we hide,
Drip drip drip Let it flow down your wristYou let the pain get a grip And now it pours out the slitAlone is the feeling 
Troubled times strengthen my soul with love,  Heartache fills me with joy. Loneliness fills me with gratitude.  Betrayal enlightens my intellect. The burnings of words brightens my countenance.
They never know. They never do. They only speak on impulse. They cannot seem to comprehend the motives for their insults.   A chuckle here. A giggle there, to break what has been broken.
  It may be thought that sticks and stones can break bones,
6 letters 1 word they say can shake the ground and bring you down to put it nicely they called me fatass   and its amazing how words give you worth
Ongoing War
Bullying is the worst evil It can make you bleed It can make you feeble It strips away your confidence It can destroy honest men It steals from the poor It preys on all fours
I try to stand upright, but I just keep falling. I try to keep the blade away, but I just keep bleeding. I try not to puke, but my throat is raw. I try to care, but I just can't.
I am not the rain on a tin roof,  I am a blanket that never keeps your feet warm at night.  I am the uneven barstool at 2 am,  And the kiss that doesn't quite feel right.   
  Hello, hello, is there anyone here. Please hear my cries if there’s anyone there. Oh dear God, what have I done?
Love Love them, Love them with no excuse, Love them with no exception, Love them with no prejudice nor hate.   ‘Love one another’ He said…
I've been where you are That place where nothing seems to make sense  That place where it's you against the world I've been there    I've been to that place 
I am a bully because my individuality never mattered. I will magnify your insecurities because mine were read out loud
I mean something important To Nobody
Behind that fake smile  there's a person who screams for help. She drowns her pain and sorrow  on her bare skin. Blood drips from her writs but NOBODY sees a thing.
Why should I have to become a statistic?Something never dreamed became so realistic!In the game of life I drew the short stick
"Time for criticism,
When I wish upon a star I dream of something far Up above, beyond my dreams More extreme that it seems
I am a victim   I wonder why me  
          See the people in the streets, barely any clothes on their backs and no shoes on their feet. They have nothing but empty bottle packs
Imagine, during the first few months of when you first understood what words, languange, and feelings were you were called ugly. Imagine how for the next years of your life you were reminded of how ugly you were.
Saddened self harmers, Battling bulimics, Angsty anorexics, Isolated insomniacs, Scared schizophrenics, Lonely lesbians, Gloomy gays, Battling bisexuals, Troubled transexuals,
Listen rasicim insercurities stereotypes  all so common but all of it bites  no change no shift  but who going to change  especaily when we live in a world where everything that is taught is sane   
    My story goes unspoken The pain went unknown,
He sat in the best seats And everyone adored him. The instructors recognized his glory, And I sat behind him.  
All I want is to learn how to teach
I've got you in my bare hands. Yet it's as if I am at your command. It's no wonder you have a reputation for being so witty. You know my secrets and at times they're for you to keep.
Prey Loin are very fierce and powerful, they creep up to their pray, they are like thieves in the dark, you never know when the lion will come.  
Violence, much happens to people who keep silence  Oppression led the oppress to depression One gun can kill many sons  Teenage girls are confused, all bruised 
your cruel words slam into me like a trainwreck attaching themselves to my every thought they soon become a part of my being tattooed, exposed, unsettling i slowly peel off the layers with help from friends
  you wanna talk about pain pain is her middle name she's branded as lame because she's smart she's constantly bullied because she rather read then party at thirteen she's a victim
You wanna know why I'm biting my nails, or nawing at the string of my hoodie? You wanna know why my I'm quiet, and have a face on ready for killing? You wanna know why my jaw is clenched?
we say ignorance is bliss hatred, intolerance, and greed are the trifecta of our society do you see it?   news anchors deliver breaking news: a pop star got married yesterday
Words have so much power. The power to heal, To inspire,  To attract, To amuse, To teach,  To excite, To change a life for the better.  
Are you listening? Because I don't think you heard. There's a boy crying in the corner, He's just been called a nerd. Are you listening? Because I know you didn't hear. That girl you called a loser,
When did it become so wrong?   Despite our desperate need to be strong?   Crazy, weird, spazz, freak   Strange, stupid, loser, geek.  
He stands over me like the Chrysler building, tall and frightening. He speaks words of doubt, but I can't hear.
Large and stuffy building, jam packed full and tight, Hundreds of students gathered, trying to do what’s right.   “Get an education!” they tell us every day, But what they fail to do, is to teach us the way?
A young, innocuous boy Bullied from day one, saw no way out Of the severe pain and cruel traps he was always getting caught in. He found his escape, Metal, black, and fatal
Listen, have you heard? No. when I speak to think I'm the center of attention is absurd. Every week; a rise in tension because they terroize this nerd,
 The Feels are slowly seeping in. From deep within I feel them rising. Growing stronger by the moment, I wonder if I can fight them. I put on a grin and bear the day. I know that this is the only way.
I am a spicy fabric! I do not stick to the skin I do not sweat And who are you to say I am a ditz to be amazed at life’s simple pleasures? You always like to rain on my parade
Silence Oh Silence, My hushed homeland hide-out a gem  rarely unearthed main supporter when all is wrong When all words fail Silence  
Can the people hear what we say? It’s not death that has us worried It’s not pain that makes us pray But the words used against us The weakness we gain from strength As we carry smiles, and heavy burdens
You're a bully What does that say about you?
People will judge you from you looks to you attutide  to your nails to your shoes that is what people do they wont remember your name unless you rise into fame and have money and expensive things
Let me bathe in the light of your hate! For there seems no other place nor person who cares more about your thoughts than I.
Piercing into the mirror She’s skewed by the voices latent in thought.
I've seen bullying in my life, I've been on both sides. Some people say it's not the place to be, But I must say... "I just get off on the pain." - Now, it's been a while,
                                 A man                                                         his deprivation.                        scampers from                                                               gateway to
I cry for help, and plea for a friend. But no one is there to lend a hand... I try to stand, but no one understands me. They all sheild their ears from my helpless pleas.
What is MY Purpose? Is it to be labeled different? Is it to be seen and then ridiculed?
Twinkle, Twinkle, little star Can you see me from a far. You stay so high up in the sky. A little glimmer in everyone's eye. I remember when I was small. Running between the apartments so tall.
I do exist and can be seen, but
Leave me, I'm hurt can't you see? From the harsh words you've said to me, I'm fed up with the tears,
We are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.Can't we all just get along?Can we continue to love one another,And help those in need?Can we bare each other's burdens,And pray for one another?
Figures lie, and liars figure All wanna' write out a new piece of scripture They'll say count your blessings before you're gone. You don't know if you'll last long.
These are your hands and This is how you tell the world you’re not all bad These are your wrists, those are your scars, This is your story This is how you dodge the shattered glass around your feet
Let me tell you what bullying is Bullying is mean words that get under your skin And the only way to get them out is By tearing open your arms and legs and extracting them
It's normal to have thoughts, ideas, questions. But is it normal to have an imagination? To let it wander so far into dreamlands that you'll wake up hours later not knowing where you are? Or what you're doing?
So you know the phrase: "It gets better." Well, for me...... it doesn't. At least....... not yet. Or maybe building so slow that even a tortoise outruns it by thirty miles. Always the same.
people tend prey on the weak ones as much as they hate to confess.
You're shattered. You're broken. Not thinkin' anyone knows. You trudge on, resent all, for the pain from the stones they've thrown. But there's this secret I'm letting out. You didn't know I was here all throughout:
Do you not hear me
Open skys, please open Wide. Hold my wings and allow me to glide. Take my pain that I hide. And bring through the clouds a brand new tide.
he  fights like a brawler instead of finding discipline  he has cops called on em... she lays hair like a duck's back instead of finding school  at 17 she holds 2 babies heads back...
Speak My life was like a loaded gun Waiting for someone to use me Waiting to be pointed in any direction My reflection was silver bullet clean My look was mean mugging me
Finally been thinking about all those thoughts in your head and those feelings that wouldn't come out? Sometimes you can't say it out loud,
You said you wanted to die, but I think you just wanted someone to care. You went so long, oh so long, dealing with the whispers behind your back. There were so many people that cared,
You can't spell 'Bully' without 'bull'as in Bullsh!t- which is brought by:
Is it time for feeding? Because you gather around me, Feasting upon my looks,
Roses are red, white,yellow, and pink. They are still roses..right? so why must people who are different, cry themselves to sleep at night? I'm know as a slut, geek, or a freak.
You hide yourself from everyone else Because there's a monster inside. He can't be controlled by anyone, not even you But you talk a good talk and lie about the truth.
Something about this room Holds a ghost of you In the dark it makes me cringe Causing me to check shadows When you dwelled here Your words where nine-tail whips Every vowel cracked mid swing
I’m like a phoenix When I burn down I rise from ashes Straight off the ground  
I walk along the empty street.
They all say "speak your mind" then laugh when they all hear what you think   They all say "be creative" then remark that is the worst idea they ever heard   They all say
                   Victim Used by many Left by some To all spares every penny But has ears from none Caught up in a journey Though it's just begun
We're standing in a new era, The social era
Beauty What is beauty? I mean true beauty, None of that ‘coat yourself in makeup’ or ‘be like everyone else’ stuff. Beauty is strength. But strength comes from pain.  
  For real, he is a total queen...
Twisting into her, the putrid sludge of self-deprecation, tentacles of a slimy beast. Malleable flesh open to disease, filth, flung from the mouths of true monsters. So eagerly bared to the world from birth,
Maybe I'm a little outspoken, but I held the words on before, and I felt as if I were choking. To you, I am a nobody, but nobodies have feelings too. and your words, well, they stick to me like glue.
  Skies full Downpour
I can see you feverishly stabbing away at your keyboard the glare of the computer screen illuminating your countenance 
Why do you have to hate me? I didn't do anything to you You love my pain my sorrow my sadness You act as though I've hurt you tormented you abused you, when I've never even spoken to you.
I don't like hate. Judgement makes me irate. Racism makes me want to scream. Homophobia makes me angry. I'm sick of people being mean, bullying because of their own insecurities,
Very often. 
I am the master of my fate I once said to all who hate The words they said are bad And once heard, can make me sad  
Wake up Head out
A sneer
Magnificence was not something I questioned as I child Certain People deserved to be heard
A word used to portray a person thinking or coming up with ideas, is now used to describe a girl who has some messed up ideals.
You cut into my skin Whether you know it or not You don't think it a sin I'm just an afterthought   My troubles you laugh at And you say they don't exist Somehow it's just that
If a child throws a fit in the store,  If a man drinks, drives, and wrecks,  If the rainforests are being depleted, 
You say this pain is my fault   that i put this gapeing hole in my chest  when all i tryed to do was set you free  from your monster inside  i put myself in harms way over and over again  i tryed to help 
When I was in first grade I got straight A’s, my parent’s were ecstatic. The next year I got all A’s and a B, but they were still proud. So on and so forth I still did well, but mom and dad got less excited every time.
Alone on a couple’s bench I sit Won’t you come to hear the stories I tell? For when I disappear, that may be it.   All my life, I stood the misfit, And to this day I still repel
Society paints an image in a young girl's head. A contrived idea of perfection makes her wish she were dead. Society gives the boy false judgement, he believes the wrong is right
Who's to blame me or them? I was shapeless I was ugly they said So they beat me, made jokes of me and called me names I couldn't face them; I was nothing, so I took my life so tell me in this case who's to blame?
Her eyes have witnessed horrorsIn the darkest of nights and the brightest of daysIf you'd look within them deep enough They would give all her secrets away
I will always root for the underdog or the person who is never heard. Shame on the people with stitches on their ears or staples in their eyes. Don't make me want to show you how much it actually hurts.
I write because of the open wounds I possess--the pain, the agony and all the stress.
  Sometimes I feel
You don’t like the way I talk or the way I walkIt’s funny to call me names and antagonize meWhen I’m down and out you know how to hurt me
Stand Up Wake up with that dreadul feeling.
tick tick tick tick... here we go again everything I see pounding agaisnt my head tick tick tick tick... trying to make sense trying to be unseen  
I'm here for you. Know you are not alone And that I am here. Let go of that razor,  Those pills, That gun. You will make it through this. I believe in you. You just need a friend,
"A Shooting at (Insert name here) School has left (Insert Number here) dead and (Insert larger number here) wounded. Police have blocked off the area and people have been escorted out of the building.
-Redefine beauty. Extract all the melanin from my skin, or add just a bit more to yours and let's see what difference it makes in our personalities. No change.
May 15, 2014 THINGS ARENT ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM A Larcinamonte Robinson Original
Everything i've been through in my life. I wish i could have just sprout wings and just flew away Every single time i've been hurt Looking down at the earth I wish i could have just flew around
One-day you will realize what you do hurts others
A weed in a lawn full of grass. A disturbance an annoyance Ugly and fowl.
You're fat. You're short.. You're dark.
I am empty.
Hey, guess what? Yeah, I have something to tell you, hypocrite. I'm a human being! Oh my goodness, did you seriously forget? Oh no, darling, this is no illusion nor a trick.   I am a human.
This isn't technically a poem but this should be seen:
  Of all the dreams I dreams I think about my self-esteem It might me high, it might be low Just talk to me, so at least you’ll know
Life is like a game of chess There is a King and a Queen most are trying to impress But none the less, some fight to be themselves One most delve
Ragin monstersswarm from the deepto devour,murder.They must be vanquished.   The pretty dronesraise their perfectheads to laughat me.I don’t like them.  
Every morning She looks to the clouds Begging each one to take her She wants to live on them
I still am lost in the wonder of its beauty So sweet it is As it just lays there Deep in red valor   I want nothing more Than to freeze this time This time that is sacred and rare
I don't like it. Not at all, I don't appreciate this. This immense hatred, and dislike. That is all towards me. Why? I must ask why... Why am I the target, of all, Your hatred?
I was 8 years old. My light up sketchers with my pink book bag outshined the sun and my smile. Entering the school with excitement I hear one kid say "Woah shes fat"  That day sticks with me/
Who do you think you are? One minute you laugh and joke with me, the next, I'm your joke.   Who do you think you are? you make fun of the way I speak, the way I care about others.  
Everyone is annoying. Their sickly, saccharine perfumes are cloying,
You should know bullying hurts It starts with one word, one word you blurt Fat ugly, thot These are the words they hear. Did you know you're their biggest fear?
Life is filled with pain Life is filled with sorrows Bottled up anger As it goes deeper and deeper It's too much to keep Tears shed everyday All the nasty commemnts i hear
She stands alone with people all around her she looks left--- she looks right could she be invisible Is this what her life was meant to be;   the laughter rings out around her
I started to think about the sun That hot blazing fire in the sky Destined to bring the earth to her death  Every movement Every heartbeat Every breath Gone
I.         Our bond was of a different kindbut now I feel it fading. We used to dream up worlds together,sing songs of different eras, of times pastand cultures
“Sticks and stones may break my bones             but words will never hurt me,”   and I call bullshit to whomever spouted such folly,             to the one who thought
Bitch: a m
bully, Peace is what I want. bully, so why do you taunt? bully, Do not ball your fist. bully, do you get the gist? bully, I don't think you do. bully, I do forgive you.  
Overly concerned with imperfections, I couldn't bear my own reflection. I was slowly coming apart at the seams. I was struggling with low self-esteem.   As I ponder and start to recall,
A smiling girl drowning in her tears
The struggle is intolerable pain is inevitable but yet i accept it all of it because I know thats the only thing I can feel I've got walls around my heart of steel
I try to live my life as you see fit  To be the person you want me to be and not who I desire to be  My heart yearns for freedom my unspoken words dig into my flesh 
How do they feel, With all your hate? Once they've gone, You'll find out too late. How would you feel, If they messed with you? Would you fight back,  Or just know it's not true.
The whispers The side looks The constant putting down You’re no good You’re not cool and never will be You don’t like me. Well guess what? News flash I don’t like you either.
Bullying starts in your mind and make you feel insecure inside Bullying is a sin, because we are all God's children within. Why can't we stop this vicious sin? Is it, because we are too scared to step in?
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" why does she starve herself? you're fat those are just words why does she hate what she sees in the mirror? you're ugly 
Used to the constant gunfire since you first set sail,  This time is different. This time their cannons have crashed too deep. Slam the galley doors as water floods from the ducts, Choking out your cries.
I’m a whirlpool, No, A thunderstorm, No, A category 5 hurricane, Of thoughts, and hopes, Of memories, and dreams, Of puzzle pieces and star dust.   But everything stays silent.
Each an every day, you hurt me in each and every way I want it to end, Wish we could make amends But my bruises will never heal, and i still try to appeal, but you never give me a chance,
People are shady, Their souls unclean,
If a stranger was the face reflected back You wouldn't break his jaw would you? Threaten to murder him for being black Or beat him for loving his fellow man Too often I see the withered dreams
Sitting. Waiting. Wishing. Hoping that life will spare me today. So impatient, anticipating the change of atmosphere, but there is none. Negativity surrounds me; four concrete walls of hostility slowly closing in.
So spit at me. And Color me blind Sing me deaf Label me crazy.   Do what you will. For now.   But know that each: Comment Quip Insult
How?  How are we supposed to walk with our heads down? How are we supposed to feel?
When you see my half smile and bright eyes from a flattering upward , slightly to the left, angle...what you cannot see is more important. The pain my heart and hurt in my veins do not flush to my cheeks or surface on my skin.
Shallow as a puddle of tears blurred lines with black smears no one sees what's underneath no ones seen that girl in years Superficial beauty style overly painted little smile skimpy, short, tight, or fit
The things that make me really tick Are also things that make me sick When people neglect any of  their pets
Middle School Fat Girl head down, walking through the halls no friends Fat girl shy girl that girl with a book she's alwasy reading quiet. Fat girl
There was a darling little lady bug, smooth as the cloudless sky, Who ought to be at home resting, but she never was the type, To lay down all her dreams, and forget them for the night,
Bad luck drowns my sorrow in a
I try to scream for help,
The sky Drowns the world In silent sorrows Of its own.   Oversized droplets  Create a harmony Of misunderstood Memories.   Like the raindrops
Bullying needs to stop We all need to let it drop Your trying toact cool But really you look like a fool! Why the mean words and all the useless slurs? Bullying needs to stop!    
All my Life I been going through the same thing At times want to give up  Because of all this pain Trying to prove people wrong  They say I wont change  Well why judge me when they are doing the same thing
Foster Life is not  that bad. Foster Life is a blast. From being mad. To having mast.   I went through hell. I went through dreams. But now its real. I am a living dream.  
Give me hope Let me be a beautiful flower that blooms from the ashes of an un-privileged past Give me hope Let me feed from the opportune victals of a chance for higher education Give me hope
They kmow not of why they give.
You slap me, hit me, and rape me like a hound. Do you think I am your toy? Am I your pet you can treat in any manner you wish? You put me to run around the fields in the snow, the heat, and the thunderstorms.
There’s a point in my life where I can look back.
Eyes. There were six of them, green, blue, brown, and lavender. Now, why were they hovering? The lights were too bright to cast shadows, so why was there a lack of bodies to these eyes?
What do you fear? Give me all of your dreams. Share with me your stories.
The truth kills His body rots day in and day out A lifeless corpse, a broken spirit Never-ending pain finds paradise Devouring his hope Hope keeps him walking Hope holds his spirit
A girl at my school just killed herself last week because of bullying, They called her Slut bitch whore useless and any other word you can think of. 
You see me drawing sitting alone in the white void of my room You may even speek up but reseave only the cold winter's chill as a response But if you brave the cold and push threw the transparent snow that blocks you and I
Life's a party,  One you can never leave. So live it up, break it down, and never regret anything you do. Because in the end, it makes you who you are.
The life You seek must be fast The speed of life makes me laugh! Death's just around the corner for a Queer like me! Well so they say all of them Freaks.
I'm not the prettiest girlIt's me against the worldJudged day to dayAll I can do really is prayWhat does it really matter if I dress a little different?
Witnessing you in your darkest hour,
to many people school is boring they ask why am i here i say to learn and create a future they call you are a nerd i say i know i am a nerd and glad to be they say
I hear the word so often that I have become numb to it. I think that is the worst part.  They call me out of my name and they hate me so much.
My Father always asks me, "What makes a man, a man?" and I'm never able to answer because I simply know I cant.
"Just get through today"
They would tell me that I wasn't like them.
If I were to say,
You're warned - there are signs.  It starts to get dark outside,  and on your foggy window is  the soft pattering of rain. You  know what's coming,  and you're hiding in your room, 
Ever since I was young, I wasn't sure what life was about. Sometimes I'd sit in my room and pout. As I was growing up, I didn't have much friends. I grew up on a farm full of hens. After grade 8, I started online schooling.
Dark shadows underneath those frosty blue eyes, smudged with jet black mascara from a long, hollow night. The wind blows relentlessly, the world is still asleep as you trudge the streets that
I want to rip out the bottle blonde hair from your head. I want to rip out your larynx, so your annoying and nasal laugh cannot be heard. I want to open your head and find your conscious.
I signed up for Facebook without knowing the consequences I didn't realize that when I logged in today the rumors would follow me here too I scroll through an infinite number of notifications, accusations
I can be whatever I want to be-That is, except myself.
What society says, goes.
Whats the point of faking a smile? when in all reality your miserable inside people call you selfish for wanting to die but your whole life you've faked the smile so they don't feel guilt
No freedom. You have committed the worst crime in their eyes. Being different is a sin. You don't think like them. Positive happiness is in your every thought. That isn't allowed around here.
Eyes dart back and forth, a world of malevolence tanspries when he is not looking. Everything shutters on and off,
They called her names They laughed as she cried They pretended to be friends with her They filled her head with lies   She believed their words She took it to heart
Stuck fighting a battle that's not her own
Sped retard slow those are just a few names they are called they are not different because of a disability give to them at birth they are humans.
Slap me with your words and crawl into my mind  where you'll find me or what's left of me.  Grab me with your hands, handle me like you had handled me. Gently, 
Seventeen years of observing others Seventeen years of sitting in a corner.   Just watching form a distance or nearby To the point you start to understand. Understand others and their action
Such simple weeds these dandelions
Mama calle
You can never be betterYou will never do betterYou don't deserve betterThat's what I tell myself everydayI look in the mirrorDisgusted with my appearanceFull of regret from the decisions I've made
Distorted Mangled Translucent Refined Manipulated Imitation Fake Brainwashed Coward Vulnerable Unloved Desperate  for  Perfection Depression
When it's gotten so hardThat you scream upon deathTo take you away from this miserable placeAnd you cry because no one can even noticeThat your crumbling insideThat your shattering into pieces
People think I’m offbeat, an exception to the rule They see me as a goody goody or a naïve little fool My eyes are clear, unscarred by tainted cycles of a moldy way of life Gray is mediocre, I see black and white  
Crowded hallways never felt emptier to him Devoid of people who sympathize with him Walking with his guard up in case some bullies try To pick a fight with him just because he’s shy
Words kill more than bones heal. Yet we say sticks and stones.
Is it okay, To feed off of someone’s insecurities? To tell them shut up so often that they are afraid to speak out? To make them want to crawl into a corner and hide?   Is it okay,
Every Day, Every Minute.... People get bullied ​Every day, Every  Minute.  Most bullies don't stop to think, "Are they really getting hurt by what I do?" Some see no wrong in it. 
The decisions she's made lurk behind her like a predator and it's preyShe's never known where she belongedShe's never known what to sayHer voice weak in the crowdsShe cannot speakShe cannot be heard
The ocean level rises
  Our SCREWED UP Generation  
You scream and you shout. No one's answering and you ask "Why?"  This world is cruel.  Get used to it. 
With the weight of 12 worlds on your shoulers the years of adolesence take a tole on your mind the same years that your parents spend theirs reminiscing in are the same that you enter this competition for a better life
READ ALL ABOUT IT! But do you really? A boy in the back of the class scars on his wrist. The girl in the front throws up to keep her figure. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?
Locked up in a cage Victim of rage tired of the story so rip out the page   Its been a long time since I've seen your face There's pain and remembrance written on your face I want you to know
I love you in waves
A noose of ignorance and gallows of derogation set up for the distinct,The blaze of the stares just as severing as if it been the blade of an ax.Gagged by the silence, and hands bound by injustice,
Little girl, dry your tears For today you are free Your body is healed Your soul is flying No longer wanting to flee   Little girl, walk in the sun
After everything, you were ignoredLike me before, lonely and boredI chose to take a standGave to you my hand
Children are getting left behind
Despite wh
When I was eight years old they told me to stop At eight years old my academic license expired I was destined to be average All because little girls and little boys ridiculed my intelligence
I see a familiar looking girl,
 He is a pawn. The boy with the sharp silver glasses who is too afraid to speak up in class.
So you pick on me? Why? Do you really hate me like you said? Or is that a lie. Like the lies you tell to everyone else saying I did something Like I am your enemy Well your mine Your my enemy
"Stop It!
We can only give to others
welcome to the issuewhere emotions are lost in the words we’ve foundbut i’m here to change thatactivate switch to operate: freedom is choicehow to do everything right: forgive yourself
Retard   A word of six letters So casually said. Not often thought of, But easily read.    Yes, I know it means 'slow', And I know you don't care. 
If I could change one thing I would change the petty people. The ones that smile and chat And then stab you in the back. These falsified people Who treat others like dirt, Should all meet each other
Life of a bully oh how it must be to have people cower all over your feet Storming and raging, even the skies are afraid of who ever would come across you and your rage  
If I could change anything about the world. It would be how we see the shapes of human bodies and how they are percieved to be ugly or undesireable.   We tear down those who are too skinny
I live in the dark,
Do you feel it? Do you even know what you’ve put me through? I know you’re in pain too I can see it in your eyes as you taunt me We could be so much more than the pain Help me up; we could be so much more
I feel useless I feel unloved I feel like no one contacts me unless they need something I know it's true because when I need someone, No one replies But the second they need me I am there
Today is today, I mean that's what everyone says. But today is the day that I hide , in the shadows, faces of you are revealed in my sight. I'm afraid to ever walk in those steel doors, because with me you have no insight.
Not a Nobody   This story rings true To me and you A story of a kid Who thought he knew
You look at me different yet we are the same. you tell me i am something of which to be ashamed. why cant you see that we are alike. YOU are exactly like ME. we are human beings.
Backpacks, shirts, and lunchboxes, Trading cards and games; In our world you must take care, Lest you be called names.   Some kids will laugh, they'll scorn, they'll mock, They'll make you feel alone.
Worthless is the thought of a soul that has been hurt Now forever lost
No one remembers The year you were born Not the month Especially not the day They only remember  "2014"   They don't remember Your mothers name
The snickering surrounded her like a blanket It followed her everywhere The halls began to grow smaller when she passed them She felt she would never be free
the ten year old boy sat still waiting for his mom to drive him to school his stomach felt ill the kids called him fool i look at him he looks at me i say keep your head up it'll get better
There they are, you see them Society judge them, but do you? Do you see what society tells you to see or what you want to see? She doesnt like to dress fem Is this a problem, does it hurt you?
  Running down my face  Tears, I see 
Hah, Hah. A simple denotation of happiness all but one musters a smile. Only he bears the whip of society.   “Look at his haircut!” “Why’re you breathing so heavily?” Why are you judging so heavily?
Beth was quiet, and Beth was shy. So harmless she wouldn't hurt a fly.
Yea Im Different , SO WHAT ?
Smashed down in a box is a smothered tulip.  No one knows who put it in there. It can breath slightly through the cracks in the cardboard. It sees a mere glimpse of light.
I'm fed up with the drama It never seems to end I'm fed up with the tears That no amount of hugs will mend   I'm fed up with th attitudes They drive me insane
The broken bones, from sticks or stones, can be made right again,  
All of a kids high school years, are spent in fear, fear that he'll get picked on because he's fat, walking down the hallways and hears them, pointing, laughing, all for a joke, he sits there and wishes he could choke, every single one of them.
YOU need to change YOU utter words of pain Sharp enough to slit my wrist Yet clear enough for me to think Should I really end this?   The name calling the jokes It all never stops
Skinny psycho   they call me   but they dont know   I'm falling    With all I have to show   They say I'm too thin   I'm losing too many pounds  
I hear laughter. I tense up. "Nobody likes you." "You're ugly. I've heard these words before.  Stupid words Shallow But they hurt.   I shake my head. "No."
I often regret the day we met
Did you ever think The young girl with the brace face Or the boy who was afraid to come out Or the teenage mom who to her family was only a disgrace Would be living on the brink Of a never-ending sleep?
He doesn't have too many friends Then again, it's a small school None of us have too many friends But he doesn't have too many friends And he's walking down the hall And someone yells out "Hey! Look!
People do not think always when they speak Some words can change us and set us apart We have heard it before, fat, fool, fag, freak These words are like sharp daggers through the heart  
I can taste it no feel it the warm, crimson colored liquid as it seeped out of my flesh ahhh FRESH but as the darkness devours me all I can think of, see, is you.....
I’m sorry, sorry that I let you down because you  have ridiculously high expectations  and that you want me to  be a better version of you,
In my eyes, you'll find a tear drop That needs to be talked off of the ledge
he's always eager for school to end they tease and taunt his jeans never fit right, he only has two sweaters. but to them, it's funny   she goes about her school day embarrassed
The world is too big for one man to do all the talking The world is too small for everyone to speak at once That’s why I’m speaking my mind now
She goes by no name. Nor has any friends. She sits alone watching everyone else smile and laugh.
Everywhere we look, people silently judge, that's what they always do, we think we look fine, we act polite, we dream big and cry inside, everyone is a judge, you just don't know , they could be your best friend, a parent, or just a mere acqainte
I know it won't be different
The wind whispers dark secrets, That I should not have told; As I set free my emotions, And let go of the old.    Now I cannot capture the wind. Nor the words caught in it,
You think you’re so great Does picking on others get you off? You’re a dick, you’re a jerk You need to find a cliff to jump off You ever hear the words ‘Treat others as you want to be treated’?
Screw it all
Heck, do I even know who I am anymore?   I mean, I knew who I was back in middle school… weird, crazy, out-there, cool with everyone… a nerdy, lovable-type kid—that was me   But now I’m in high school
He is popping pills Trying to get rid of the pain But all people seem to realize Is that he's an idiot and completely insane   Harassed on a daily basis He can't seem to get off the crazy train
In a nation deemed free, prosecution still reigns on a day to day basis. The “right” bash the “wrong” and the high continue to rise, while the low still fall.
It hurt when the one you love leave you. It hurt when no one cares about you.    
They sent their kids to get an education But what they got was a nasty situation They thought their kids would be laweyers and doctors They never thought they'd be victims and martyrs   Welcome to hell
One small, Teensy, Little Act Can make a huge difference. The Butterfly Effect - 
Why would you just stand and watch? What if it was your friend or family? Feeling emotionally lost. Feeling as if no one is there. Feeling embarassed.
What I Would Change By Adde Kramer   Sadness I have a happy voice that can be heard by fe ut e people that do hear i hop are happy too.  
You ask what I would change about things in my life, today. Why does the world listen to the media and accept what they say? Why doesn’t internal beauty matter to us more than external looks?
Change yourself, Change the world, Bullying is not supported, You may not degrade someone else, You will not laugh at someone Based on religion, Skin, Language, Looks,
Rumble and TumbleToil and TroubleMy body is hungryIt wishes to be fedBut my mind dejects 
But what of me, standing in the corner, Hidden in the shadow. Placed there unwilling, Listening to the conversation flow.   Never do I ever want to hear another word
I am someone who doesn't like what they see in the mirror I am someone who get envyous
You're terrible words pierce through my viens. The looks I am given bring me down. I catch myself. I will not back down. I live because I am given this life. Change your evil ways.
I’m not bullied,not me.I never have been,and I probably won’t be.But I’m sickand I’m tiredof watching these people laugh at other people.
If I could change anything I would change a dad’s mind I would make him still love By choice; not just to be kind   If I could change anything I would change those who stare
The mirror is my audience
Sticks and stones may break my bones But words always scar Negligence to be the same Falling down the road to self hate   They say, “Retarded, idiotic, queer”
He said that it was such a stupid thing to have that I must feel embarrassed  And I was embarrassed for the sheer innocence of it all I didn’t understand why he scorned upon it hated me for it
I don't understand why you turn backs on friends. First you tell stories using my name,Just so you have someone to blame. Then only after you make all these harmful jokes,It's my self-confidence you've begun to choke.
All he needed was a friend/ But he was different/ So he was invisible/ His life more than miserable/ He had nothing already/ Home life unsteady/ The girls never liked him/ The boys wouldn't let him fit in/ The pain was all there was/ Pain was all
Stabbing. Hacking. Torn apart, And feed to the beasts That surround me.   In my mind I fall Pushed over the edge Not by weapons But words.   6 13
I know what its like, To not belong, To be called weird, Just for being me. I am alone, I know not what I did, I know not why, But I stand alone.
Some say you have to be cruel to be kindI say being cruel is just so you could say hurtful things to othersAnd not care what that person thinks.All my life I have been bullied and witnessed others being bullied
You see that kid over there? His dad abandoned him when he was only five , and his mom killed herself when he was just ten Hes a foster child. His foster parents beat him. He smells like alcohol and weed
If I could change one thing, it'd be bullying.People constantly hurt eachotherThey don't realize the pain it causes one anotherThey make you feel worthlessMake you feel out of place
Confidence is key. Where would I be without this essential trait? Building my own confidence has been a huge challenge.
Diseases, diseasesKeep me with Jesus. My name's not punk,Nor am I junk.To give you a start,I have my own heart.
  does your name define you or do you describe your name say you were named Paula would you not act like a Lauren what is the meaning of naming everything is it to categorize
Bullying is for those who have no
What would I change? The world. Often at times we don't realize what we Are doing to each other Right when we begin to do it. We don't see the pain, and the hurt That we cause in others
  Lonely, lonely, lonely, The silence holds no comfort. Lonely lonely lonely The silence screams my thoughts. I’d scream, I’d, shout, I’d laugh just to hear the sound
Little girl staring at the blackboard. Font of the class is no place for girls like her. The silence at recess tells her she is forgotten. The noiselessness carrying across the pint-sized kingdom.
The truth. Always hard to face but we all know it's there.  We ignore it saying "It's just a phase."
Crying in the bedroom Ready to end it all Bet you don’t know How far you’ve made me fall Your cruel words, Those evil taunts, All the things you said that I haven’t forgot  
The "R" word If I could change one thing in this world, It would be how people use "retard"
There was a time when she was little And her brother would call her names. But she didn’t believe them because she loved herself And thought they were all lies.
Friend is a six letter word just like your six letter name.
one hit two hit
Why should it matter what I have on? What I Look like? If I have the newest cell phone? The color of my skin, the sound of my voice, my sexuality. Or whatever my choice.
❤ The warmth burning my skin is not what defines me I can be evil .❤    ❤ long frosty blonde lockes brightly blue frozen ice eyes my skin smooth cream .❤   
I’m on the verge of setting free of all the pretty things left inside me does that scare you?
If I could take your pain away I would. If I could take your hurt away I would. If I could take the words away I would.
Society needs a change. Society tells females that they are beautiful without make-up, without pretty clothes, and that their weight is perfect.
I sit here lost in the world  of a book I put out that I do not wish to be bothered But you and your friends 
To change one thing would be a dream. Where people don't bully or judge. Whether it's just because or you're holding a grudge.
Around the school, But wider than that, More encompassing. Collective cruelty, Choking the world With harsh words  And angry glances.  
Mama you murdered me,
Hello… Nice to meet you. This is my friend… His name is Brian. Let me tell you a few things about him. Brian is a habitual liar….
We are given, only one body, to treat any way we wish.We are given one purpose, to define, why it is we each exist;Given such range of emotion, entangled in life's passionate kiss.
All the room is silent Sounds of pens clicking Teachers flipping through the pages of the same book Suddenly a girl walks in She seems different Smells different, too Boys snicker and tell her things
I wish I could kiss all the b
I come inside waiting for the stone. Wait, wait here it comes. I see it flyign, and on its way it shone.
That girl was beauty darkened by their lies
You said I wasn’t good enough, It became my doctrine, I conceived and gave birth to your lies; The mental toxins, Low self esteem living in my life rent free, Afraid of being made fun of and how they tease,
There stould the rock who stould alone wishing to be more than what he is.
Sometimes I can stand tall
All you're used to is obeying, listening,
Bullying hurt.. No matter how old your are Step up and say something More than a 1,000 kids are bullyied It hurts... I know it does Make a change to your school and reach out to others
Why such hurtful words? Did you enjoy the first time you got a tooth pulled cause your cravings called for sweets? Did you find pleasure while falling from your bike, scraping a chunk of skin off your leg?
TrappedNever was myself. Always reminded At my bare locker.Brand names were never My thing.It never seemed to work.Popped collars and Coach
  You only write once slam
Sticks and stones May break my bones But words can never hurt me A deceiving phrase Hardly said these days Words can kill most certainly  
The words light up, emblazoned on her face. As she walks a lonely path, the only one she's ever known. She wonders if she will ever see the light, ever get the chance to stand.
Aren’t you ashamed Of what you do? Everyday Someone goes home with tears on their face Since they feel so alone And ashamed Of who they are
Remember to believe in the sun when its not shining Remember when you think you cant, that its worth trying
Tick, tick tockthe bell rings, startling meStep, step, tapmy shoes moving swiftly through the hallwaysNotebooks, pencils, paperOn every students desk
There’s a picture In the yearbook
You think it's rather funny don't you The way you send your little notes With their harsh words and angry tones You thought it was all a joke but because you pursue her Do you not realize that you promote
Starting from a single drop of water
I am a punk rockerRocking out to the drunken moon. I am the moon drunken on the everlasting plea for the sun's rays to shine on him. I am the super sun shining for a day that never ends.
Scream and shout Breathe in, breathe out
Tears, lies, gossip, and drama every day in my school... Rumors start simply because people think they're "cool". To stay out of it and avoid it is what I decide. I wouldn't want to be responsible
He cries alone in the hall holding himself. He wonders how kids could be so crule.he wishes he could stop the teasing. He wants to put this all behind him stuff the memory on the highest shelf. "HOW DO WE STOP THIS!?" he asks.
Crunch…Crunch…Crunch…   Man, it’s humid out today… can’t blink or else the sweat will burn my eyes, just what I need… We’re only at the mile mark?!...  This is gonna be a long race...
The White Crayon stands aside, For the white paper makes it hide, It feels as if its color is like a tide,  It swishes and swashes, but it still cant stand -- it is put to the side, 
Hurtful words behind her back, screaming those words that they can't take back. And finally when she can't take it anymore, she grabs her razor and locks her door. Cries as she fails again,
Once there was a girl carefree, until after the grade of three. for when she walked into grade four,
"You're stupid. You're annoying. You're ugly. We don't want you here." These are words my brother hears daily at school. Cruel is the words to describes the children of today.
He told me, "Put down the cigarette,"
The first time I saw you . . .  I was greeted by the most unearthly howl The sound of a thousand jackrabbits being impaled while dragging their nails across a chalkboard It stopped when
The hours she spends to be perfect, the hours tries to cover her flaws. She cannot see the beauty within, she only sees the ugly outside. If only she could leave the quarrel; just disappear into thin air.
I had none.
  ***This Poem was written to help others who have difficulty coping with depression and bullying who need help**    
"You're too close," I told  him.  "You're so close, I hear you breathe, I see your fears, I hear your heart.
There was a sad story, well it was more horrible than any. A story of a woman, a young woman at that... A woman  who spoke kind words, and never felt or suffered hurt.
The Girl with the platinum platformed heels walks with her head held high.
The word s
Depression Terrifying, weakening Ripping, tearing, killing, Done with life
Ticking, he was a ticking time bomb. Irrational, maybe, but he couldn’t help it. Controlled by emotions he misunderstood within him. Kicking the broken pieces of himself.
Watch her run. Watch her run down the hallway. Let your laughter ricochet off the walls after her. Never let her get away without crying; that ruins the fun.    
A flower begins Invited from a seed To bring beauty to its surroundings It grows, tentatively, slowly Into a beautiful plant, complete with full, unblemished petals   But someone draws near
Born I was To a couple who would teach to love and cherish every moment of every day Raised I was To never say anything mean, to never act with unkindness in my heart But schooled I was
Too many teens sit on the steps in their house after school with tears on their face and blood on their wrists. They get out of school and they load their home screen on facebook or twitter or tumblr
When you look at me what do see?Do you see an original or do you see a copy? Do you see beauty or do you see ugliness? When you look at me what do you see? Do you see a rich person or do you see a poor person?
If you play a game Do you consider yourself a player or a gamer? What if the sky and ocean reversed? What if our roles in life were extremely cursed? What if good is actually bad?
welcome to the world, darling. here's a list of expectations:you must turn yourself into the perfect temptation.the general population is counting on you,they'll be watching and judging everything that you do.
     Jr.High. Through the halls, head held high, making fun of kids of many types. Just for fun? Just for kicks? I couldn't really tell you why.   The laughs I got, for rude comments I made,
The young quiet girl with baby blue eyes, I see her in school, I see how she hides, But hides what I dont know.   The young quiet girl who never did speak, I see her get bullied,
Look at you So young So lost A compass without direction You do not yet know the cost You smooth your hair You stand real tall Already knowing that you are small
There is no quiet place inside of my head everything between us seems dead I can’t help but to think there is no sun
You let others break you And they watch you fall Do you even try to fight? To speak up at all?   Or have you been silenced? By the mocking And the pain   When they knock you down again
I don't like being laughed at, or pushed down anymore than the next person. But I can honestly say... I'm used to it. So... I'm okay.   You see, I've been around long enough to know that it's a cycle.
Once you fought the life you had And your soul burned bright  Then you fought against those who pushed you
I am left with no words when the mirror yells back   All of my faults.   All in one frame  
I am gray I fall in the middle of you all The endless abyss of unaccepted Hated by none? All? Some?
Bullies aren't born, they're made, So now there's a movement to foil it
How much can words hurt you? When you don't show any emotion Tearing running down your soul Cries knocking at every door Wishing to be heard........ Smiling to the world Without having any clue
Words don't hurt she said Get over it they said Stop being sensative he said .....But you don't understand I said Words Hurt   Why do you care? she screamed Learn to walk away they screamed
You were taught as a kid to be nice not mean  but growing up you were taught to stand up for what you believe, so if a bully calls you out " your ugly, you stink , those eyes are too big" is it wrong to fight but
Never spare a passing glance, 
She stands, head hanging With an unbearable grin Happiness is dead
Stuck in the dark, so bland and dry.Tired of remarks, so full of lies.Shutting it out, yet in it seeps.Without a doubt, too many emotions to keep.
High on life, feel so joyous No more strife, lovely world so glorious Darkness descends, enveloping joy Unable to mend, this overlapping ploy
People today don't know someone cares until it's do or die or they're already dead The feeling of knowing that you're all alone  By yourself Fighting a million against one
When times are hard and hopes are low, Let the wind blow,   Let your emotions out, If you want you can even shout,   Run free and seek,  A great destiny,   The sadness will leave,
I can see it in your eyes, All the things you try to hide,   You can say everything is fine, but I can see your pain, The pain thats screaming for help and won't go away,  
I can see it in your eyes, All the things you try to hide,   You can say everything is fine, but I can see your pain, The pain thats screaming for help and won't go away,  
I'm strong inside, The feelings you never see,   The Feelings I don't talk about, Because no one understands me,   I am like a shield,  No one can see through me,  
The one thing that I would change Would be the bullies of the world I'm tired of all the pain and sadness Spread by their hatred towards people Who don't even deserve it in the first place