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All is not lost
Blossoms bloom through frost.
Can’t the impossible be just a myth?
Did not David beat Goliath?
Everyone faces trials,
Fear, doubts, and denials.
Grin and bear it.
Have resolve to never quit.
In times of trouble,
Just when you stumble,
Keep you head held high,
Learn your limit is the sky.
Maybe you think it is too hard,
No one has ever been so marred,
Open your eyes and look around you
Plenty of people have been through
Quite a lot harder,
Ran much farther.
Some hope is still left,
Take a deep breath,
Understand life isn’t easy,
Very rare is it all nice and peachy.
When times are rough,
X out negativity, and sure enough,
You will find that yes you can, and
Zealous faith can give you the strength to stand.


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