Broken, Afraid, and Helpless

Day in and day out you abuse me, beat me, tear into me,

I do all I can to defend myself, thus I am helpless.

Some days it is just you, other days it is your friends,

Kicking me in my ribs, busting my lip,

Slamming my head against the wall.

I cannot even hide out in the bathroom stall.

It does not stop there.


All the names they have given me,

Everyone just sits there and laughs.

Even while in the classroom,

The teachers just sit there and say "Hey!"

As if that will stop them.


School is out, I am walking home alone,

Just when a car pulls up next to me.

It is those same kids,

Throwing eggs, paint, anything they can, at me.

I try to run from it, but there is no escape.

They cut me off, hop out, and start the beatings all over again.

Yelling, screaming at the top of my lungs,

In feebish attempts to call out for help.

While lying on the ground, unconcious and bleeding,

They leave there, on the ground.

They leave me broken, afraid, and helpless.

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Our world
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