Bullying Changes Lives

I come from blurry images that look back at me from the mirror

I say I'm beautiful but harsh words from the past hit me like a pair of

Anvils weighing down on me

Bulying hurts and lays skin deep

Words like
You ugly
You stink

Sticks and stays like dirt on your new jays

Flicks and sways like leaves in the beginning and end of days

We should let it drop today
Like rain in a puddle

It's subtle
But still makes ripples

Words are like numbers and fractions
They can tripple in action

So sad when it happens

Bullying changes lives

Not for the better but for worse
Can you figure out why?

Maybe you can shake it off
Maybe it still hurts
But it's more than just words

Self esteem issues
Laid up with tissues

Don't know you're worth it
Yes you deserve it

To feel special
Cause you are
You shine bright like a star

You'll go far

I hope you see it

Cause I do

Because I've been bullied too

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