All you did was stand


All you did was stand there,

Eyes taking in the scene

While he tore me apart like a grizzly bear.


Teachers are educators, mentors, and role models,

But why should I look up to someone

Who watches students fight like dogs?


He didn't have to touch me to make it burn,

That would be too obvious.

He only needed to use the words that made my stomach turn.


I asked you once to seperate us.

I hinted with my eyes and nods that he was taking jabs.

I even acquired if I could ride a different bus.


If you showed me anything at all,

It was that no one will be there to help you.

People are out to hurt you until the day you finally fall.


Hurting people is awful and wrong;

Standing by, doing nothing is worse.

How long until the bears of our schools are gone?


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