I’m Asking You to be one of the Few


United States
44° 10' 58.2528" N, 88° 16' 48.6444" W

One cannot stand alone; shaken violently amid the brutal winds…
But a few can hold each other up, standing tall in sturdy unison, despite the trying forces.

One can only endure so much pain; the grief, the sorrow, and the sting drag him down…
But a few will protect each other from the staggering blows, and console the anguish and woe.

One’s voice is a dithering echo that fades before the ear catches it…
But together, a few voices can create a din, a formidable tone, a brilliant, echoing roar.

One is so forlorn; a desolate light in a darkened chamber...
But a few are always in company; jovial spirits in close proximity.

One is often consumed with fear, petrified in an anxious stupor...
But a few give each other courage, acting as a mighty, allied army.

I’m asking you to be one of the few, because no one should be left abandoned.
Together, we can make the few the many, and thus, we shall never have that one.



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