[Untitled] As we parted ways...

Sat, 11/29/2014 - 23:00 -- ptsui

As we parted ways
Leaving you to pursue the beautiful girl of your dreams
You told me, still,
That I was beautiful

And as much as I wanted to say,
“Damn right, you know what you're missing”
All I mustered in reply
Was "oh. ok."
Rather than let those three words wrap around me in comforting embrace
Drifting from the sweet perfection of your mouth
I let them fall to the floor,
Unclaimed in the naked corner of the room -
Words arriving late
That will never find a home


These words never belonged to me anyways

When the person I trusted the most in the world
To touch the naked imperfections of my body
Should judge me by the fabric across my skin

Should view me by lenses others had carved
Ask not why, as you undress me,
Are there scars marking every hidden inch of me
Ask not why I think they are the most beautiful things about me
They are the honest things about me


They are yours

Because as you entered and left my world
Your ephemeral touch traced jagged cracks across my mirror
So that every reflection, broken and distorted,
Heard only the mingling of your and her voices
Calling me piercing names
Transmitting to every cell of my body
I reach for a shattered piece of glass
As I press its loving touch against my skin
Along ridges of our shared history
Of lonely nights and silent tears

We are broken

We are beautiful

We are one


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