Welcome To My Hell

Every day is spent imprisoned in my own body
I try to change, but nobody ever sees me
Wishing things would go my way, but
knowing they never will
I would like to welcome you to my hell

Waking up each morning to see the same, old things
Most nights are spent just laying in bed wondering
Is this all there is?
Is there more to life than to just exist?
I've walked this earth for twenty years and still I cannot tell
Welcome to my hell

This decade in life is supposed to be fun
I ask, "How can you have fun when you have absolutely no one?"
I'm told that I simply over exaggerate
But there comes a time when you no longer want to wait
Is it so much to ask to feel alive and real?
Welcome to my hell

I guess in time, I'll soon find the truth
I want to be happy for me, not just for you
Mine is a story that is known wide and well
Maybe one day soon, I'll escape my own little hell


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