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Time Travel

I've never been too close to the edge of my universe

I've only gotten to close to the edge of the beach that

Flat-Earthists would tell me I'd fall off

I've seen stars up close

But are they that close if you view them through glass


I've never seen the future but there was one time

I felt I shouldn't get Starbucks but I did

and I ended up with an EpiPen in my leg

and a medical bill in my hands

the nurse wrote my height and weight a

and allergies

on a paper towel

as if they could be easily wiped away


I've never been outside the US

but once I did a history project on Australia

and talked about Steve Irwin for fifteen minutes


I've never been so close to a leader

but I designed t-shirts

that people now wear like a second skin


I've never been too close to forgetting your name

I still remember your middle name 

because all three of your names have six letters in them

I've seen fire that didn't compare to what your eyes looked like

the night they were surrounded by darkness

I've felt your pain and sadness

I've kissed your scars

but it still wasn't enough

will your bones still tell the story

of lies and venom

that I still taste when I see your name

your name

I've never forgotten it

hopefully one day I'll forget what our children 

were supposed to be named

to think with a few I don't love yous

we destroyed whole people


I've never been close to what

some would call success

I've always fallen short



the edge of

the earth

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Body of Addiction

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 18:14 -- alh100

I'm not an addict of drugs nor self inflicting pain 

I'm an addict of a body I wish to never see again. 

The story starts with an obese girl,

she swore to herself she would lose all the weight and conquer the world. 

Years past and rumors flared, however never once did she dare. 

She did not dare to starve herself, nor use pills to cut away the pain. 

The weight, she thought will NEVER return again. 

She ran she sprinted and she defeated all the odds, 

The girls on the soccer team who once made fun of her being fat even gave applause. 

For now she was a lean fit body complete with a healthy mind and spirit. 

When people told her, you will never be able to do it, she never believed it. 

So my addiction just happens to be, 

constantly pushing my limits to try and see. 

Do I have what it takes to win a body building competition? 

Repeatedly impressing others and myself is my mission. 

The gym has become my best friend and my safe house, 

The Lord has given me this great gift to always share, 

that all it takes to accomplish a goal is simply getting off the couch. 

Do I want to attend meetings to cure this addiction? 

I say to you not, for that would have defeated my beginning mission. 


부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr 1 Ø 점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙

부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙부산안마ク여의도안마 Ва мw аr  1 Ø  점 coм 전주안마〘『 밤워 』〙


Fools Paradise

there are those among us that are truly not of us
they hide behind the false hidden garb of compromise
taking heed to all those twisted ways and lies
they have tombstones in the head cause there the walking dead
viscous long hanging fangs that bite dripping blood of side
evil minds that plug destruction in there tortured mind
they settle for the claim I am what I do
biting off far more then they could ever chew
yet what are we to do ?
pray that they may come to a knowledge greater then self
be ever sensitive to there needs
but be on guard for there vain attacks
blind leading the blind then soon they will fall into a ditch
they search for truth from a garbage can
eyes with spots having holes
they switch roles when you least expect it
some come to kill, steal & destroy
this is there chief aim & ploy
when will we ever live to understand
there whole head is sick & there hearts are faint
they can't help you cause they can't even help themselves
perhaps you want to put that book right back on its shelf
there god is sin, self & Satan

just suppose we had a fool's paradise
another chance at which to roll the dice twice
blinded from the truth they believe the lie
greed with always something up the sleeve
living in a land so very mean
the surface of the sun has tainted there inner vision
yet they claim to be out on a mission
in the end they will have no where else to turn
for some burn baby burn
but for others who have chosen the truth for themselves
a place of love, harmony & peace
away from this earthly vain existence
to a place where saints will soar
the fool has said in his heart there is no god
there's a way that seems right to a man but in the end is a pathway of death..
lastly, before I rest
what does it profit a man that will gain the whole world
yet in the end will lose their soul.

This poem is about: 
My community


One Single Thing

If I could change one thing about the world we live in

One single thing no matter how big or small

It would be this:

People would be more considerate of others


Most of the problems we face today are the result of poor desicions

Oftentimes the poor decisions of other peope

If everyone stopped for a minute before acting or speaking and thought--

thought for a moment about how this decision would affect others

whether it be family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, people who are not born yet

and even the animals and the earth itself--

Then I think the world would suck significantly less


The decision of one person can affect generations to comet

It can affect cities, countries continents

It can also affect a single person

One has the power to make someone's day or break that person down to nothing


So maybe if people thought a little bit about others before they made their decisions

a lot of problems would be solved


So maybe by changing this one single thing, we would be changing everything


Street Kyd


My street lifeDay and night I pray for the right time to shine gloriously in the light. In the sparkles of heaven since I was seven, I was looking for my gifts and blessings. Now I'm plotting to strike my haters and these slayers of my players. Stacking our black diamonds bodies up in layers. Another brother and another mother who is now gone and abandoned. No one to help or put a hand in, long money us like its poker they calling all in. Lifes a mystery but we are the pieces to this puzzle. Instead we are like jigsaws, napping trapping stabbing and we smuggle. It's a wild life calling like kentland zoo. Never would've made it to the next level without my thugaboo. Yea she's thugging it too just like me and you trying to get some Jews and maybe a pair of shoes. Rocking ice together standing up to whoever cause we tight and laced up like that women in leather. Yup another sister lost in this twister.  Posted up in this blister trynna get that money for her three kids and I bet they really miss her. Could've even tell her daughter happy birthday or even kiss her. Could even tell her two sons how much she really loves em. Sigh it's crazy as can be out here but throw your fist In the air and stay strong, and the ones that dare to clip your wings you still have feet to climb those stairs. #motivation 

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As beautiful asthe man I know you to be :) Brava, oodakie


Thank you Moekie I really appriecate that :)

My spirit

John 14:26 

26 But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything, and will cause you to remember everything I said to you.


My spirit


Where are you hidden day today ... where do you visit at nighttime?

Where do you get refreshed ... and why do you seem bound?

It seems that your camouflage is really so effective and

in the ruckus of this the world you don’t even make a sound.


Are you drowned out by my soul ... the entity of emotion?

Are you completely surrounded ... by my mind and will?

Is my self centered-ness ... my altar of devotion?

That even in my worship ... I try myself to fill.


Powers of darkness are gloating for even my prayers are for self.

It seems that all that matters ... is for me to do very well.

My spirit must be craving ... to be understood by me.

The tears cried are spilled waters for I am too busy to be free.


To look for my spirit within ... is like looking for money in the gutter.

It may become a habit ... because I found a dime there years ago.

Smooth sailing is more peaceful than to rely on an engine that sputters

to get to the goals of my longing ... which were written in forevermore.


If redeemed the spirit ... is joined to the Heavenly Christ forever.

Searching at our own level ... is like digging in your yard for gold.

To rise above self in obedience ... in the Holy Who will never

do anything you don’t will to do ... as the truth in Christ unfolds.


But Satan will try to deceive you ... he moves on your feelings and body.

He will employ your reasoning ... as he triggers your mind in action.

Your will is like molded putty ... will fall in line with everybody’s

to bring God from the Throne ... to the level of your own satisfaction.


Jan Wienen


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My community


One Nation Under God


Then how come there are people forbidding us from the borderlines?

When we want to trek abroad

Why must there be constant declines?


Was this not the land of opportunity?

Land of the free and the home of the brave?

We are all one diverse community

All created equal; we are no one’s slave


We came here in search of a dream

To be able to provide for our families

There is no other scheme

We do not wish to be involved in criminal activities


Society saying that we are all criminals

Is a crime in itself.

We are all individuals.

Each in control of themself


All we want is to be accepted

Not arrested.


The Hypnotic And Inspirational YouTube

Whose YouTube Channel is that? I think I know.Its owner is quite happy.Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,I watch him laugh. He gives his YouTube a whirl,And laughs until his bellyaches.The only other sound's the break,Of distant cars, dog barks and birds awake. YouTube is hypnotic, inspirational and deep,But he has promises to keep,After cake and lots of sleep.Sweet dreams come to him cheap. He rises from his gentle bed,With thoughts of Science in his head,He eats his jam with lots of bread.Ready for the day ahead. 

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Our world


The Daisy's own darkness.

I am the daisy among the roses.

I sprouted from the ground.

I grow each day the sun shines.

And wither away when darkness is bound.


I hid behind the roses.

I watched the get glorified in the sun.

To stay in the darkness is what I chose.

I refuesd to grow and was almost done.


This tiny little light  mine...

Shined brighter than it ever could.

Blinded my eyes...

And those who never understood.


I was my own sun.

I was my own darkness.

But I learned that I needed to run...

I needed to run and escae from my own madness.


I am much more than I thought I was.

I am deserving of much more that I thought I deserved.

I am stronger.

I am braver.

I am the daisy that outgrew the field of roses.


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