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The Glo Up

Naïve as a child, I grew up in a fantasy world

Always wanting perfection,

And forever living within my dreams,

A carefree child until depression struck me,

My Self-esteem low,

Desperation for the approval of my peers high,

Grades dropping,

 Hating the sight of my own reflection,

 That mindset died the day I held my diploma,

A clean slate and the world was now my oyster,

Now a confident woman in the honor’s society,

A respected writer and activist with admirers,

I no longer fear my reflection,

I bask in it,

The glow up isn’t physical,

It is spiritual.


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Young love


When I said I love you on January first

I meant it with all my heart

From your personality to you looks

I loved each and every part

It was something about how you spoke to me

Or how you looked into my eyes

You were someone I could be myself around

I needed no disguise


Now that love has grown

Oh its grown to be so stong and perfect

I dont just love the things you do 

I love who you are in every aspect

Its your sarcasm and your way with words

It's your feelings and your thoughts

It's how you listen and give advice

It's how you make me laugh a lot

It's your love and compassion

It's how you can be a dork

It's the fact that you and me together

Seems to always work


You have taught me to love myself

Because, with you, I dont have to pretend

And honestly, without being this way

I wouldnt have you as a boyfriend

You make me want to be a better me

And you help me show who I really am

You make me feel incredibly special

And you make me feel comfortable in my own skin


So take my hand as we go forward in adventure

Oh promise you won't go

It might not be the easy all the time

But Darling you wont be alone

I'll stick by your side 

Through laughs and through tears

Loving you with all I've got and

Making more memories through the years





All my life, it's been a journey. A constant struggle up hill, against the constant tide that only seems to bring me further from shore.

Couldn't get much sleep at home, so I slept in school. Couldn't get much peace at home, so I never stayed there long.

I was so afraid to dream, who was I to have a dream?

I had no money, no background, no grades, nothing. Who was I? Who am I?

I'm the girl who came from nothing, who was nothing, who transformed into something.

I'm the girl with a dream that shines brighter than the sun and a will stronger than the gravity that binds us to the Earth.

I will succeed, I'm almost at the top. I'm so afraid to watch it all drop off the edge.

I've never so much to lose, with only so much more to gain.

It was worth every second, every never ending wound that brought me pain.

It was worth every second, every never ending friendship.

It's been worth every smile, and every hug. Every word of encouragement, everything.

To be the girl who came from nothing, who was nothing, who now has everything she was ever afraid to dream for.

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the universe i was in the worng time zone.. 11:30P.M. Mountain time
United States
42° 21' 36.2988" N, 71° 3' 31.968" W

grow, feel and unite


a distant voice calls me there

the will to survive


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Thu, 11/19/2020 - 03:54 -- ruthucc

It's been some time now from when my ex decided to up and leave and walk away 

for good.

Something that should've happened years ago as if he planned the day he would.

That man knew he didnt want to marry me forever.

But that didnt bother him the years i wasted sticking by his side like we always 

be together..

The times we were out going places living life with happiness and no sorrows.

Not knowing that one day would be today when he'd leave me thinking about 

our times we spent together and now the hurting tomorrow's..

Still it was meant to break me and destroy every part of my heart.

But the devil is a liar cause when he left God said now your blessings will begin 

to come into your life for they have already began to start..

If that man was able to walk away from you just like that , than know he was not the 

man for you but you knew he wasn't right.

So get over the the past hurt let it go, cause im sending forth your husband now for 

all the years wasted and hurt and pain look up to God your father for he is light.

Dont stay in depression like the enemy wants to see you in ,dont stay in that place.

For now there plots and plans and laughs is about to be them seeing you full of 

real Godly love and happiness ,because the pain of your past has been eraced..

Your life is not over because of years wasted with your ex.

It's just begining because im about to bless you with the best.

Cause you proved that you were always willing to forgive so you've passed the test.

This was always part of my plan as i prayed for you from up far in heaven in my room

For them haters wont beleive what's in stored for your good hearted spirit ,but they'll

soon see the day when i bless your life and you jump the broom......






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its word is strong

it belong

willhelp you carry on

kept this in mind

to make youe life shine

always be




Wed, 07/03/2013 - 20:30 -- safiagz

You listen to me when no one hears meYou are with me when no one is nearYou give me when no one cares for meYou forgive me when I askYou bless me despite my short comingsYou are the most merciful yet we don't see it all the timeYou are my creator


Hands of a Woman

I am flawless

Because everytime I graze

His cheek with my fingertips

I unmark the remnace of his manliness



Nurturing his skin

With unfamiliar gentlness 

That he not yet knows

He wants.

And flawlessly


Being the only woman 

Who can do that.


And he knows.

And I know.

Just alike 

That the possibility of leaving 

Is merely a diminished recourse 

Because he would die


Before rejecting

My flawless hands

As his healer--

The womanly goodness 


Mending his harshness.





Crazy People

Sun, 05/12/2013 - 13:55 -- mawri55


United States
36° 1' 10.74" N, 79° 45' 44.7048" W

Imagine a place where all is good
Where money is weak
And hate is poor

The children are singing such wonderful songs
They dance and laugh
And all get along
People skip home
And prepare for night
Never wake up from scares or fright

Kids can love whoever they want
No race, no religion, no bias involved
That's not real though,
Just imagination
They are endless thoughts,
A figment of my fascination

I often think of that place
When I get hit
Or spit at in the face
Only I know those people on that cloud
In that place where all are proud
Those are some crazy people

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