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Save Us

Can anyone here me!?
This year has been a year full of unexpected tides.
Six ships has crashed, and more will go down with it if we don't prevent the adversity with haste.


We need luck.
For that is the last irrationality welcome abroad.
We need hope.
Because we need it.


People have died,
Many have left.
All of us lost someone.
A friend, a family, a fine soul.
If this is the last of us, so it may be.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Remember all the good times
Remember the mountains you climb
Remember the hurt and the pain
Remember the sun and rhe rain
Remember never hold back
Remember to see more then white and black
Remember who hurt you
Remember to make tears few
Remember things that bring you down
Remember to get up off the ground
Remember to do more
Remember to spread your wings and soar
Remember the moon and stars
Above all else remember who you are



You bring me
You make me
    pick myself
    back up.
He’s all I need to survive.



I'll take care of you, like the sun takes care of the earth and it's people,
Like the moon, keep you asleep at night
Like the stars, keep your heart bright and full of joy
Don't worry, i'm here


Poems are something I oft times say

Should be written and read almost every day

Reflections, of pastime they often say,

What could not be said in your life that day,

With predictions of futures,

Fantasies and dreams is there ever ,

True focus when recounting you’re screams?,

So when in time,

And you will get that chance,

Try write about life,

You could scribe some romance,

So go on now and render 

with ink,

Express your feelings,

And say what you think.”


Life as 18


My path in life has been corresponding to sasuke uchiha. It's only me and always will be now & the future. Taking on responsibilities that aren't in my obligation will be done. I consider myself a bad brother and a loathing son. My existence is always questioned by myself. Those flashbacks of abuse and condescending pushes me to reach high wealth. My own race is like a barrel of crabs, pulling each other down. I care for no one, I've stopped trying to make my parents proud. Credit card, the groceries & clothes are paid for. As I become a man, I pin my parents and apply the blame more. My parents are despicable and can hardly help me. I'm alone, always was and always will be.



Based on a true story


Everything! !

What Is Fair?

I am here

I do what i please

so why can't he

He isn't different

You judge by his pigment.

Now is that fair?

Do you even care?

They say it's deserved

Why can't black lives be preserved?

I don't think you care

As he's laying there gasping for air

They say all have freedom

I think they're misleaden

I'm done spitting what i've been thinkin

I'm just going to let that sing in

This poem is about: 
My country


Inside a Box


United States
26° 16' 14.3004" N, 80° 15' 36.036" W

You're trapped in a box,
No sense of sight, sign of light,
No sound, a quiet so profound.

You can feel even the slightest movement,
Hear your heart pump like a hard stomp in an infinite echo,
And you hear your lungs aspirate with air.

In this box you're all alone,
your mind racing and thoughts pacing,
Imagination going wild.

This box is nothing
But a limit to your mind, its small because you make it small,
There's nobody there because you don't want anyone to be,
You can make this box whatever you desire.

If you become bored,
If you need more,
Make it so,
If you wish to explore,
You may go,
Open that door,
Let it all flow.

Your imagination can be a river,
Lazy or rapid
Running wild and crazy
Or stagnant and vapid
You hold this power captive
Its your choice to let it flow
Me, I choose to let it happen.

It is power for all
Is yours in its own boring cubicle
Surrounded by four grey walls?
Or is it lucid
Creating dreams and fun
And love, like Cupid?

Imagine your world colorless
Without the power of imagination
A tasteless nation
No wild creation
A grey plantation
With no production
all just a bore
Minds are dull
Minds are poor
Burning to a core
All just a terrible bore
And Nothing more.

Let imagination run free
Like a raging instinct
Red, yellow, green, purple, pink,
Colors and life galore in and out of sync
Never let imagination become the dodo or a dinosaur; extinct.





O! the precious that love us   But we didn't as we should   Forgave us even we didn't seek forgiveness    But still, blame you   But you never    Broke promise to you    Did what the devil spoke    Then seek warm again    Pose you didn't see     Did what the devil spoke    Then seek warm again    Pose you didn't see    Runway as far as we can     But you still standing  for return    Now has fallen in despair     Because of sins    So precious let us live again    Takeaway the shadows show us the light    Shields us from darkness    Still seeking for mercy     After wrecking your creation      We are in toils lost our way again    You that is always there whenever  needed    Make a way again


This poem is about: 
Our world



Mon, 06/16/2014 - 22:20 -- cavon
Head down on her desk
She tries her best but she always gets pushed to the edge
Sleepless nights control her life
Staying up because the insomnia is too hard to fight
Her troubles drift away on thoughts but return too soon when reality hits
Eyes closed to escape..
She avoids the faces that constantly hurt her..
The eyes that burst open every wound with one glance
She can close her eyes all she wants but she can never ease the pain
The scars will always be there
Healed but never erased
Hair over her face to shield her from the world
To hide her and give her shelter
Deep breaths that move her body in rhythmic motions
Calming her for the few seconds they last
Smoothing out the deep impulses to give up
To let it all go
To ease the pain
To escape
The rhythmic breaths are the closet she gets to freedom
Drifting off into sleep
She dreams of a better life
Where her scars are only from falling off her bike and not from abuse
Where her tears are from laughing too hard instead of pain
Where her exhaustion is from a long day at the park instead of sleepless nights
Head down on her desk she shields herself from the world
Eyes closed to escape reality
Scars showing her pain
Rhythmic breathes calming her thoughts
Hand out..
Reaching for hope..
For a friend..
For love


Love Sonnet

A sexual being such as you thrives

On being free, living to one’s passion.

Those pictures of you keep my good sex drive

Alive and awakened. My attraction


To you will always exists. Like a bond 

Between friends with benefits, or secrets 

Kept between close friends. I am truly fond

Of you. Your sweet body is my weakness.


Keep up the good job of posing sexy,

Always teasing the mind, keep me guessing.

When I will see your nude body ready?

I am not in a rush; you’re a blessing


That every man deserves to observe you

Because you are a cute sight to pursue.