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Life is a Highway

People think that they understand you.

They don't know what you go through on a daily basis.

The arguments that you have with yourself about every little decision.

Whether to take another bite or to look good in your swimsuit.

The pressure pushes you to the breaking point.

Know that you have trouble with school, but act as if you don't.

Lost in a sea full of strangers.

Lonely surrounded by those who call themselves your friends.

They don't see anything wrong on the outside.

What reason do they have to believe anything different.

They don't know that you are breaking on the inside.

That with every step life gets a little bit harder.

Your silent pleas for help go unheard.

When they look at you, they don't see a person in need.

Rather, they see a person who seems to be perfect.

Little do they know that you are fighting a constant battle.

Trying to find out the right answer.

Then you realize that there is no answer.

Only the journey through life that we all have to endure.

Can we do this on our own?

Do we need help?

Or is the path that we are on one that is destined to fail?

On this highway called life, are we going to crash?

Or is it possible to get to the end of the road safely?



West To East

West to East

Jehovah Rapha, balm in Gilead, Prince of Peace

Heal my mind

Throw these thoughts west to east

Unstable in all my ways, yet I’m still trying to praise

And yes I’m behind in a few scriptures and phrases

But Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shalom I’m handing you all my cases

I pray tranquility and peace

Throw these thoughts as far west to east

I ask that you accept me as your child

Embrace me with your love so gentle and mild

Bless me and leave me with your mark

I have on one else, for even my shadow leaves me in the dark

Jehovah Shammah, El Shaddai

Word powerful enough to give the mute a song to sing

Give the blind a chance to see what the world is offering

So I stand here in my midnight hour

Praying the guilt, the sin, and the principalities you devour

For the mind of a sinful man is death,

But the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace

Father God I decrease so you may increase

My Alfa and Omega, you raised the Lord I trust you will do the same for me with your power

Let your words slice through like a double-edged sword

You never back down nor cower

Jesus my Lord and Savior

Treat my enemies and iniquities as a feast

Throw these thoughts as far west to east



The Human Race



It's a funny word to say.

We see ourselves as the domanate race in the world.

But our pride has a price.

We are a mortifying race.

We have replaced wood with metal.

We are the reason why countless species have gone extinct,

The reason why people are starving around the world.

It's time to make a change before it's all too late.

Seems as though we were born to destroy as much as we were meant to save.

Runned by a society of corperations, we live in a corrupt system.

We feed of the death of nature,

Harvesting the bodies of animals for our next happy meal, 

We are the extinguishment of Man kind.

Yet all we can do is dump our children into school where they will be brain washed in believing that we are doing the best to save our planet.

Welcome to planet Earth, were people are born to into the "perfect" society.


can you fit in?


my house
6415 walrond ave
United States
39° 0' 35.262" N, 94° 32' 56.3208" W

Heard blond was out and grey was in changed my hair color just to fit in,

Did the cinnamon challenge and now im cool, thats what  everybody says at school,

Cut my eyebrows off just to draw them back on but my friend told me i was doing it wrong,

I use to wear flats but i hear rihanna wears pumps,

Shaved the side of my head now old people look at me weird,

Piercing in my lips hands on my hip mom says im a trip,

Forever keeping up with the latest trends, doing any and evething I can so I can fit in.

is it worth it?




Dear John

Mon, 01/22/2018 - 13:21 -- gpeny14

When you first kissed me,

I was two steps behind

my sloppy circle dance routine,

as usual.


You were two steps ahead

and I couldn’t trust my vision to cover the distance

of those five steps separating us.


So I willed my leg to stretch

as far as my skin would allow

in attempt to lunge myself closer to you,

but I was too awkward and weak.

I leaned too far forward

and landed on my chin.


When I rolled over, laid flat on my back,

I could see you more clearly.

Your figure was no longer distorted by distance,

but it was now limited to a single viewpoint:

you standing tall above me.




The second time you kissed me,

you flat out told me

you felt you were taking advantage.

I was too much of too many things,

which made the validity of my consent



I was drawn to this candor of yours,

the trait you felt burdened by.

Few people are so fearlessly honest

and even fewer enjoy being on the receiving end.

People like their sugar-coated replies.


But my New Year’s resolution

was to be more straightforward

and I found your brutally frank approach attractive.

I know I can be easily influenced,

but I negated your concern

because I didn’t feel

like you were taking advantage of me.

I trusted you.


I have a habit of pouring trust

into all that touch my soul

before they’ve even had

the opportunity to earn it.




The fourth time we kissed

you told me you didn’t love me.

The idea had never crossed my mind,

I never expected you  to love me,

but acknowledging an absence

of love hurts.




The eight time we kissed,

you told me you had a superior sense of smell.

You can smell women on your brother

and when he’s drinking

from across the hall.

You worry about him.

I wonder why you could never

smell the vomit on my hands.


When your brother came home

you threw the sheets over my head,

you told me to stay quiet and still.

I’ve always hated having

my head under the covers,

it feels like I’m suffocating.




The first time I slept beside you,

I awoke with a dark and heavy soul;

a slick, black stone.

I’d always dreamed of sleeping

next to a boy

who treated me with tenderness,

who made me feel sweet and soft and sound.

You were not that boy.

You put a stone in my soul.




The last time we kissed

you reminded me

that I wasn’t your girlfriend

and you were fine

with things staying that way.

I realized that I was fine

with us being nothing.


That is when I rose back onto my feet

and stood before you,

my vision no longer distorted,

neither by distance nor perspective.

I now see you as you are.

I will always have a fondness for you,

but now the spell is broken;

I am unenchanted.


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United States
33° 6' 38.4732" N, 97° 19' 48.1908" W

Remember the light remember the world?
Remember the precious little girl?
Do you remember the peace we had?
Do you remember when we wearn't sad?
Do you remember the beautiful blue skys?
Or do you remember our horrible demise?
Go back to the days when we wearn't sad
Go back to the days of peace we had!
Go back to the days with the beautiful blue skys
Erase all memory of our horrible demise!
Go back to the days with the light and the world
Go back to the days when we had our precious little girl!


shell in my back

Stuck inside a lucid dream
Thoughts tearing at the seems
Death running through my head
My heart stabbed with a theard
Looking for a way out
But i am still facing doubt


Trying to it make clear
But voices is all you hear
The angel and devil in your mind
Fighting all the fucking time
Times you want to give in
Because there is nothing to win
Shell in my back
Awaiting the attack

About to take the jump
Cause no one gives a fuck
I have unhealable wounds
My end is coming soon


Trying to it make clear
But voices is all you hear
The angel and devil in your mind
Fighting all the fucking time
Times you want to give in
Because there is nothing to win
Shell in my back
Awaiting the attack

Crucifying agony
Disturbing stainty


Trying to it make clear
But voices is all you hear
The angel and devil in your mind
Fighting all the fucking time
Times you want to give in
Because there is nothing to win
Shell in my back
Awaiting the attack


there was no warning or sign
demons at me all the time
My life in jeopardy
So burn the memory


Trying to it make clear
But voices is all you hear
The angel and devil in your mind
Fighting all the fucking time
Times you want to give in
Because there is nothing to win
Shell in my back
Awaiting the attack

All the wrong
is now gone





i don't know if i did this right this is my frist time doing this 

My worst fears

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 04:26 -- Hez15dj

My worst fesr

that I don't believe in myself 

I succumb to the negative thoughts of others

allowing fear to take over 

just like a stoner 

when weed takes over

my worst fear 

is that I bear 

a huge burden on my back

carrying around my fears like im holding a hacky sack

my worst fear 

is not being able to help my mom and dad in the future 

believe me and you we do not need to go their

 my worst fear

becsme my reality

when I lost three of the important females 

in my life

I would damn near die

to save them 

my worst fear 

is that I can't be their

when I want to be 

to help you and hold you

when you feel like giving in

and feelling like giving up

my worst fear 

is not trying when I should

when I could

my worst fear 

is not being enough 

im not talking about money 

because everybdy can get dough

it would be nice though

but see my worst fear of not being enough is more like im a half filled cup

never attaining my full potential 

allowing myself to be held badk

and others can't hold me back

my worst fesr

is that I hold myself back



Wow, really nice. That's powerful.

Are the strings better off cut?


Dear the fellow conflicted,


In the thaumatrope cage,

The bird is never free

And art on my page

Can never be shown


Love what I do though

It’s for who though?

Sing for the good for forever.


Commit Banksy crimes

But hurt nobody,

While holding back rhymes is

killing me!


Priorities all wrong

And interests now gone

So, forced to struggle in society.


So in best regards,

Are the strings better off cut?


Rachel Cheyenne Wood