Circus of Tears


Dancing words, painted masks all passing by

Hazy thoughts, painful thoughts

Thrown past my eyes.

Three rings on the ground

Why don’t you come and give it a try?


Mirrors all around blurred,

 a funhouse at best.

Drink of the water, you’ll surely forget

Who you are and what destination you’re trying to get.


And they all say it’s a wondrous place

Full of magic, beauty, and grace.

But you will see such disturbing things

As they single out their prey  and kill it instantly.


For once in the show it’s easy to see

That everything is not and is what it seems.

And it’s naught but a nightmare

Inside the inside of a dream.


So I started to wake,

And they tried to stop me

Because I,d truly seen into their reality

But they couldn’t take the power away from me.


Now in the sunlight that all melts away

I’m stronger, they won’t  ever hurt me again.

The freedom I won wasn’t just for me

But for everyone trapped in those twisted rings of three.


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