The System


Large and stuffy building, jam packed full and tight,

Hundreds of students gathered, trying to do what’s right.


“Get an education!” they tell us every day,

But what they fail to do, is to teach us the way?


Different styles of learning are trapped and confined,

By the small minded system that doesn’t seem to mind.


Kids falling behind and struggling in every different way,

And still they seem to wonder, why so many cannot stay.


We all want to find our purpose but we don’t know where to start,

Teachers cannot even tell any of our unique faces apart.


There’s bullying and there’s fighting, there must be another way,

To stop all this sadness, and make unkind words go away.


Teachers and students turning their cheek at the obvious corruption

We want a safe place to be where there’s no fear of eruption.


We need a better system, where everyone has a place,

We need an environment where we can be proud to show our face.


A building, not just for learning, but for lightening the heart,

A school wide bond that connects all like a wondrous piece of art.


School, a place of disinterest, no longer shall it be,

A place of excitement for learning and success shall reign for me.


A place where confidence can be built up and no longer torn away,

A community of caring, where no child will feel astray.


The system needs some changing, and there’s no time to waste,

Students need a reason to follow their dreams, to chase.


We’ll bring those failing letters up by one, by two, by three,

We’ll give the love and motivation that is needed to succeed.


We’re here to start our future and discover who we are,

We’re here to grow and learn uniqueness like a brilliant, shining star.


For we are more than test scores, and letters to our name,

We’re individual characters, and that’s no reason to be shamed.


Shape us and mold us to be the best that we can be,

Make each school an inclusive, brighter, happy community.


It’s our time to change the future, and without one moment to spare,

We just need the help of a few people that really, truly care.


It’s our time so let us take it; let’s fight for every boy and girl,

Our generation will be amazing, and we will show the world.

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