Anti Bullying

Thu, 02/20/2014 - 09:56 -- DeonR96


Bronx, NY
1590 Unionport Road #2E
United States
40° 50' 30.8472" N, 73° 51' 20.1924" W

Some say you have to be cruel to be kind
I say being cruel is just so you could say hurtful things to others
And not care what that person thinks.
All my life I have been bullied and witnessed others being bullied
All I can think about is why would some people want to attack other's on thier imperfections.
Why would you attack people on the way they dress,walk,talk or if they look weird?
Why make others feel bad so you can just get in a good laugh ?
Why make others think of a word that starts with an S and ends with a E so they could let all the pain go away?
Because you find it fun to bully others and make them feel down
But in reality it has happened to YOU in the past
You had to go through all the name calling
You had to walk down and hear people laugh at you because of some roumer they herd
You had to witness the pain.
So why would you pass it on to others.

I want to change that and make my community an anti bullying zone.
I want others to feel happy that they can walk out of their homes and feel perfect in their own little worlds
I want people to feel free as a bird flying through the sky
For them to feel as comfedient as a bussiness man who is about to make a deal with another company
So no one can think of that horrid word suicide
I want to hear people talk about their problems so we can both make it a better place for them
I want to open a place where those being bullied can come to so they can talk about their problems
I want people not to be scared about what others think.
Because in my future I plan to open a place where not only we can make it a better place for those who can't protect themselves but to help their future also


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