"Has Not Died"

In and from this world what do we really want?
How do we choose the right way, when we hear the worldly taunt
where we are from, creeps in our dreams
for me I hear the ghetto's talk
even though, I have stepped off that pavement.
Well.. Let's just take a walk...

When I was a LiL girl
This life was an even crueler world

I promised to change that, and I would take the reign
I vowed not to give in to it, I would just have to refrain
so even when I had no choice but to feel the pain
I focused on healing, because I knew I'd have so much more to gain

In this day ... when I now control my future
When I am the one that my children look for nurture
I do not misinform them, they know about their culture
& even how this life some time comes down like hungry vultures

But in the very same breath I also have supplied
many of the tools, they need for this ride
for the day that I may not be here, right by their side
They will know, to be strong and true, hope or faith has not died!


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