I walk into class day in and day out
Only wishing i could turn and shout

"You're a teacher, so teaching is what you should do"
"Not a dictator, even though it seems the power has went to your head to"

You yell and shout at the smallest disruption
As if we were in the back of the class playing percussion

We wisper amongst each other in class
Because you preach at us if we were in mass

Some of us are here to learn
Although you could care less in turn

You are just worried about getting through the day
With no bad kids, even though you should say

"If a kid acts up in class today"
"I should learn there frustraction, or why they cause such disarray"

Teachers come to quick conclusions of the students in school
But most teachers don't understand the first rule

Most teachers will never know the students lives or past
Outside of school or inside with bullying so vast

Teachers get to know your students more
Or don't judge us when you see us enter the door


B Murphy

I like your content and form. You have a lot of really good ideas and opinions that are meant to be shared.

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