Hemet CA
United States
Things aren't always black and white, 
There’s always a tint of grey.
Someone's always watching.... judging,
It happens every day.
Teachers never see it,
It happens before their eyes.
When the children are confronted,
All they tell are lies.
Why can't the teacher's see the light?
How truly wrong things can be? 
Life is not an easy road, 
Not for you or them or me.
The torment we suffer leaves a mark, 
 It’s really hard to hide.
To know the school we trusted was in vain. 
Still, I must abide.
I used to have hope that they would help,
But never did they know.
How cruel and rude their children were, 
The sides they did not show.
So I said things aren't black and white,
There is always grey.
The students will judge me,
But I still live every day.
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