I am who?


I am a punk rocker
Rocking out to the drunken moon.

I am the moon drunken on the everlasting plea for the sun's rays to shine on him.

I am the super sun shining for a day that never ends.

I am the perfect day, for I will always give the perfect day.

I am a giver.

Giver of love
Giver of harmony
Peace trees and lucidity.

I am a quiet night in a Starbucks cafe,
Typing off on my phone with a white chocolate mocha
I am the comfort of a warm chocolate mocha no thought of my past but all for the present.

For the present is now and the past is the past
So no reason for the past to intervene with the present.

That is why I am not your forgetful past.
I am not your cuts and scars
I am not your rusty razor
In a blood stained bathroom
I am your trust major
In a mud stained math room
Wondering why the education is wrong
And the systems right,

When the system is wrong and we're left here to write
And write
And write
And write
About how we don't want to write
But we write
And write
And we write
And write
Because that's who I am

I am a poet
On a cloud


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