Done with the Games.

I don't understand why you turn backs on friends. 
First you tell stories using my name,
Just so you have someone to blame. 
Then only after you make all these harmful jokes,
It's my self-confidence you've begun to choke.

Thanks to all this talk my insecurity has grown too large;
I wish bullying had a crime like charge. 
You've told all these lies; 
Why waste your time?

Do you want some attention?
Do you want to look cooler?
Maybe you should try something other than spreading rumors. 

I really want to know why I'm the spotlight of your show.
Hasn't telling all these lies and getting everyone
On your side been worth your time?
You make it as if turning everyone's back hasn't been enough.

I hear the lies; I hear the laughs. 
This leads to my latenight cries and runaway maps.
I hear the teasing,
And I think,
What can I do to be more pleasing?

Perhaps all this talk has gone too far.
Maybe I should make myself a star. 
A star high up in the sky,
That can shine its own light, 
Even on the darkest night.

I guess you could say,
This is my way of saying,
"I can't take this for another day,
I'm tired of the pain.
I'm tired of my eyes mocking the rain.
I'm done with seeing my non healed scars.
All your plans have gone too far.
I'm done with you and your laughing games;
Do you feel the least bit ashamed?
I'm giving up, 
I've had enough.

Up past the clouds,
Is where I will be.
HIgh in the sky,
Up in a place you call paradise.

This is the night I will take it all.
There's no way you can make me stall.
There's no way you can make me feel,
As if I feel tall. 

For you and your game,
I can only hope the best.
And the time you see me next...
It is in a coffin that I will have rest.



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