If I was okay, when?


when i am okay

sunny days

won't be an excuse

but a reason

when i am okay

my life

won't be a constant debate

of good or bad

when i am okay

my decisions

won't make my sadness grow

but diminish

when i am okay

my appearance

won't affect my judgement

or my self-confidence

when i am okay

i'm fine

won't be a wish

but reality

when i am okay


won't feel like an attack

of my personality

when i am okay

my past

won't kill my future

but enhance my opportunity

when i am okay


won't be an unforgettable label

only a four letter word

when i am okay

my imperfections

won't determine my character

and be accepted

the sunny days

in my life

with my decisions

and my appearance

without i'm fine

the conversations

of my past

forget the liar

accepting my imperfections

when i am okay


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