I started to think about the sun
That hot blazing fire in the sky
Destined to bring the earth to her death 
Every movement
Every heartbeat
Every breath
I wonder why we're here
Why we do what we do
That legacy you planned to leave behind?
Burned to a crisp in an instant
No history books
No one to remember your name
But maybe this a good thing
A gift
Our true reality is a blank canvas
Given so we can create our own story
Art work
No reason to be here 
No rules to live by
That's true freedom
But of course they've already created stories
Rules to live by
Dress codes
Societies, cultures, whole countries
But you don't have to live by those standards
No one will remember them
Billions of years from now
There will be nothing 
So go on
Be courageous 
Make something outrageous
Enjoy your life
Speak your mind!
Because when all the world is black and crisp
Set in a firey blaze
No one will remember their name 
Or that they laughed at you 
Or called you names
Or made you a joke!
That's what I've decided to tell myself
And now everyday 
I color outside their lines
I write my own stories 
And I think about the sun


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