Where do I go?

Sat, 03/09/2013 - 12:01 -- Ashleey


United States
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My journey starts here
But , where do I go?
High hopes here and there
But , where do I go?

This test is like a show
But , where do I go?
Options weighing high and low
But , where do I go?

Thinking about my decisions
But , is this where I go?
I'm Sure I don't know

Another journey another road
But , where do I go?
Carrying a heavy load
But , where do I go?

Fat , Skinny , Shot , Tall
But , where do I go?
Hoping that I don't fall
Is what I know

I look up to heaven
Is this where I go?
or down there to hell?
I'm sure I don't belong

Throughout this journey
I Found where I belong
It was given to me ,
By God himself Alone

So come with me
My fellow friends
I know where I belong
I'ts in Gods Hands

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where it says shot i meant short . sorry.

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