How Can I?



How are we supposed to walk with our heads down?

How are we supposed to feel?

How am I supposed to save them? 

How can I fight?

How can I?

Why would you do that?

How much pain do you have to feel?

How much anger?

How could you?

You're no better.

They're no worse.

How can we?

We fight and cry and throw things. 

Then stop and regret.

Why did I?

What would my grandmother say.

Would she cry.


How could you?

I know how much it hurts.

The words like punches.

The punches like knives.

How can I fight this?

Look in the mirror and wonder...

How can I?

When no one is there to help you. 

The people just walk away with there head down!

How the hell can I!

Why would I try? 

There's nothing anymore. 

And those thought creep in.

Why should I?

Why should I keep on?

There's no reason to. 

Why would I keep letting them put me through this.

Why should I.


How can you?


How could I just sit and watch it happen all over again?

How can I?


I won't.


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