Worthless Flaw


He said that it was such a stupid thing to have

that I must feel embarrassed 

And I was


for the sheer innocence of it all

I didn’t understand why he scorned upon it

hated me for it

spit to the very ground for even the idea of it

This rejection of one to another killed me inside

“Stupid, stupid, stupid!” he laughed to my face

And he told them all how ugly and horrible I was

they all laughed and joked about it

left me feeling worthless

like an empty pit of nothing

Mixed emotions of worthlessness



filled me to the core

“I didn’t choose to be like this,”

I said to him

I was forced

I was born with the flaw

I wish I could change the way

I looked



And at that very moment I wanted to die

a shot bird from the very sky that it flew from



I didn't die at that moment

That piercing 


stabbing moment.

I took up all my dignity 

which diminished to almost none,

and walked away from he who hurt me everyday.

I, that scared little bird,

flew far away and fixed

my broken heart.

But I knew




It wasn't the end of the hurt and pain and suffering.

Maybe for me

but not for all.

he would go and hurt another

and make what worthless flaws do feel.

A flaw on that very sky and earth and planet,

one that should have never been born.


So I go back to that place

where I was scorned

and knocked upon

and layed down to die.

to change the fate of those who are hurt by him

and let all those who are suffering know

It's not a worthless flaw,

It's a gift.




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