The Person On Your Left


Walking down the hall

I see so many faces

Faces of people I know

But never speak to

And the loud girls

They make friends so fast

But the shy ones

What chance do they have?

It's not my fault

It's just how I am

No lack of skill or desire

It's just really hard

To approach someone new

And simply say "hi"

Can be the hardest thing in the world

If only there was some way

That everyone had to make

The same effort I do

Every single day

There's just one time

I know I'll be okay

When the teacher says to us

"We'll be working in pairs"

Then I know for sure

We can't help but be friends

And that's the time

My shyness goes away

And the true me comes out

And they're always surprised

That the quiet one is talking

And laughing and smiling

But I'd do that every day

If the teacher always said

"You'll be working with

The person on your left"


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