Society Needs a Change

Sat, 02/08/2014 - 14:22 -- TayJayB


Society needs a change.

Society tells females that they are beautiful without make-up, without pretty clothes, and that their weight is perfect.

Yet society praises the females that cake their face with make-up, have the finest clothes & have the perfect body. Then shuns those who don't.

Society needs a change.

Society tells you that love is blind and to be with whoever your heart desires.

Yet society dispproves of those who love the same sex.

Society needs a change.

Society tells us that bullying is shameful and that we should all join to stop it.

Yet society offers no helping hand to the victims until it is too late.

Society tells us to stand out & be who you truly are.

Yet society glamorizes the "jocks" & "popular girls" while they look down on people who are "nerds","geeks", and "outcasts".

Society is going around telling us to change.

But who will tell society that IT needs to change?



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