Thu, 01/30/2014 - 18:37 -- AliceG

The words light up, emblazoned on her face.

As she walks a lonely path, the only one she's ever known.

She wonders if she will ever see the light,

ever get the chance to stand.

Mother never home, Daddy forever walking crookedly,

not a single grin gracing her road.

The cruel disasters pull her down,

she's never felt safe or sound.

She runs through the never ending tunnel,

whispers pushing their way to her fears.

She dreams of it ending with a razor sharp kiss,

to never have to feel the pain of not being loved.

One cold December night on a white bathroom floor,

Red roses bloom fresh with sorrow and regret.

She lets the cursors fade from sight as she lets go,

taking away the world's chance to get to know.

The next day, the keys are still pressed anyway,

speaking of the girl who never spoke, who never smiled-

One single stroke in a tangled net,

Changed the life of a girl that many had never even met.



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