Life is short


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Life can be as short as this sentence
lets take a look at the kid named Dennis
18 years old just getting out of school
walking through his neighborhood acting as a fool
playing with his brother
praying for his mother
getting good grades
hoping to get paid
again, he was walking down the street
heard three beeps
turned around
looked down
and was shot two times
once in the stomach and once in the thigh
great kid at home great kid at school
now laying on the ground in a blood pool
his brother ran home to get Dennis's mother
it was too late, the kids shot Dennis's brother
Now see life is short so live it to the fullest
that doesnt mean live it to be foolish
life is brittle just hope it doesnt shatter
let your heart get fatter and fatter
because if you can love
you can live
And if loving is a job than killing is a sin

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