Broken tears


United States
43° 6' 26.3232" N, 83° 41' 16.8936" W

her blood stained sleeves cover her arms
hiding the wounds of her terrible pain
she wears a smile so you cant see
the real her, who she is
even when it's hot,
she wears the jackets,
long sleeve shirts
no one knows the truth
she acts like nothing's wrong
when in reality, she's hurting herself daily
her mom doesn't know
her dad doesn't know
that this one girl has scars
from cutting herself
no one knows why
or what she does
but her teachers and friends
they suspect something is up
but could it be too late to save her?
for tonight is her last night in pain
she wants it all to end
so she takes her knife
and holds it to her wrist,
before saying the her last words
"I'm sorry I can't be who you wanted me to be
i'm sorry I cant be the one you love
tonight is the last time I will let you hurt me
for now I will go.
I will relieve you of my burden."


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