Mommy I'm Scared

Mommy I’m scared, am I going to have wrinkles like that lady when I grow up,

 she shushes me and apologizes to the old woman, no darling she says as

she pushes me out the door.

Mommy I’m scared, I think there is something in my closet, I feel its eyes like lazers.

Her soft arms wrap around me and reassure there is nothing.

Mommy I’m Scared, I had a nightmare I can’t sleep,

Its just your imagination count sheep my darling everything will be okay,

Mommy I’m scared, what if I don’t like school, I’m not ready for kindergarten,

 Don’t worry my child you will learn and grow to love it

she kisses my forehead as I walk out the door.

Mommy I’m Scared, I don’t think I am ready for my new school

what if the kids don’t like me, they will love you, be yourself everything will be fine.

Mommy I’m Scared, Middle school seems hard can I just stay in sixth grade,

No, my love it’s time for you to learn more you will have a blast.

Mom I’m scared, the people commenting on my photo are calling me fat

They are just jealous and want to bring you down, just ignore them.

Mom I’m scared, these girls are trying to make me drink something bad,

Say no and walk away it will be okay.

Mom I’m scared, high school is scary I don’t think I can do it,

You can do it your almost done, I’m so proud of you.

Mom I’m scared, the people are big and mean I don’t know if I can do this,

Kill them with kindness and be friends they will warm up to you.

Mom I’m scared, we are in lock down I don’t know what’s going on.

It’s probably just a drill my dear text me when it’s done.

Mom I’m scared, I heard a loud shot, people are screaming

Mom I’m scared, I hear more loud shots my teacher is crying what do I do,

Mom I’m scared I saw a kid running and heard a shot and he dropped like a fly

Mom I’m scared, why aren’t you replying, mom help me.

Mom I’m scared, he opened the door my classmates

are on the floor with the life draining out of them

Mom I’m...

This poem is about: 
Our world



I am a teacher in Mexico, MO.  I am compiling a performance piece on this topic. If we choose to use your poem, may we have permission to perform it?  If so, please email me at

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