the little girl who coupdnt cope anymore

Problems at home, problems at school
She didn't know where she belonged
She thought she could take this much pain
Well guess what, little girl think again
Naaaa i ent saying that shes blame
The kids think this is one big game
They don't realise what theyve done
Until the day that they think theyve won
Fat and ugly she was called at school
By kids that thought they were cool
It started off with a couple of names
But then they hit her again and again
She was scared to tell anyone about it
It will stop eventually, i really doubt it
They're bullies, they don't even think
Like people who've had too much to drink
She didn't show how much it hurt
Until the night time had occurred

At 4am she lays awake in her bed
Millions of things going through her head
Listening to all her favourite songs
Thinking of the things she'd done wrong
At 4am she thinks of everything in the past
It went by slow but now it seems quite fast
She blames herself for what went on
She has no dad, only has a mom
She suddenly starts crying
Shes really tired of trying
She finally lets everything out
She feels like shes gonna melt
She stays awake until the end of the night
Another sad day means another sad fight

She only shows her true emotions at night
What kind of person cries in the sunlight
She doesn't want them to think shes weak
Or that its only attention that she seeks
At 4 am She feels empty inside
So again she cries and she cries
She cant handle this much pain
She had to deal with it again and again
But now she doesn't feel like she can cope
So she gets a chair and she gets a rope
But first she gets a little PO stick note
On it she writes im really sorry mom
Life with this much pain it cant be done
Im really sorry mom if i have hurt you
But there's just some things you cant do
And life was it for me
That's it its my destiny
And i really have tried
But i really have cried
And last night it went to far
Guess what ma i counted the stars
Goodbye mom i love you
I honestly really do
The next morning at 4 am
Her mom woke up again
She felt alot of pain
her mom cried as she read the note
Now she felt as if she couldn't cope
Her mom did the same
Like it was all a game
They took her away
In a coffin she lay
Next to her daughter buried in the ground
R.I.P may you sleep soft and sound

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Our world



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