My Last Secret


To my parents,

A hidden secret awaits,

Please don’t hate me for this,

It’s not a choice.

To my friends,

The hidden secret is out,

and I’m accepted by most,

You choose to shun me.

To You, you who drove me toward it.

I’m Sorry.

Sorry that I was born this way.

Sorry that you think I can change.

Who I am?

I’m really no different from you, just in the way I love.

I’m tortured for this?

It’s a lifetime resentment that I live with


What was that, the word you can’t say?


You spit out the term Fag instead, while I brace for the impact.

Letting the profanity sink in,

I slowly tie my noose,

While another prepares the last bullet he will ever shoot.

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This poem... It reflects a lot of what gay teens think and feel before they commit suicide. You captured it so simply and so beautifully. Wonderful work.


VeryWell Said


This poem is sadly true. People think gay people are different. They aren't, even though their lifestyle might be. One of my best guy friends is gay and I hope he never ends his life over stupid people who don't understand how they feel

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