Its not goodbye; Its goodnight

Still pulchritudinous,

I can see you now,

No Mystery here; nor why or how,


The color of perfume caressing your arms,

This damn velvet scent will never change,

and no one will know you weren't to blame,


These daemons found in my head,

have been drinking and telling stories again,

No escape nor other way of merriment,


It cuts and slices,

It holds you down,

Lies and sais "If you do, something you will amount"...

Lies and sais no one is around...


Its all my fault,

that now here you lay,

Evidence of mixing oxygen and blood this unforgivable way,


They tell me lies; Ill be close behind,

As you ended your on this hospital bed,

I choose their lie with this poem as I rest my head...

I choose their lie; without you I'll be dead.

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