Emotionally Disconnected

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 21:42 -- Jayvoni


I have recognized that everyone is on their own

At the end of the day we have all sung the same song

Our emotions are imperceptible, we can barely express them

We can easily fool each other with our thoughts and truths

Everyone has been through their tough times

That is as close as we can get to ones underlines

I just wish we could all feel one another’s pain

It would definitely give a deeper understanding of the stain

We don’t care about each other because we don’t have to deal with it when we get home

Why make it worse when their personal lives hurt very much alone

When will it stop?

Why can’t we all rise to the top?

More than one person has to work to defeat this pain

So that we can all benefit as one and break this chain

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