I Am...

I am whatever I want to be,

at least that's what my parents tell me.

But yet I walk down these hallowed halls,

people laughing,



telling me that I just can't possibly be whatever I want.

So I lived in fear, 

in sadness

in melancholy.

I was secluded for so long, I forgot what I even wanted to be in the first place. 


And yet, one day, that little voice,

the shrill, childish voice,

came back to me. 

"you can do it," she says,

"nothing to it," she laughs.

In the beginning I argued with her,

"I can't do it," I whine,

"everything is so wrong," I cry.

But she kept repeating it, 

"nothing to it" 

and before i knew it, I laughed right along with her. 


So here I am,

A writer,

a musician,

a scholar, 

a joker, 

a kiss up,

a happy girl.

A girl who's just figuring out that the world 

does not define me.

I define me, 

and that is who I am.

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