The world is too big for one man to do all the talking

The world is too small for everyone to speak at once

That’s why I’m speaking my mind now

Before I forget how


It’s possible to text everything you say

In a short few letters, you ruin a day

The media has given us an outlet to speak

But do they really convey the truth we seek?


Facebook, Twitter, Insta and the rest

By the time we’re done, we’ve only made a mess

It’s so much easier to speak your mind

To say a word, before you hear how unkind


You can never take back a thing you’ve said

And words passed on are better left unread

People hurt all over the place

You don’t even know their name


Why would you go on to say something rude

To someone who never hurt you?

Bullying is wrong in every sense

Which is why I’m here to make amends


The world will never be prefect as we want

But there’s no need to point and taunt

Hateful words go further than you think

And harm to others is never gone in a blink


Always treat your fellow man

As you would treat yourself

If you want to show the world love

Begin with the small things – they matter the most


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