Silent Plea


Gnawed on pencils, annoyed expressions,

Everyone had their own confessions.

Yet, here we were, sitting, pretending to care,

About the lives of others, like it was even fair.

Judgment and the shifting of eyes,

Led to most students' demise,

Because while the teachers think they know,

Student are about to throw,

Their lives away. Some petty,

Some with a silent plea.

Most of the problems are found within,

Students judge others based on their skin,

Or maybe their sexuality.

One, two, three,

Another student finds comfort in self demise.

Teachers ask how this could arise,

But students hide the truth, too buried in lies.

The real reason we don't pay attention, 

is not because we are done,

but because so much is lost,

Students are hurt, no matter the cost.



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