"To Those Ready to Leave"

To those ready to leave, your coats are being washed

It seems something's spilled on them and now you have to stay

At least until I'm finished saying what I need to say

Yes, it seems bad now, but once  your spouse shows it will start

You think that leaving is the best choice, but the party's only just begun

There are still more than plenty of reasons to stay and have fun

I'm sorry; it seems some of my guests have hurt you; worry not, friend, for they'll soon meet their end

Because if I don't kick them out first

Just be happy knowing they're better off worse

And the party seems better from their seat and their drink

It must be so sad sitting alone in that corner

But at the rate that they're acting I'll be calling a coroner

So just know that the party starts off really slow

But once they drink their happiness away, it gets louder

And the music is happy and the people are prouder

The food will taste blander, but the love will be stronger

The dances will slow, but the hearts will beat harder

Yes, some will leave early, and it will be sad

Especially after your mom and your dad

Your coats will be clean soon, just wait and you'll see

That they can be warmer than you thought they could be

And the rain beating down on the roof and the limo

Is helping the music to keep with its tempo

And the thunder is booming so the party is covered

In case those who left early are sadly discovered

And yes, time will seem quicker as the night presses on

And you'll long for the suffering that is now just and gone

But know, now more than ever, that the night is still young

So, please do not leave 'til the light of the sun

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