Dear God


United States
40° 3' 15.282" N, 85° 57' 3.2112" W

You help me when I’m in need,
and desperate.
I can feel you there with me
when nobody else is around
and I’m crippling in on myself,
lost and alone, streaks of salty water
burning my face, breaking sobs through
the silence surrounding and circling me.

I’m encrypted by the pain,
pushed onto me unforgivingly,
unnecessarily, and undeserving.
You stand there with me,
rubbing my back, carrying me.
You whisper soothing words
that only my heart can hear
and I stop for a while, understanding.

Freeing myself within the madness,
breaking the black, sticky tendrils
created from hatred and disapproval
from those around me.
Anxiety loosening it’s hold from me.
Together I can be free,
free from this undeserving ostracism
set by the people who surround me
unwillingly and undesired.
With you I am free,
I am saved.


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