Together we stand as one
Getting believers is shooting for the long run
Tired of people giving up and saying they're done
We should all feel we have won

Love is love
Gay,straight,bi, in between and all of the above
These stereotypes need to fade then we get rid of
Fly high like a growing white dove

We are the same
Be proud, have no shame
No more hurtful names
Beautiful and strong, stop saying lame

Stereotypes stuck in others head
Sad to think instead of being theirself,they would rather be dead
Treat each other with respect instead
Some have a midleading solution by draining all the red

Is it so hard to get?
The innocent read a death threat
Tears run down her face until it's soaking wet
Heart is beating so fast, here comes the sweat

Look hate in the eye
" You are done making me cry
Nothing will make me want to die
No longer need to be shy
No more bullies,say goodbye to the standby's"

Pick up the pieces that broke
We used our voice and spoke
Not titled as a joke
I think people finally woke

People are afraid of themselves do to the horrifying stares
Told it's not "normal" then get compared
Judged by the clothes they wear
It really isn't fair

God will hate them because they don't follow the book
Shallow people won't even look
Some think their life is meaningless and should be took
Prove to them they aren't stuck on a hook

Pray for those who cried
Pray for those who died
Come on and show the needed pride
Stop this war, all types of love will collide and be spread worldwide

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