I walk into class every morning

at 7:15 AM.

Kids push and shove into me 

and my scowl is covered by a red face.

Why do you let kids

hurt each other?

Whether it be words or swords,

it still hurts.

Why do you

tell us to be in our seats when the bell begins to ring

but sometimes hold us two minutes into the passing period?

Sometimes I don't get to eat lunch

within the 20 minutes I have to get to the cafeteria,

get my food,

sit down and eat.

So why do you yell at me

to throw my $1.50 cereal bar away

when I have not eaten in over five hours?

How is it okay for you to yell at me for foul language

but to tell us to sit my "ass" down when I throw away a note that was under my desk

that gives me the answers to tomorrow's test?

Why is okay for you to answer your phone in the middle of a lesson

but for you to give me a detention for two hours

because it was in my hand when I walked through the doors to school that day?

Teachers, I applaud you for sticking through the long days and evenings

and school years.

But why are you so cruel

when I'm just trying to get my education?


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