Completely Submerged


We're all suicidal telling others that suicide isn't the answers. Telling the confident to set their ego aside. We can all be good but, the good one's tend to hide.

I tear myself open because the human skin is hard to live in. But as many cuts that I've made, Im suprised I'm still living. Blood drips from my veins, and i think, I'm becomig insane because I can feel no pain, physically.

So, you let it come to the point where you start locking yourself in the bathroom because just for the life of you, you need to find something to cope? So you, back track to your old ways, taking strolls down memory lane, memories of the blood thats seeps from your veins. And, and you love it, you love every drip. You love the pain you self inflict because you're so damn fed up with this real llife shhh...that you just can't take it anymore. You can't fake it anymore. You can't wake up praying that today is going to be a better day anymore. You just can't run anyway anymore. You just can't listen to "everything's gonna be okay" anymore. Cant wear that fake smile on your face anymore. Don't want to lie anymore. Don't want to hide anymore. Don't want to wait until tomorrow, letting another day pass you by anymore.

I just want to die some more! Nobody understands what's going on with me. Wanting to just feel something!, Maybe that's why I like to bleed. You're supposed to be my bestfriend, how couldn't see, that the only one I'm fighting is, is me.

Bestfriend, remember back when I told you I like to write poems, and I'm depressed so I like to clear my mind just to run away from all this stress. And that day we talked for six hours straight just to get some things off our chests? Bestfriend I understand you, I GET IT!, way more than the rest. Bestfriend, know that I love you death, and I know, life gets hard, but I've been there before. Bestfriend, take a look at my scars...



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