What I Would Change

What I Would Change

By Adde Kramer



I have a happy voice

that can be heard by fe

ut e people that do hear

i hop are happy too.


I try to spread my joy onto others around me

but some people are swarmed bysadness.

It's like a black smoke that wont let them see

that life is better than what they believe.


I have beautiful things to live for

Like the sun, the sky, and trees

I wish that everyone coulf see what they had

but some are consumed by a disease


This disease is no tyical

it cant be shut out.

it seeps into a person

and fills thier head with doubt


The need to feel secluded emerges

dark rooms work best for self-inflicted violence

listening to sad music

helps them fill the silence


The smoke spreads to the brain

making thinking hard to grasp

people go crazy and kill themselves

making untimely breaths their last


walking down the sreet,

i see these people, swarmd by disease

and I can do npthing about it

becasue this disease might catch me


If I could change one thing,

X out one aspect of life;

I woud desrty this disease

that fills the weak with strife.




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