Teachers teach

Teachers teach. Students learn.

At least thats the way it's supposed to go.

In my eyes teachers are guardians.

While we are at school it is your job to keep us safe

from other kids, adults, and even our parents

if you see something wrong it is your job to report it

stop staying out of people's business 

because as kids we need it

this is when we are vulnerable

this is when we are hardening the mold

that we have shaped ourselves into for our whole lives

it is your job to guide and protect us

it is your job to gaurd our cocoons as we go through metamorphasis

That knowledge in your head and in our books 

you are supposed to translate to us in a way that we can understand

It is your job to stay up to date.

Quit playing it safe. 

Put some effort into it

Try something new.

Don't just give us the answers or dumb down our tests

push us harder and make sure that you are doing your best

try different techniques if you see that we aren't learning

and make sure that you are communicating with both your students

and their parents annoyingly well. Don't wait `till the last minute 

let us know ahead of time. 

Teachers teach and students learn, but because teachers teach they also need to learn.

Teachers should be learning everyday since the world is constantly changing.

Be resourceful and be creative for as teachers you are all managers of information

we are your employees but we can't do a good job if there is no communication.



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