Hurt From the Inside

Bullying seems only to me to be
The single thing that’s keeping me from you, but not you from me
You laugh at me, you push and shove,
I run home crying, to pray to the man above
Ask him to help, in any way he could
Ash him, “Hey, can you help me if you would?”
And it seems as though he doesn’t hear me,
Cause the knife keeps on scarring me,
And still I cry and cry and whine and whine,
But still I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong all the time,
To make you hate me,
To make you hurt me,

And every night I just cut and cut,
But it seems like I just don’t cut enough,
So I talk to the principal,
But it’s still impossible,
That I can keep you from me
It’s gonna make me go crazy

It’s unfair and it’s not right
That you’re keeping me in such fright
Making me feel like nothing I do is right
Then I look at my wrists, such a scarred sight
To see, on me
I was once happy
Now always jumpy

When people come near,
They’ve started to jeer
You’ve gotten them to leer
And gotten me to fear
Everyone and everything
I can no longer trust any being
And it’s just not right
I’m constantly in fright
And always scared
It’s like I’m impaired to see,
I’m just me
And I’ve always thought that nobody can hurt me
But you’ve torn down my protective wall
And now I have no protection at all

No justice, I see
No solution, just me
And I constantly still bleed,
Hoping my wounds will heal
So they could create another seal
Against the world, JUST BLOCK IT OFF!!!!
I’m fed up with living this scarred life,
Now I’m debating whether to keep trying to survive
Or just die
So I can fly

Somewhere where everything is fair
No wrong,
Where I could finally be strong
But it is just impossible to see
A world where you aren’t tormenting me
But I still go to school everyday
Trying to pretend everything is okay
But then you say just that one little thing,
That sets me off, gets me ready to spring

So I go home,
I’m all alone
I go to my dad’s room,
Feeling nothing but gloom
I glance at his special locker,
Break the lock off,
Move the Sawn-Off,
Grab the revolver,
Close the heavy door,
Put it in my bag,
Feeling better than I’ve ever had

The next day I go to school,
Finally feeling that I’m so cool
I walk up to you
Smile up at you
Then I point the deadly thing right in front of you
Pull that lever that’s full of doom
Then BANG! the world is finally still
My problems all solved with just one kill
Still, I put the gun up to my head,
With not a single feeling of dread,
With another loud BANG! I’m dead

I bleed all out on the cold hard floor
Now I’m just no more
All started just because
Of a jerk that turned out to be who a bully was.

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