When Bullying Happens


The world has taken focus on the way people treat each other,
now people are upset on how they've been treated by one another.
Most people can be rude or mean without even focusing,
people become bullies without them even noticing.
Ive seen and heard too many bad things happening,
and they repeat and repeat, cause the world, it is challenging.
Everyday, people are feeling stressed and putting their life on the line,
but when I ask about their life, they say everything's fine.
They lie to my face, like they're gonna to get into trouble,
but the less I can help, the more its a struggle.
Times can be hard, for those that can't take the worlds abuse,
better late then never, for a new light to be introduced.
I can help you with your old life from reverting,
and keep you away from your past where you've felt a lifetime of hurting.
But like I said at the beginning of this rhyme,
things can get better, but "better" disintegrates over time.
Over time, your past again becomes your present, and feels like your future, 
but your future can be changed, this is only a self told rumour.
Even though I'm saying that you can be clean, but progression never stays,
I'm only stating my opinion, and what I've noticed to be true for the last,
thousand and ninety-five days.


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