Bruises Through Youtube

Mama you murdered me,

You said you was tired of talking and proceeded to start hurting me,

Didn't I tell you such and such,

Barely hearing what your saying, I'm hearing just the belts touch,

Excruciating pain to gain a lesson well learned?

So every time I slip up these are the actions to which you turn?

My skin burns from that leather you curved,

And why you put it on YouTube titled *Today my son gonna son!!!*,

And now in school half of the teachers and students contributed to the views,

Weird stares and pointed fingers of "Oh that was you",

Bullies are walking up to me wanting to do what you do,

Decided to run out the exit doors and hide until it was all over,

Slipped in the street and a car ran me over,

I couldn't feel my breath hit the tip of my lip,

And right there I knew was the abuse was over with.


_Shaun Poet


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