Bullying Herself

Sun, 06/09/2013 - 00:04 -- Myther

I watch and I weep
to see such potential
to see such beauty
to see such possibility
left there to rot
to stagnant and stale
just because of some idiots
the fear and the scars
keep her from going
the people, the tears
they keep her from trying
and it went on enough
without interruption
that now the bullies don't even need to be here
she does it alone
right to herself
its habit
its forced
she doesn't know anything else
so she sticks with the has beens
and doesn't even try
she can't do it anyway
I want to drag
I want to scream
such possibilty
such opportunity
will never be grasped
because she has decided
good doesn't last
she wasn't taught in time
so refuses to believe
that she can try and succeed
she sticks to what she wants
she doesn't bother with good
it is enough to make me hate
it is enough to make me cry
that money and kids
were enough to blind some
while excuses were made
it makes me plain sick
too tired to be horrified
about what bullies and brats
have made this possibility
the bullies are gone
the bullying has stopped
but it makes no difference now
because she does it to herself
and refuses to see
that her prejudice now
is just like theirs was
just aimed in the opposite direction
it makes me more than sick
it makes me more than angry
that there is no one really to blame
but life sometimes
just suck this way
that those that are bulled
are driven to ground
and we cannot lift them
with them reaching out
I wanted to drag
I want to pull
But all I can do is reach down
and hope that she reaches up

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