The Irony of Pain and Happiness

Sun, 10/23/2016 - 15:16 -- Kaybarr

Expression: showing emotions through colour --

Music -- words -- creation.

You give other people insight

Into your feelings, because

Humans Are Social Creatures.

When you're healthy and young,

You excel -- you are happy --

You couldn't imagine a more perfect world

Than the isolated bliss

Of your small range of knowledge.

You go to the zoo

And marvel at elephants,

Read books beyond your years.

Your mind is filled with

Words of dragons and chimps,

Dreams of science and art.

For fun when you're young

You go sledding,

Or hitting crabapples off the tree.

You're A Pleasure To Have In Class,

And happy memories are forged.


But then something happens,

And turns your world upside down.

Suddenly everyone hates you,

And you get in trouble

For playing alone.

At recess you run,

Differently from the others;

Instead of running with friends,

You're running for your life.

You're so confused --

What have you done wrong?

This time you don't know why

Your world has turned backwards --

All that you know is that

You are alone.

You're told that you're worthless,

Convinced you can't do anything right,

And what can you do?

You're alone.

You Think You're So Special

Because you haven't yet realized

That everyone suffers --

Though everyone tells you

We All Have Problems --

You think that it's different

For you because you're alone,

So how are you to know

That you're not the only one?

It gets worse and worse --

It goes on for years: Depression.

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