Mind- Numbers

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 18:42 -- allalea


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You teach of tolerance,

But you know not what you say.

One false word

From lips wishing to express

What it means to be free

Sends missiles raining

Upon the heart

That only wished for

A world outside of the propaganda,

Outside of the mind- numbing handbook

Created by those who murder

Our individual thoughts.

With their hands, they sculpt minds

Into cold marble busts

Of hardened brain- cells

Bent to an agenda

To follow the educator

That has raised them.

Thinking without thought,

Knowledge without learning,

Weary cells dead upon impact

From so many years

Of running against the wall.

Individuality is separated

And unwanted assets cut

Into a convincing mold

Of the perfect student.

Strained eyes wander in hallways

From long nights working

Trying to achieve

The dictation of success

Without time to digest

The fullness of material

Memorized and ejected

To put single letters on paper

Once meant for true reflection.

I am a cookie outside of the mold

Misshapen but free in thought

Please tolerate my freedom

Outside of your resolved theories

Just as I tolerate

The words fed to you.


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