Keep Breathin'

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 18:26 -- apham95


United States
35° 37' 2.1648" N, 97° 34' 24.5208" W

I'm ready to get out of this small minded town
people talk and preach but I never hear a sound
They ask me what I want to be when I become a man
Happy, but that's something they'll never understand
Sticks and stones won't lift me higher
and words can kill, like Jamey Rodmeyer
Young kids are bullied in modern society
they push that aside, no need for anxiety
I'd rather bleed out than sit and be quiet
If I ever got married, I shouldn't have to hide it
I'll never stop, won't even catch my breath
I'll die before I play the dance of death
God created me for one single reason
to my brothers and sisters I'll never commit treason
I'll keep fighting for kids like Steven Simpson and Jaden Bell
No youth should ever have to feel the whips of hell
Kids should be taught at a very young age
That love is infinite, so bullying won't take stage
You gotta fight for what you believe in
So stand up and just keep breathin'

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