Your world is closer and closer to falling apart,


I can see it in your eyes.


You are scared of what they will do


or the words that they will say.


You keep quiet, believing the pain will go away.


You tell yourself everything stops in the world.


But eventually, your world will stop soon.


Your heart shatters at that thought, but you give a weary sigh.


It seems peaceful to give up, to make the pain stop so quickly and easily.


The scratches on your hands and cheeks are proof how hard it is,


to go through the pain and suffering that no one else sees.


To pretend that everyone goes through the same treatment


and agonizing feeling of being alone,


of being an outcast,


being a victim.


All you wanted was a hand to reach out and say, "I'm with you."


"I'll fight with you."


"I will protect you."


A smile creeps from your darken face at that thought,


it gives you hope,


it gives you chance,


and you once again feel love.


That lost smile is finally found,


you lean over the porcelain sink stained with blood and tears,


twisted the silver handle and water rushed over the fresh blood and tears.


You glance up at the spotless mirror,


and I smile at you.



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